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  1. even vanari if i am not mistaken i play vs KO a lot, heres my tips -For the love of god let him go first if you can, a semi decent KO opponent will do serius damage if he wins priority and gets double turn -be wary of vortex, VERY wary, its one if not THE reason KO are so strong atm, if you have teclis its a HUGE help -ALWAYS keep shining company on, KO have either low range (the one you have to be scared of, the carabines, 12'' 8A 2 dmg, or 18" 4d6 1 dmg) or 24/30, so keep your heroes behind your troops and near a unit to get the -1 and you should be fine, bladelords he
  2. Yes its really hard to be in the right position, most of the times i try to have the charge so i can position myself properly, a good trick is to deply the stoneguard as a "wall" and not in ranks, it works most of the times for me, also remember you have tecnonic force (and a unit can use it 2 times in ymetrica), and its perfect to control the flow of battle, i find most people forget about it @LuminethMage Yes and no, in syar you dont have the 2 times TF, also i found the ignore -2 rend far more consistent, remember you have to spend Cp every time you use the extra quartz, if you
  3. No but there is a period, and it’s literally the function of it to separate the sentences, but I agree it’s not clear, I’ll ask game testers
  4. English version: If you set up this model within 6" of an objective that has no enemy units within 6" of it, you gain control of that objective, and your opponent cannot gain control of it while this model is within 6" of it. Transporting vortex: Remove that unit from the battlefield and set it up again anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" from any enemy units. its pretty clear to me it does there is a period between the lone agent deep strike ability and the objective control ability so those are two different things It’s like the shining company redeploy
  5. it literally is, if you want to play your rule in your house you can do it, but rules have to sacrifice a bit or realism for the sake of balance, and this makes the game more challenging and fun, because FS have to posiiton his heroes very well or he will most likely lose i can give you multiple example why you have to put balance first ataching a hero to a unit will bring so many rules problems
  6. Good luck defeating Fireslayer without sniping theyr heroe
  7. Yes, since the loreseaker warscroll state that it controls the objective when he is deployed on it, and the teleport is a deploy spell
  8. oh god i didnt think about that XD Problem is, aos always had simple rules, rules like this overcomplicate for the sake of it, for this reason i dont like charge reaction rules, the beauty of aos is that it stared with a 4 page pdf, easy to learn, very hard to master all the rules
  9. this will make heroes too strong tho, immagine you cant snipe a cathallar or if i put a chaff unit on a loreseaker
  10. Yeah i really hope also caradryan and khorin gets the same treatment, they were two absoulte chad legends lorewise
  11. a model on foot would not give him justice, after all is a god tier model Me and my buddyes have two theoryes -He will ride the ur-phoenix, the phoenix god that the phoenicium revers, for two reasons, he is referred as the phoenix king, and the bannerblade has a phoenix symbol on it -he will ride malhandir or some mutation of it (because its his iconic mount) probally he will also keep something like the heart of avalenor (prob extra save+ respaw), the sword, and the armor of aenerion honestly i hope in an archon like model, i find teclis a bit underwelming for my play
  12. i really hope so, the meta is pretty stale atm and i'd like a really big shake
  13. tbh its not the first time a command ability is worded like that, and reading its effect it makes sense, used 2 times is insanely broken
  14. Tbf the only real reason lumineth are so strong are sentinels, a totally wrong unit that shouldnt exist, the rest is pretty balanced and fair i wouldnt put them in the same floor as ko/seraphon and tzeecht, they are competly on an other level
  15. tbf it was stated clear that the loreaseaker was unique, and unique=named its written in the tome, but i get he needed a faq since so many people were confused About the redeploy yes, but i just hate the fact that our good spells have a insane high cast, so the twinstone are a tax
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