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  1. Cool, I've been following the Doom and Darkness Road to CanCon videos on YouTube, are you involved with those guys at all? What I like about those videos and batreps is that they come up with their own list tech, not just netlisting. It's always thought-provoking, and often deeply impressive.
  2. Where are you guys heading to Canberra from? There's gonna be 8-10 of us from Bendigo (central Vic) making the journey, can't wait! It's kind of a mixture at our club...AOS has definitely been growing strongly, and it's about level with 40k now (maybe even slightly bigger). However I do think that it might start to fizzle out if the first few months of 2018 are as flat as the last few months have been. My own opinion / gut feel is that the buzz around AOS in our area is at least partly thanks to having CanCon to target. For example, most of the Destruction players have been quietly dropping their armies and buying into The Order 'n' Chaos Show, which if we didn't have the competitive pull of CanCon driving everything (not just for those players, but for the practice games they line up at club meets, the chat on the group FB page etc), I could imagine a percentage would have just moved away from AOS instead. In my case (scientific poll of 1!) I can say that I bought about 7,000 points of Destruction up to GH17 dropping, and about 800 points since (a 90% drop). And recently I've started picking up some second hand GSC and Tyranids instead, with a view to playing more 40k after CanCon. So in my own local area, I would objectively say AOS is in rude health right now, but they can't take that for granted. I could see a big swing away from it in the New Year if it doesn't get some serious attention, and I'm not referring to releasing another Stormcast hero. Most of the constructive criticisms above (for example, Batallions not being properly recosted in a paid-for points update) are in my opinion valid. But overall AOS is still in a great position to kick on from here, so let's hope it gets the love it deserves.
  3. Perfect answer. This puts it to bed.
  4. That's got me absolutely creased! Thanks for that
  5. WOW. I feel like I need to draw breath after that, that was awesome! Nice to hear a batrep featuring Ironjawz facing a top tier latest hotness army, and coming out on top. I guess if you had photos, you'd have posted them...so could I be cheeky and ask if you could quickly sketch up a diagram of how you set up? An elaborate watercolour on canvas would be nice, but failing that a biro scribble on some photocopier paper would also be very well received :-) Thanks for this series of batreps, it's been amazing to read.
  6. That's awesome, thanks for the detailed breakdown! You've definitely sold me on the Metalrippa, gonna give it another go at the club this weekend
  7. Nothing boring about these, I'm loving them! I'm actually kinda surprised you chewed through the Saurus as quickly as you did...needing to do all 40 wounds when they are inspired, ignore rend -1 (so that's the Brutes screwed), are -1 to hit, reroll all saves....it sounds like a frikkin nightmare! Did you cast the Troggoth Hag spell on them at all? It sounds like Metalrippa's Klaw came into its own there - I might give it another try. I really like the Armour of Gork thing because it combos so well with the Mystic Shield and Ironclad loadout, but Metalrippa gives you that tool to deal with situations that might otherwise be almost insurmountable. Sometimes only rend -2 will do!
  8. No worries - and yes they are battleline (half decent too), but only with Gitmob allegiance (not mixed Destruction).
  9. The Start Collecting box could be your answer - it only costs about $3 more than the Gruntas from memory, and you get a Warchanter + 10 Ardboyz in there too (virtually for "free" relative to buying the Gruntas on their own). I don't know how many Ardboyz you already have, but dual Warchanters (and 6 Gore Gruntas) will certainly be handy as you move up to 2000 points, so you won't just be sinking dead money into this one event - the stuff you're getting will continue to be useful.
  10. However absurd it is, the last option you cited does seem to be RAW, so this does need to be FAQ'd. @BunkhouseBuster is right to raise the question here in my opinion - an official FAQ is the correct way to fix a rule that doesn't actually state what it was (presumably) intended to.
  11. Grot Wolf Chariots are cheap in points but expensive in dollars, so although there are usually some kicking around on eBay, if you wanted to scale back the outlay you could always ally in a unit of 10x Boarboy Maniaks. They will get an extra attack each from your Waaagh!, on both melee weapon profiles...twice in each of your turns. They'll be putting out 120 attacks with lots of rerolls, not too shabby even with no rend! Also frees up 80 points for...can you guess?...another Boar Chariot!
