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  1. I got the flowers from "Scenery Workshop". The log I found in some garden.. sometimes it's unavoidable to go outside (;
  2. Hi, thank you very much. I think using oxide for ice will make it too green. I would recommend watching the following video of Duncen from warhammer TV, could be helpful to make an ice-effect. Cheers
  3. Hi, at last the finished product. As already stated above I've finished 4th place! I'm really satisfied with the results as this was my first time finishing such a huge project and contending in such a competition. One last thank you for following the develepment of a Sylvaneth army (:
  4. Hi, Tommorow is the big day, I've finished the last f*cking stuff (: After placing the wyldwood on the board it just was too empty, so I've painted three more trees. At this point I've already packed all my stuff, so you'll have to wait untill tommorow (?) for the final result.. Sylvaneth Wyldwood Kurnoth Hunters Final Display board Next and final step Taking photographs of the display in it's full glory Thank you for following the development of a Sylvaneth army (:
  5. Wow, those look really cool. Love the pink (: Where do you get your basing? Anyway, progress (forgot to make it step by step.. sorry): Next steps: Finishing the basing of the Kurnoth Hunters Painting Sylvaneth Wyldwood Thank you for following the development of a Sylvaneth army (:
  6. Thank you! I have done the ethereal aspects as follows: Primed the whole miniature black Paint the skin, and the weapon two thin layers of Celestra grey Wash the skin and the weapon with a thin layer of Nihilak Oxide Dry brush the skin with praxeti white Some final highlights with white scar The next steps are for the hair of the revenants: Paint an all over layer of Celestra grey (you can do this simultaneously with the skin) Give the hair an all over layer of Ultuan grey Glaze the hair with a thin all over layer of Waywatcher Green Dry brush the hair with Ultuan grey Some final highlights with white scar Good luck!
  7. Hi, Finished the Treelords and Drycha. The Display Next painting steps Kurnoth hunters Sylvaneth Wyldwood Thank you for following the development of a Sylvaneth army (:
  8. Hi, Got some work done. Drybrushing and washing steps Some more drybrushing and colouring Finished miniatures Next painting steps Kurnoth Hunters Treelord Spirit of Durthu Drycha Thank you for following the development of a Sylvaneth army (:
  9. Finished assembling the Kurnoth Hunters Here's a picture of the Hunters, Tree lords and the Branchwiches together Thank you for following the development of a Sylvaneth Army (:
  10. Hello all, as the title suggests this is a project log of a Sylvaneth army. As of right now I already have some completed miniatures, these can be found on the gallery. My goal with this log is take you with me in this humongous task to finish an army for Armies on Parade, which will be held the 15th of October. As I mentioned above I've already completed some miniatures: 1 Treelord Ancient, 16 Dryads, 10 Revenants and 3 Kurnoth Hunters The following miniatures will be the focus of this project log: 2 get started boxes: Sylvaneth, 3 Kurnoth Hunters and Drycha. Assembly [Dryads] Bases and priming Miniatures after priming and sticking on the base Next steps Assembly of the Kurnoth Hunters Painting! Thank you for following the development of a Sylveneth Army (:
  11. Thank you! It was a lot of fun picking all the different colours and I'm glad it worked out well.
  12. Hoi, ik ben Joyce en ben vrijwel iedere vrijdagavond in de Gameforce in Eindhoven te vinden. Als je een keer wilt spelen, laat 't maar weten (: Ik speel met Sylvaneth/Wanderers.
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