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  1. Fair enough, I'd missed that. And yeah, Ogors are definitely not feeling the love right now! I guess a Grot player (I'm neither) would argue that you got the Beastclaw book, which is one more than they've had, but it does seem harsh they've been left out.
  2. I think it's actually an allegiance in its own right. So you'd use it instead of Bonesplitterz / Ironjawz allegiance. But in terms of the "other" half of Destruction...a Grots faction REALLY needs its own book asap! Surely that's the only reason they got nothing in GH17?
  3. Trusting what the official app allows made Mark Wildman miss out on a podium!
  4. Hey Chris, could I ask please for more specifics on how you used your Spear Chukkas? I've been running 3 so far, and the most wounds I've ever done in a turn is 3 in total (that was when all 3 shot at a Slaughterpriest in cover). I could definitely be doing something wrong, so I'd love to know how you used them, and where specifically you had success? Probably the biggest thing they've done for me is manipulate how my opponent deploys - they do sometimes assume that the Chukkas will delete characters, and deploy accordingly. But in game they've done very little damage so far (5 games played under GH17).
  5. That's the thing though, they have changed massively. As they used the GA Destruction allegiance, and that is significantly worse now. The best things about it were Rampaging Destroyers (nerfed), Ravager (nerfed), Bellowing Tyrant (nerfed), Talisman of Protection (nerfed) and Battle Brew (nerfed). They even nerfed the stuff nobody ever used (Nothing Left Standing), just to make sure! It's great that IJ and BS have done well at this tournament, but I think you'll be waiting a long time to see any GA Destruction competing at the pointy end unfortunately.
  6. Yeah the maths will tell you that the two weapons options are very similar in terms of output against most saves. When you call the Waaaagh! there is clear daylight in favour of the 2-handed weapons (because each 1x attack you are getting is more valuable). So for me, the debate is actually 2-handed weapons or shields. i.e. do you want to be quite tanky and put out a bit more damage, or a bit more tanky and put out less damage? Are you thinking like Gork, or Mork? Personally I think their main use is objective holders, so the shields are slightly ahead for me. Just to throw one more spanner in the works - if the talk of horde meta comes to fruition, the extra volume of low-value attacks will be better at clearing out low-armour-save trash. So maybe if you are going to face a lot of that, the two-handed weapons are back in play. So those are the things to consider when thinking about what will work best for you. In my case, I usually run 1x 10 two-handed weapons, and 1x 10 shields.
  7. I'd wondered that...even with the hero on top, he literally has no attacks, so it seems very harsh on the Arachnarok to interpret it that way! Hopefully it will be FAQ'd, but at the moment I'd say that RAW they are an unfortunate and unintended loser from the "no mounts unless specified" rule.
  8. This is exactly what I'd always thought, without ever having been able to put it so clearly (even to myself, in my own head). Thank you Sangfroid!
  9. Yeah, I've thought that too. Even if it does include him, if you have some Ardboyz in base to base, they are both exactly 0" away, so you would get to choose.
  10. If I was going to use an MBMK in a Mixed Destruction list, I would certainly consider the Hammerblade. If we see hordes the way we are expecting too, it could be huge. You could use it instead of the Rip Toof fist, so you're only giving up 1 attack. That big pie plate base doing mortals on a 5+ to everything within a generous 3" could delete a LOT of infantry, followed up with the 8 + D3 normal attacks. The best thing is, you can nominate to use it instead of one of your weapons, or not - you choose. If you did want to use the -2 rend for some reason (an enemy hero might actually have a mortal save that's better than a normal save -2 rend) you can still nominate to use the Rip Toof.
  11. Totally agree on the wizards, I'd rather have three and still have access to the spells when I'm down to my last one, than have a flinger. Having that redundancy is worth it when you're giving up so little. I'd also consider dropping the Hag, to do 1x 30 and 2x 15s? Personally I would be trying to buff up one unit at a time, and send them forward in waves. Turn 1, Advance up the board as far as you can while staying out of shooting range (or better still, lurking behind cover which you can then wall crawl straight over). Maybe spread out across the board, with a unit and its personal Arachnarok each threatening an objective, and a tail back to the General. Then BLAMMO!
  12. Man I don't want to be the one to talk you out of Spiderfang, they look AMAZING on the table! Do it!
  13. In my opinion they took a major, major hit with GH17. They used to be able to pump out a lot of mortal wounds very reliably. With the nerfs to Battle Brew and Bellowing Tyrant, you are going to be relying on natural 6s for the most part, so it's a big difference. Play them if you want to play them - they are still a fun army - but unfortunately I would be surprised if this was consistently effective. That being said if you are playing in pretty relaxed circles, you might get on better than I think, and it's just theory hammer on my part (I've only played against them under the original GH). If you do run it, could I suggest a Grot Wolf Chariot? 60 points seems like a lot to give up, so you could fit in a hyper mobile, 40 point unit and still come in under for the potential triumph with 1980 on the board. It also fits into your allies slot with the Hag.