  12. Unfortunately there is nothing mounted that counts as generic Destruction battleline, so you will be looking at taking a themed allegiance for access to a fully-mounted army. Probably the closest to a Mixed Destruction force is the Braggoth army mentioned above which is well worth a look. Check out the Ironjawz Unlocked video (search for it on YouTube), Doom and Darkness has a Gorefist themed Ironjawz army that he talks through in some detail. He calls this army the Flying Pineapples and if you search for that on YouTube he has a couple of batreps up with it. Very similar to what Malakree has posted above (including the Warchanter unfortunately), but with a mega unit of 9x GGs and the Gorefist batallion. The idea being that you zoom up the board, pin them in their deployment zone, and pick up the objectives in behind. Then the twin Krushas can mop up anything that breaks through / retreats over the top / deep strikes. Bonesplitterz are worth considering - they have a mounted hero who isn't bad (Maniak Weirdnob), and their cavalry are decent. There is a batallion that enhances the Boarboy Maniaks, and a super-batallion you can drop them in too. They are pretty strong (huge volume of attacks) but have zero rend, so you would probably have to ally something in to fill that role. Maybe an Arachnarok spider? Very cool models! Speaking of which, Spiderfang is of course an all-mounted faction... If you wanted something redonkulous, Boar Chariots are Greenskinz battleline. They can do mortals on the charge, and as you said the Wyvern boss is pretty cool for his points and the Mercia model is exceptional. Maybe followed around by a Warboss with Waaagh! banner mounted on a boar? Grot Wolf chariots are a snip at 40 points, you could ally in 10 of them for a true "WTF" army! Warboss on Wyvern, Warboss on Boar with Waaagh! banner, 15* Boar Chariots, 10* Wolf Chariots comes in at 1980. I'm definitely not saying it would be super competitive, but it would certainly be different!
  13. Personally I do like them. Remember that they are relatively cheap wounds on 32mm bases (offering a lot of screening) so as long as you don't expect the earth, you won't be disappointed. You get a lot more out of them in blocks of 30 at 360 points, so that's what I'd be taking. I actually made a post on this when GH17 first came out, which you might be interested in taking a look at:
  14. Yeah, that makes sense. Another option for those points could be the batallion + upgrade the Shaman to a Weirdnob, coming in at 1990? I think in my case I'm more hesitant to give up on what the Troggoth Hag brings to the table - that damage outside of the combat phase, the can-opener role she can play on death stars with her warscroll spell, and the addition of another durable hero for Duality of Death. I also like the fact that she can act entirely independently if required. So the starting point for my lists currently is the Maw Krusha, a Warchanter, 10 Brutes, the Hag and the Ironfist (can't let go of that crutch!) That leaves 580 points to play with and 2x battleline still required, so as you can see I can't quite fit in the 30x Ardboyz (with 3x GGs you come to 590!). My Maw Krusha loadout is essentially Ironclad, Armour of Gork, Mystic Shield and YOLO him into the enemy's face. It really does require Mystic Shield to be effective, so that wouldn't be available to the Ardboyz in most cases - so although I could drop certain elements of that core build, it would really be a fundamental change to the way my army functions. I do need to give it a try though.
  15. Excellent post Malakree. I would love to have room for a unit of 30 Ardboys, but I can't find a way to squeeze it in. The fact that you went on to say you don't use a Maw Krusha partially explains that I guess! Still something I need to try though, and as you pointed out very clearly, and combination of shields and your choice of offensive weaponry is the way to go. One thing I would add to the discussion is that the Command Ability you are planning to use also has an impact. If you are using the Mighty Waaagh!, the Big Choppas become more valuable than the dual-wielding weapons in many cases, because that 1 extra attack you are getting per dude is more valuable when it has rend. I ran the numbers and I believe that against a standard 4+ save, they are dead level on damage output with the Mighty Waagh! in place, anything better than that (including rerolls) and the Big Choppas are better. I know that @Chris Tomlin historically has been a major advocate of Inspiring his Brutes rather than calling the Waagh. I'd be interested to know whether that's still the case? Personally I've been calling the Waaagh! in most situations under GH17, because the Boss Skewer tips their bravery north just that little bit. In terms of the Maw Krusha, I use the Choppa and Rip Toof fist, which from what I understand is by far and away the most popular load out. The key reason being the extra rend. Again, with the buffs you will often be putting on him, you are getting more value out of those bonuses the higher quality the attacks are. So +1 to hit (Warchanter) and an extra attack on the Rip Toof Fist (Mighty Waagh) is significantly more valuable than the same on a Scrap Fist. On a similar theme, the Metalrippa artefact is most valuable when used on the Choppa, as the weapon option with the best combination of volume of attacks to gain the benefit, plus higher base rend (-1) and damage (2) than the Scrap Tooth. With this build you can have rend -2 multiple damage attacks coming out your ears, which is awesome against things like Saurus Guard and Treelord Ancients. Sometimes only rend -2 will do, and that's essentially the main reason I think Choppa + Rip Toof Fist is the optimum combo.
