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  1. Well that sucks. I will just have to use the Dwarf Warscroll Compendium (heck, Miners will get to be Miners again rather than proxy Warriors). There are no warscroll battalions, or faction-specific goodies, so I would be putting myself at a disadvantage. So nobody should object. Right?
  2. I know what you mean. I buy the physical copy for the stuff I actually play, and the digital versions for everything else so that I can keep up with what everyone else has.
  3. Is that your interpretation, or was that stated in the lore? I did not play WHFB 8th, so I don't know what was in the game books; I only read the novels, and from what I recall, the novel did not specify that Sigmar possessed Karl Franz's corpse - just that when the Glottkin killed KF on the altar, the rrsult did not go as planned.
  4. Such as...? I'm not tryung to be combative - I really want to know because I haven't kept up on the Sigmarine lore (the Chaos guys and the Fyreslayers are just more interesting). From what I remember, there was Vandus, who was killed fighting Khorgas Khul (not long-dead), there was the guy who used to be a Nurgle Champion (not long-dead), there was that Relictor who was a necromancer doing necromancy sometime during the Age of Chaos (not long dead), and there is the guy that was hanging out with Gotrek (not long-dead). Who are the ones that I am missing that died long before the Stormcast project started?
  5. I don't see how Karl Franz could be the Celestant Prime for two reasons: 1. It seemed pretty clear to me that in the end times, Karl Franz became the God Emperor of Man... umm... incarnation of Sigmar at the point he was cut down. Like a Jedi, he became more powerful than we could possibly imagine. Thus Karl Franz cannot be the CP because he is Sigmar. 2. Even if we go with the soul-replacement theory, the timeline is all wrong. Sigmarines only became a thing during the Age of Chaos. After Sigmar decided to create them, the lore states that heroes are snatched up by him at the point of death. Because Karl Franz died millennia before the Age of Chaos even started, heck, even before the Mortal Realms came into being, he could not have been taken up. Stormcasts had not even been conceived then. Is there any lore suggesting that Sigmar took any souls of long-dead heroes out of Shyish?
  6. You think so? It makes perfect sense in Greek. It means "place of death."
  7. According to the assembly instructions, 25mm. The Truebood, Caller and Pureblood are on 32's, the Venombloods are on 28's and the snakes and Clearbloods are on 25's.
  8. I agree. The abilities don't stack. But they do provide redundancy so that you can get the re-roll if the conditions for one ability become un-met (e.g. You lose Chaos Warriors such that you have fewer than 20 in the unit).
  9. I have a Dispossessed army. Now that Cities of Sigmar has come out, is my army obsolete? In particular, Warriors, Quarrelers and Thunderers are not in the new Battletome. Does this mean that they are out of the game? Or can I still field these units in a Dispossessed army using the Allegiance abilities from the General's Handbook?
  10. I like the OnDeadTree version. I find it quicker and easier to look things up in the middle of a game. Heck, I even printed out the warscrolls for my Dispossessed army and put them into binders just to make it easier to find while playing. Also, don't discount the importance of the tactile. Would using a random number generator on one's phone feel as good as rolling a bunch of dice? I think most would prefer the latter.
  11. When it comes to GW naming, the thing that annoys me is when an adjective or noun gets used so much w/in a faction that it becomes confusing. Blades of Khorne is a good example. Everthing is either "blood," "gore" or "skull." I have difficulty remembering whether the daemones on juggernauts are bloodcrushers or skullcrushers. The heralds are the same. I have to look it up each time. Sigmarines suffers from this too. Judicators, Prosecutors, Vindicators, &c. Sure, the justice theme is clever, but the names do not describe the units (c.f. e.g. Dispossessed - Hammerers, Longbeards, Thunderers, &c. all give some hint about what the unit does).
  12. I assume the Great Horned Rat's number is 13.
  13. I assume that the FAQ you are referring to is the recent (July 2018) errata on the Disciples of Tzeentch army book in which all references to "chaos spawn" in that book including the warscroll should be changed to "Tzeentch Chaos Spawn"? So the "standard" chaos spawn is the one in the old Grand Alliance: Chaos book, even though it is not available on the GW website.
  14. So...what you are saying is that your Chaos lord is spiritual but not religious?
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