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  1. We are just a small group of friends playing at each others houses. I think there are people that play at the GW store over the weekend and I think Fandom II downtown has some gaming tables in the basement, although I have never looked down there. I am not sure what, if anything, else is around. I feel there must be enough people seem to buy GW stuff.
  2. Hi Matador thanks for your insights. While I know I should be focusing on my Deepkin I keep getting drawn back into doing a small Freeguild force as I always like the old Empire and now I like the idea of the lowly humans standing up to the fantastical. Your point have given me some food for thought and seems to run counter to a lot of the other advice I have seen out there on Freeguild. I do have a question though, the Militia option? How come? I completely dismissed it. My first thought was halberds for the rend, then I was convinced of the value of Sword for the extra parry. What benefit do militia weapons give? You loose the shield option too. Is it just counting in the extra shooting attack into the damage? I basically see the base 5+ and think it will never hit. But then I guess if there are 30 of them it is a 3+. (I am not sure you can count on the 40 bonus as it only takes one wound to loose it).
  3. I am not sure about any need to limit shooting, I think while it may hamper the super units, it will cripple the units that have normal shooting. My reavers for instance, firing 3 shots each, made not dent in the Stormcast force I faced.
  4. I've seen that game before! Probably played on both sides too. It is interesting to see it has a name. I had realized that many times people don't want solutions. I had put it down to when you are on the inside of a problem it feels very different to the outside. I do agree with out about finding different ways to express concerns, that is a very good point. But I was also thinking 'yes' to the idea of slightly more stringent moderation. I heave been around forums for a long time now and when people are being *really* negative the free speech argument wears a little thin. Although having too heavy a moderation is another problem entirely. It is hard, almost impossible to find a balance sometimes.
  5. Interesting post. I have been away from this forum for a little while, still gaming and buying hobby. I was a little surprised and very disheartened to see all the negativity on the board when I popped in to be honest. I thought that is what this site had been created to avoid to be honest. TWF was pretty toxic. There are just a few comments that I would like to make, please note that these comments are not aimed at any one in particular, they are just a general observation which I think ties into the topic at hand. I am very much a hobby gamer if I am lucky I get to play a small game a week with some friends, but, I do love seeing the competitive stuff and listening to podcasts or watching Warhammer TV matched play. I think it is great that that type of gaming exists. As well as the other two types. As Rob on Warhammer TV said, in tournaments you should be able to bring your A game. Or you go to a narrative event if that is not your cup of tea. I also love seeing the high-level of hobby displayed it is really inspirational, although my own painting style has reverted to very basic techniques that still, amazingly, produce good results (Thank you Agrax Earthshade and Duncan). It is not discouraging at all to see what others with more time can do. As to games workshop, can anyone really say they are not hitting it out of the park at the moment? Look at the models, Warhammer TV, live twitch from big events, community engagement, White Dwarf is now better than any one was dreaming it could be before the relaunch and it is only getting better. If any one had told you we would be here just 2 and a bit years ago you would've laughed in their face. Really there are opportunities to play this game in any way that at the moment with some really amazing models. The thing that will ruin this hobby is people complaining on the internet :-). Infact not it won't ruin the hobby it will just mean that people can't be bothered to chat on a forum like this 'cos what's the point? As to 40K, well I am looking forward to the new edition. The last edition got unplayable for me after seeing how smooth AoS is. So really why complain? If you want to complain about something go and comment on a news article that mentions a certain president of a certain country, whichever way you swing there is more than enough to rant at there. In hobby just enjoy hobby.
  6. Motley


    Is it possible, using this forum software, to put little country flags of where people are from in the info section next to their posts?
  7. I really agree with this. It makes setting much more human, my favorite aspect of the Old World was always the Empire battling to survive against the horror of the other races and beset by the enemy within. This book and the Hallowguild army really captures that. I really want to see the Freeguild faction get some love with a battle tome and maybe some updated or new units.
  8. I agree with most of the comments here. This kind of information about the setting has been much needed. This just felt way too rushed. Without giving spoilers some of the events and reveals didn't have enough depth or set up for my taste.
  9. I'm pretty sure that if you are 5.5" away and you roll a 5 you fail the charge. You don't get an extra 0.5in of movement. The 0.5" is just how close the first model has to move to the unit. The rest of the unit can move where they want up to the charge distance they rolled.
  10. You guys should really do something! Having some professional polish in a batrep would be awesome!
  11. Motley


    +1 I really don't see any issue with the shooting rules as written. Is it different to WFB of old? yes. But it is more cinematic and that seems to the be the intention of AoS, which I fully support. This only thing I do have an issue with is auto-hitting Trebs.... :-) But that is because I don't usually have anything that can deal with them.
  12. Motley


    Wow I seem to have generated quite a conversation here! Thanks guys.
  13. Motley


    First up I am a really big fan of this forum and the community it is supporting. It was really needed and @Ben I am so glad you stepped up the plate and did it. One little niggle I am finding is that there are almost too many sub forums, having separate sections for each alliance, general and now WQ, means that I need to now click in lots of places when I am grabbing a few minutes to check in on the forums. Are they all necessary? especially with the way AoS is so open and many more people are interested in each grand alliance. It is very easy to add a subforum for each new thing and it could soon get a bit unwieldy. Anyway just something to keep in mind. Cheers, Dan.
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