  16. Personally I disagree with that - the Bonesplitters (and FEC before them) felt like they really had their place in the new setting. The writing was excellent and gave them a completely new lease of life. It helps that the models were mostly quite recent - if they were dated, it would be a different matter. But Bonesplitters felt (and do feel) like a full, proper AOS faction in my opinion. FEC came out pre GH, so even with GH17 it doesn't quite have all the bells and whistles, but you could say the same about a "new" AOS army like Ironjawz too. And again, in terms of the lore they are spot on. Don't get me wrong, I'd love an entirely new army or 6. But a rehash of existing models (as long as they are relatively recent), with some well written lore and maybe even a new model or two (like Tzeentch), would be quite welcome. Give me anything but a more months of drought with nothing but another frikkin Stormcast hero!
  17. Good post, although I'm not sure about that last bit. The spider is probably classed as a "mount" and therefore not affected by Command Traits or Artefacts, unfortunately. No way to buff those Venom attacks other than the Boss's warscroll Command Ability under GH17 I'm afraid...you're relying on rolling those natural 6s! Unless you are -1 to hit from something like Groundshaking Stomp, in which case you literally can't trigger it at all. Sad times for the spiders.
  18. Great batrep @Sangfroid, thanks for posting it. I got a lot out of this paragraph in particular - I had to read it a couple of times while visualising how things were playing out, but it was well worth it. Those Blood Tithes though...it was almost like being triple turned! Sounds like you kept your chin up and kept battling though, I reckon my head would have dropped big time!
  19. Can I make myself the most hated man on the forum, and go back to the grammar debate? I honestly think what Chris said is clear when you break it down... "I am under no illusion that you are not the better Warhammer player" I am under no illusion that = I am not crazy enough to believe You are not the better Warhammer player = I am the better Warhammer player* So Chris was effectively saying "I am not crazy enough to believe that I am the better Warhammer player". Which is also equivalent to saying "I am sensible enough to believe that you are better than me". Easy! *Tehcnically "I am the equally good or better Warhammer player" but let's not split hairs
  20. That's a really good point...it had struck me as odd (and kinda time-consuming) that a basic 5-man squad could attack with 4 different weapon profiles. That explanation would totally make sense.
  21. Yeah that whole "hitting over the top" thing is such a useful tactical option. Personally I've always used dual-wielding Brutes (even in 10s) because I find you can usually get most in anyway (especially on the charge, and with the Gore Hakkas at the back), and as they are whittled down you get more and more value out of the extra attacks vs the extra range. But that doesn't take into account the option to hit over the top of Ardboyz for example, which can be a significant tactical benefit that goes beyond "how many attacks will they do". I really should reconsider.
  22. Haha fair enough, I got a good look at her booty in your second batrep, that will have to keep me going for now! I've also got a Warboss on Boar with Waaagh! banner that I use in a fun Mixed Destruction list...I've heard a few people tout him as a potential ally, so I'm very interested to hear how you go with him. Personally I felt like I wouldn't be getting value from him if I wasn't using his Command Ability, and also you wouldn't get a Mighty Destroyers roll, plus all the other stuff that goes with allies (an extra drop, no contribution to the Mighty Waaagh). That being the case I couldn't see him justifying his 140 points. Those rerolls though...
  23. Thanks for the report, a couple of very interesting snippets there, especially the thing about him charging your 5x Brutes (in order to pull in the 10x Brutes and waste a turn of theirs). I am a true believer in "learning more from defeat than victory", and it's even better when you learn from someone else's defeat Can I ask you please to post a close up of your Troggoth Hag? I'm due to start work on mine soon, and I wouldn't mind seeing how you've tackled her.
  24. Depends what you mean by "should"...if this is meant to be a fun and diverse army, which it is, you might not want to sink so many points into very pedestrian battleline units. If you're looking to chuck in some cheap bodies and leave more room for the fun stuff (Gargants, Spiders, etc), then the minimum cost and unit size is very relevant. Savage Orruks do have a 5+ save in combat. but you are right in what you say about their durability without the allegiance. The 2 wounds is eye catching, but they're really not that durable, especially without the allegiance.
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