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  1. "In the midst of battle across the Mortal Realms, the mightest of Human, Orruk, Aelf and Duardin kind were transported away in a flash of lightning, for a greater cause than defiant suicide against the Chaotic hordes awaited them. Each of these mighty warriors, be they veteran or youngling, found themselves standing in Sigmaron, the Palace Among The Stars,where their trials were about to begin." This was the quote that got me going with the Stormcast Orcternals! Make what you want, and fit it into the fluff. And stuff anybody that doesn't like it. http://z3.invisionfree.com/Orc__Goblin_Warpath/index.php?showtopic=35043
  2. Guys lets get it right yer! We needses da dayz! Da grot gospel choir can't wins again! On Da Tenf Day of Gorkmas, Gordrak Killed for Me! Ten Stupid Stunties! Nine Ghouls be Crunching Eight Grots a Tremblin' Seven Kroxigor Six Humies Sleeping FIVE RETRIBUTORS! Four Wailing Banshees Three Spikey Gits Two Luminarks And a Great Big Walking Tree
  3. http://www.ageofwargamers.com/p/age-of-sigmar-unit-cards.html Your googlefu is weak!
  4. On Da sixf Day of Gorkmas, Gordrak killed fer me: Six Humies Sleeping FIVE RETRIBUTORS! Four Wailing Banshees Three Spikey Gits Two Luminarks And a Great Big Walking Tree
  5. Hi there My name is Luke and I work for Gloucester library. I am in the process of starting a kids warhammer club and I am asking for any help I can get. Our library doesn't have much funding for these sorts of things but I am hoping with enough effort we can get some. What I am asking for is the Warhammer communities' help. If anyone feels obliged or a tug of the heart strings I will happily accept old (useable paints), unwanted books (either universe), old models that need the love of new modellers and painters. I will accept anything really (within reason). I have already received the Warhammer Schools alliance set from GW which is awesome and has a few paints to get started with Stormcast. But Order isn't for everyone. Any help will do. Gloucester Library, Brunswick Road, GL1 1HT
  6. ... Whole Army. No Prime though. That wouldn't be fluffy.
  7. You need to speak to the mother of Dragons (Dave from the Cheltenham warchiefs) He has been running an all dragon list for a good few months. High elves are your best bet.
  8. So my stormcast are a little different. I present the Stormcast Orcternals!
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