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  1. Can I formally grudge David Roberts? He has publicly humiliated me and officially taken my name. I therefore request the opportunity at the South Coast Grand Tournament 2019 to retake my moniker and deliver justice. My name was Dave Knatt. I’m now Keith. But not for long. #therecanbeonlyone
  2. Finally have everything I own painted! 7,000pts of Order
  3. Once per turn equals twice per battle round. So potentially ten times in a game. It’s too strong imho - maybe a candidate for getting faqed?
  4. What am I missing on the Noble Heirloom ‘Medal Of Madness’? It states “use a CA on their warscroll.....”, but courtiers don’t have a CA on their warscrolls. Confused.
  5. Anyone with the Charnel Throne able to measure the footprint please? Looks small from the pics in the Battletome - 100mmx50mm? Just like some reference for scratch building one.
  6. Ha! Of course! I'm in the UK and subbed through the website just before Xmas.
  7. When should I expect my White Dwarf arrive through the letterbox?
  8. I’ve just taken out a sub. These new changes certainly look exciting and I’m willing to give them another go (haven’t had a subscription for at least 5 years) and try it out.
  9. I'm a fan. Yes, there are some OP items that rise to the top, and a lot of the Realm Rules skew the game, but overall they provide a huge resource that adds plenty of good stuff to games.
  10. I took this list to a small one dayer (2000pts, 3 games) at the weekend. No realm rules in effect. Delusion: Crusading Army General : AGK on TD - Majestic Horror, Blood River Chalice AGK on Terror - Grim Garland AGK on Terror Crypt Ghast Courtier 20, 20, 10 Ghouls Ghoul Patrol 3 games, 3 Major wins, and took 1st place! Played Stormcast, Sylvaneth and DoK. Summoned 2 Varghulfs and a unit of Horrors turn 1 (always gave my opponent first turn- but never got a double turn!) to tie up their advance, threw the three big monsters into the middle, and used the Ghouls to score objectives. None of my monsters lasted more then 2 turns, but that was enough time to let my troops score. Ghoul Patrol seems really strong.
  11. Isn’t that just the version with the statue in one hand?
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