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  1. By whatever’s closest to my hand at the time!
  2. These are my results with my Crypt Horrors/Flayers. Nothing award winning but just about tabletop standard.
  3. I used .5mm thick magnets so there was no need to drill. Just superglue!
  4. I’ve magnetised quite a few of my models over the years - Crypt Horrors into Flayers, Bonesplittas with choppa/bow - and found it very straightforward. Cut either at the shoulder or wrist and stick a magnet on each end - simples! Just keep the polarities organised and you’re good to go.
  5. If the GHB was finished before the new books, how is it that the new GHB has those very same points? And then why the need for a pdf udate? Or am I being really dumb?
  6. Fair enough @Dan Heelan. Friday night is when I’m getting my name back.👍😍
  7. Can I formally grudge David Roberts? He has publicly humiliated me and officially taken my name. I therefore request the opportunity at the South Coast Grand Tournament 2019 to retake my moniker and deliver justice. My name was Dave Knatt. I’m now Keith. But not for long. #therecanbeonlyone
  8. Finally have everything I own painted! 7,000pts of Order
  9. Once per turn equals twice per battle round. So potentially ten times in a game. It’s too strong imho - maybe a candidate for getting faqed?
  10. What am I missing on the Noble Heirloom ‘Medal Of Madness’? It states “use a CA on their warscroll.....”, but courtiers don’t have a CA on their warscrolls. Confused.
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