  14. I noticed on Twitter that there is a 32 player tournament in Scotland this weekend (The Howling)...32 entries, only 1 Destruction. Not an orruk to be seen. Hopefully this isn't the sign of things to come.
  15. Thanks for that - yep, you have to assume they're getting there.
  16. I like the sound of this - please can you explain exactly how the mobility buffs stack on Murderhost, so I can understand what kind of rolls they need? I believe the batallion itself gives them 2D6" in the hero phase. They will presumably be whipped by the Bloodstoker to give them +3" to run and charge. I believe there are further buffs from the Bloodthirster (depending on which one they take), and possibly a Mighty Lord too. What combos are people using to get the Bloodletters across the table so quickly?
  17. I like it! I've been looking at a very similar list - one thing I've done differently is switched out 10x Brutes for 6x GG and a Warchanter. Mainly due to the chronic lack of speed without the Ironfist. Although it's generally fair to say that More Brutes is More Better!
  18. Grim Teef you are correct - what I meant was that you already have -2 rend on the Mighty Fists (and Rip Toof). With the artefact you would also bump the rend on the Choppa up to -2. So you now have minimum 9 attacks (more if you call the Waaagh!) at rend -2 and multiple damage :-)
  19. Yeah I was excited to see the Troll Hag chat in the main Ironjawz 2017 thread on here...I've got one coming in the mail, should be here in sunny Australia by Friday! Her spell is amazing...a little tricky to cast at 8+, but rightly so. Really looking forward to seeing how people use her and what lists everyone comes up with.
  20. One more point on this, I like the look of the Grot Wolf Chariot - I've got one on order. The main reason being is that it sits nicely at 40 points. With a 1980 list I'll happily have a roll on the triumph table, but 1960 feels like too much to give up. I will definitely be giving this a try in my 1960 lists. It does also fit in nicely sitting on top of 360 points of allies (for example 3x Spear Chukkas, 30x Arrow Boys, 1x Troggoth Hag). It's not hard to kill but it's lightening fast, and you can always find productive use for something fast and cheap. E.g. against Sylvaneth, you can zoom out into the wild blue yonder and block a Wyldwood placement. Against Khorne, you can lurk around the back of some scenery, then zip out onto objectives late in the game, when there's not much left on the table.
  21. Totally agree on the foot Boss, I have not yet had him in combat once without Rampaging. He will have to go unfortunately. With the Chanter I've not had quite the same problem, because his ability does have that extra 10" reach. By running him twice (not interested in charging him anyway, so there's no dilemma there), you will be able to reach units that have moved on average 25" by turn 3 (4" plus 4" plus 2 D6" runs plus 10" range). That being the case, I've personally not had many problems making use of his ability, other than when I've deliberately cut him adrift to babysit an objective at the back (which at 80 points you can afford to do). That's just what I've found though, and I guess it comes down to playstyles - maybe I play more compact than you? However I can honestly say he's doing a good job for me so far.
  22. Personally I'm finding the opposite :-) +1 to hit has become rare and precious with the loss of Battle Brew and Bellowing Tyrant. I'm more keen on him than ever - I look to fit in two where I can. One for the MBMK, one for the 10x Brutes. Being cheap characters, you can also leave them behind on objectives (on battleplans that require it) without sacrificing too much. What makes you say you don't like them now? The only downside I can see is that Mighty Destroyers is so hard to trigger that it's not worth pumping in the heroes for the Destruction Phase move?
  23. I've considered taking Metalrippa on the Choppa, so you have Rend -2 coming out your ear between the buffed Choppa, the Rip Toof and the Mighty Fists. Very handy against tanked-up Treelord Ancients. At the moment, I'm playing through a few games with the same army and loadout (which is the Ironclad / Armour of Gork combo on the MBMK). But when I do mix things up, Metalrippa will be one of the first things I try. To veer slightly off topic, another thing I will likely be changing is the Megaboss on foot. Without the old Rampaging Destroyers, I just find him too, too slow. I've not had him in combat once yet in three GH17 games. Twice he's been shot off, once the game just got away from him while he plodded along behind. He's looking like a 1000-point army only consideration for me now, which is a shame for such an iconic model. But hey ho, at least we can switch in some Gore Gruntas quite neatly now.
  24. Thanks Malakree, I'm glad you found my argument compelling! I certainly took a lot from your detailed reply, and the case you put forward for Grots is very strong, so thanks for that. I fully agree that the list that eventually shakes out is likely to make good use of allies - it's such a big deal for an army like ours. The other new option is to use a big batallion and go for a one-drop list (which I discussed in my post on making use of the Realmgate), which really steers you to taking pure IJ and no allies. Of the two I think the allies option will shake out stronger - but let's see where this all takes us, and enjoy the krumpin' along the way!
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