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  1. Thinking about a Gargant style Ironsunz list: Megaboss can boost the Idols up with double move and all out defense pretty reliably, all 3 big monsters have a 5+ ward so will be tough to shift. Wasn't too sure what else to fill the list with actually figured Brutes seem a great unit with their objective denial and battleline, I had enough points left for x2 Shamans so in they go, shame they can't be Wardokks.
  2. Look what they did to my boy(s) guess since they were adding a third faction to the book they felt the need to cut down options for other factions to make up for it? (seems strange seeing this was released alongside Stormcast Eternals with 1000 warscrolls). Wounds me to see the monster hunter table gone, spell lore butchered, Wardokks overnerfed... I do think we're stronger overall though. Exploding hits and exploding mortal wounds is going to be huge. I just wish the exploding mortal wounds was a Bonesplitters ability same as the exploding hits, as you're pretty much forced to take Icebone now. I'm not sure the other Warclans can compete. Think I'll be running something like this:
  3. Wardokks are going to be really good. With ritual dance, magic and a prayer each turn they offer so much for their points. They synergise best with Rogue Idols too with heals and buffs. Think running x2 may be a good shout this edition: Hopefully Rogue Idols won't go up in points too much, I'd expect them to go up by 10 as most of our units have, but I think they're a little overcosted as is when compared to say Gargants.
  4. Don't you have 40 points left with the list above? Do you take another endless spell to fill the points?
  5. Yeah this list won't make you many freinds: 4 drops, good chance of choosing priority but it shouldn't matter. Use the Zilfin footnote to move the IC (with x15 thunderers and Khemist), Endrinmaster and x2 units of skywardens on the weakest enemy flank. Drop WLV in the middle of your apponents army. Gunhaulers move up in support, destroy the flank you've just moved on or cripple every unit, they won't be able to retreat through the WLV neither will your apponent be able to provide support with the rest of his army. I expect this will get nerfed, they'll probably add a note to say the IC can't be used with the Zilfin footnote.
  6. Damn I can't believe they dropped the points on Bloodthirsters, do GW just want me to buy Skarbrand and x3 Bloodthirsters and be done with it?
  7. Question: What points changes will Khorne see when they get their FAQ? I've got a feeling we might see more increases than decreases. Maybe slaughterpriests, wrath axe? Lord on juggernaught might go down. Also anyone want to rate my 2k Khorne list? Gone for mainly mortals: Considering maybe dropping one of the slaughterpriests and a judgement for x 5 Wrathmongers, but they'd only really be buffing some weaker battline units.
  8. Think my wishlist would be: -Battletome -3 or 4 Endless spelsl -Terrain model -Plastic Varghulf -New Ghoul King Mortarch Anything else would be a nice bonus.
  9. Thanks, its also worth noting how many factions have ways to give +1 to hit to a certain unit or ability, which can make the Gryph Feather less useful.
  10. The Gryph Feather probably is the most effective in terms of overall damage mitigation, but if you're running Royal Family I think the Aetherquartz Brooch is too good to pass up on. With so much summoning its a real help getting the command points back so you can get the Crypt Ghouls on the board quicker, or just for giving units battleshock immunity. If you're going this way you still get the Mirrored Cuirass to block 33% of mortal wounds, and can even deflect a few back if you get lucky. Sidenote question: Does anyone know if the Mirrored Cuirass combines with Deathless Courtiers (giving you a 5+/6+ against mortal wounds)? Or do you lose Deathless Courtiers by taking this artifact?
  11. Thanks for the replies, I guess potentially attacking 4 times per turn was a bit much, but they can still attack 3 times per turn with the command ability, which isn't too much worse ?
