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  1. I think the only way this could be successful is if units could be used in both system. I mean... A lot of heresy stuff is used in 40k. Also, in terms of support heresy was ok at first but took a dive pretty quickly. I'm one of those that wished they never destroyed the old world and was massively opposed to AOS... Now I'm living with it, seeing how they are starting to build the new world and thinking ok this is working... Now this? It is a bit... wierd.
  2. So is the consensus that if you can run a block of 30 Plaguebearers then that’s good, but if you can’t then probably just get more Blightkings? Also, for casting, is a Rotbring Sorcerer recommended over a Poxbringer? And finally, with regards to summoning, how strong is this? What amount of units do people generally end up being able to summon in an average game, and what models do people recommend having on hand for summoning?
  3. Are Plaguebearers worth it? It seems for 40 points more 5 Putrid Blightkings get a lot more done? +10 wounds and more offensive capability. I’ve only just ordered my minis so haven’t played with either yet. How do people use Plaguebearers?
  4. Well this made me laugh more than it should. Leicester currently, always been around the midlands. I think the FB groups are decent, have only just joined though.
  5. Hi, I don't know of any WhatsApp groups (I'm also new!) but there is a big AoS Maggotkin Facebook group. That is international group though, no idea if there is a UK only one. I am UK based.
  6. ZaelART

    Order of the Fly?

    I haven’t read Plaguegarden, can you tell me a bit more about them? The only mounted units you have in Rotbringers are the flying Blightlords, but if they’re more old school horse types then I would say that Chaos Knights with the Mark of NURGLE would be more appropriate. I think a mixture of Chaos Knights with Blightking bits would look amazing. A lot of the more noble looking Chaos Lord miniatures with some NURGLE bits and scythe conversions look really good.
  7. Considering starting with Maggotkin for a new escalation league, though it is looking like they a considerable initial buy-in cost. I am considering the following: 440pts 720pts 1000pts Alongside these I would probably grab a Feculant Gnarlmaw and a SC! Nurgle Daemons box for summons. I haven't actually played any AoS yet but I've always been a huge Nurgle fan so I was wondering if the above would be any use in actual games. Hopefully looking to get some tips and constructive feedback before buying anything. The main thing I'm worrying about is whether I should be trying to field more models, and also the speed of crossing the board.
  8. Those look great, I’m also interested in how Tamurkhan’s Horde works in AOS 2.0? Can anyone explain it to me? You can have NURGLE and TH allegiance? Thanks.
  9. Sure, AoS is not only about matched play. I completely agree. But what part of having 4 Grimghast Reapers and 5 Glavewraith Stalkers improves the play experience for narrative and open players? I don't think it makes a difference. Therefore I would have expected GW to have included minimum unit sizes based on matched play unit profiles, thus making narrative, open AND matched play players happy. There's literally no reason for them not to have changed one Glavewraith Stalker into a Grimghast Reaper, they just take the same lump of plastic and use it to make something else - no change in cost, but a product that is usable out of the box for ALL their players. As it stands, I firmly believe that they have made a mistake. I'm not trying to detract from the pure cool-ness of the new stuff, everything is still really cool and awesome, but the new medium sized box was their opportunity to correct their mistake, and unfortunately they did not take that opportunity. It's just something that starts the old cynicism cogs whirring again. Basically, they could have made a great product for ALL of their players. As it stands, it's a great product for 2/3, and a decent one for 1/3. I'm not going to say it's bad, it just *could* have been great.
  10. This is kind of terrible. The middle box does nothing to help correct unit sizes. Grimghast Reapers have a minimum matched play size of 10 - with the core set and medium starter box you get 8 (2 of which are bells). Glavewraith Stalkers have a minimum unit size of 4 - buying all the starter boxes would give you 14 (1 drum). It just doesn't make sense.
  11. Totally. When it comes to the Soul Wars, they're literally thieves... *literally* thieves. There is nothing harmonious about order. They're like an iPhone, super-fancy, but what has the world been put through to build that ******?
  12. I think they're interesting enough just being... destruction. As the other factions vie for dominance, expand their territories and build ever larger cities, the green boyz desire for destruction swells into an almighty waaaggghhh that will crash upon civilisation like a great green tsunami. Total force of nature. Rinse and repeat. Sigmar, Archaon and Nagash are left twiddling their thumbs and picking up sticks trying to rebuild... then when they do: waaaaaaagggghhhh time again. I see them as being able to stop any one faction from achieving total dominance. Maybe when it comes round to their major story-line, it'll be building up to the waaggghh to end all waaaggghhs, an overwhelming destructive force threatening to destroy every last thread of civilisation.
  13. Don't worry, I'm sure AoS 3.0 will be a new Stormcast Chamber vs Destruction... Something about taming nature I'm sure.
  14. Hi, where is the information on new batallions and warscrolls? Some people have the battletome?
  15. Yes, the model with lamp/vase is a warhammer anniversary exclusive, available only in stores on the anniversary of the store opening. I think that sucks, and I'm hoping there will be more models available than what we've seen so far. The exclusive miniature is a clampack that makes two variants. So that essentially rules out two miniatures from the preview. I'm also hoping that the other banshee models might be a dual-kit that would allow you to build the Myrmourn variant as well, as they're better in larger units, it would be nice to be able to create different looking models without doing too much converting.
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