  12. So the Wurgogg Prophet has a command ability, Prophet of da Waaagh! It states: If a Wurrgog Prophet uses this ability, select a BONESPLITTERZ unit within 15". That unit can immediately pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase. This does not prevent the unit from attacking again later. So a unit can pile in and attack during the hero phase. Savage Boarboy Maniaks have an ability, Maniak Fury, which states: You can pile in and attack with this unit for a second time at the end of each of your own combat phases. Does this ability activate when I use the Prophets command ability on them? Allowing them to pile in and attack a second time?
  13. I think that stipulation refers to the ability itself being used once per turn. One way of reading it says a model could be resurrected as many times per turn as you have models that can use the ability. I can see how that might be broken, if you have like x5 LA, will likely be FAQ'd.
  14. I guess in this scenario your opponent is much better off killing one of your Lord Arcanums before any other heroes. They can rez each other once per turn but I wouldn't call it gamebreaking or say it made them invincible.
  15. I think that's a leap. You can just Arcane bolt them after they have resurrected and they die instantly.
  16. Because the model was a single unit and was wiped out I think he would rez with 1 wound with the final mortal wound ignored.
  17. Can anyone confirm the number of Stormsmite Greatmaces you can have in a 5 man squad of Sequitors? I've heard people say 2 regular guys can have one and the Sequitor-Prime can have another for 3 total, but the description does say 2 in 5 models can take them so I think 2 is the limit?
  18. I think I'm going to go with the Giant. He's the cheapest and lets me fit in an allied Warboss with the Waaagh banner. The other monsters are faster or more dangerous but the Giant can still do some work with a few good rolls.
  19. Yeah I think Kunnin Rukk will drop off this edition. Big units of Arrowboys are going to be so easy to shut down with small, fast units doing so essentially locks down 420 points of shooting power for a full turn. What are people thinking about their mortal realm choice? I really like Ghur, Realm of Beasts fits the theme of bonesplitterz nicely, and the Gryph-Feather Charm artifact is going to be great on a Wurrgog Prophet, -2 to hit in shooting with lookout sir and -2 to hit in combat. Make him your general and give him Squirmy war Paint to ignore 50% of mortal wounds, going to be a real hard target. The Rockjaws weapon looks like a good source of mortal wounds at close range also. I agree with Skabnoze I think Kopp Rukk/Drakkfoot Battalion is the way to go for 2k, heres the list I'm thinking of running: Might drop the Arrowboys for an allied Orruk Warboss with Waaagh! Banner, the +1 attacks with both weapons for the Morboys looks brutal, just think I might be low on Orruks in numbers
  20. I think the sensible thing would be to reroll the mission in the event you're playing an army with no wizards. Don't know what you would do with Tournament play.
  21. I think its worth saying that the option to summon in the hero phase still exists, from my reading if we do hit 8 Blood Tithe points we can summon a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster, who can then use its command ability on itself for 1 command point. Gives him an 8 inch charge to get straight into the fight, rerollable with another command point... if you've got a few saved it could be a good play. Pretty situational though. But if you get lucky with some Blood Boils to finish off some weak enemy units and a Blood Sacrifice you can generate quite a few Blood Tithe points in one hero phase. In the defense of Flesh Hounds, they do look pretty good in this art, maybe with a different paint job they might look better.
  22. Didn't realise this, he's pretty much an auto include on that basis alone. Literally a free unit of Flesh Hounds. Better learn to love the model I guess! Though the Barghest Fiends you posted look like cool alternatives. Also didnt realise he lacked the Daemon Hero keyword though, that's pretty strange. Does this mean he cannot benefit from Look out Sir!? Modelling question - I noticed flesh hound seem to come with 50mm round bases, are they supposed to be on Cavalry bases like Dire Wolves or is this their correct base size?
  23. Yeah Karanak is another great unit now, just not a fan of the flesh hound models. Looking for advice on my updated Gore Pilgrims list with the new points adjusted: Might drop one of the Slaughterpriests for Karanak, if I can find alternative models maybe. Not much mortal wound output but the Slaughterpriests can do a bit with some good rolls.
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