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  1. Well there's $360 down the drain. Wonderful. 😥
  2. Have you been running yours @DestructionFranz? How's it going? Yeah she doesn't feel like a 540 point model. Especially since the keywords limit her to Mixed only, which is (presumably intentionally) more and more marginalised. I dunno, 460 and give her the Hero keyword? What faction keyword(s) would you give her?
  3. Yeah if I was a gambling man, I'd bet good money that the best-selling FW kits in the AOS era were the Mourngul and Sayl the Faithless, back when Mixed lists were king, and thanks largely to their excellent rules. Fundamentally, FW has not continued to develop its warscrolls and failed to keep pace with the overarching trend of Mixed lists being pushed aside for Allegiance lists. Which is a crying shame, because uploading an updated PDF should be very achievable. I do hope the Rogue Idol has sold bucketloads to reward the updated keywords it received. I'd have loved to see the Dread Maw receive a cheeky Maw Tribes keyword, but unfortunately this amazing model seems to be on the "set up to fail" pile with much else in the range. I'm really concerned that the money I've pumped in to things like that and the Magma Dragon in good faith will not be honoured.
  4. Agreed, if it was just the Ardfist that was squeezing them out, you'd see Brutes being taken in the Ironfist. Fact is that they are also squeezed out by Ardboyz and Gore Gruntas in Ironfist too. They are way too similar in their damage output to both of their competitors, and worse in other key ways (bravery, objective scoring and speed). They needed some kind of unique hook in combat to make up for their crippling shortfalls in other areas, but they didn't get it (in fact they had their rend -2 taken away). It ends up being like a 40K comparison, where one is just better. There's not really that much in it, and it's certainly close enough that if you want to make them work you can do so, but you'd probably be taking them because you want to take them.
  5. I'm also very nervous about my expensive and nicely-painted Dread Maw and Magma Dragon at this point.
  6. Yep - and why not allow Monsters of Destruction as Allies in any army? GA armies are almost phased out at this point. I added a Basilisk to my cart 2 years ago, then removed it when I realised they were no longer Allies for Bonesplitterz. (Effectively) not being able to use FW models in Matched Play was setting them up to fail, whether deliberately or accidentally. Sad that the Basilisk has gone, because it's a sweet model and a cool Warscroll, which was unfortunately shafted by being frozen out of army composition in GH18 onwards. I've bought loads of FW products, but GW made it way too hard to justify this one. A real shame.
  7. No Tiki mask, but it's a sweet model: https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_050_000
  8. Yeah man! 80 points Orruks, use 'em while you can! Everyone went straight to the Warboss, and he is cool...but 1 wound junk chaff has its own niche and uses in the game. I've been running them in my list at the link that @Nezzhil shared above. And yeah as @Brakkus pointed out, Pebbles has his armour save, then his Warscroll 5++ ignore, then his Big Waaagh 6++ ignore (because he has the Orruk keyword). He can be a great anvil unit.
  9. I've bought this guy and he's awesome. Fits the scale nicely, and has a dual purpose. He's pictured doing his wardance (= Wardokk), but he could just as easily sit on the back of a boar and be a Weirdnob (which is what I did): https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_050_000 I didn't buy this guy but he also looks OK, a bit less cartoonish than the standard Wardokk: https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_011_000
  10. So has anyone figured out how to tackle OBR?
  11. Yeah it's such a good spot to be in if you already collected both armies, which a lot of us do. I'm finding Big Waaagh so much fun currently that I'm struggling to use any other Allegiance, but I'm really enjoying list building for Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz.
  12. And he can benefit from Mighty D too, if you build in access to that from your General (Brutish Cunning) or an Ironfist, which doubles the benefit of all your other buffs. So if he's got extra damage from the Warchanter, you can get it in the Hero phase pile in as well as the Combat phase. Or if you use it to move him instead, and you have cast Breath of Gork, he's on a 20" flying move...twice. So that's a 40" total flying move in one turn Even the Orruk keyword plays its part, because he gets the 6++ aftersave and +1" to charge. He really is awesome in Big Waaagh.
  13. Personally I'd ask the TO in advance if you could either bring a Realmgate to use, or make use of the Command Trait without needing a Realmgate. It's annoying that you even have to do that though.
  14. Big Waaagh review is live on the Blog: https://plasticcraic.blog/2019/11/11/battletome-orruk-warclans-big-waaagh-review/ It's the main army I've been playing since the book dropped, I just can't put it down because it's so much fun. Love it. (Link updated to take you straight there, thanks for pointing that out!)
  15. I believe Ben is running a Kunnin Rukk and Kopp Rukk in Bonegrinz. Rationale for the Kopp Rukk being to bundle your Wardokks into a Battalion, and get your drops right down (with minimum 2x 10 Morrboys).
  16. Agreed. But then you play them on Starstrike, where they can control the whole middle of the board and assume it will land there, which it probably will. So you get snake eyes and box cars, and they get everything else in between.
  17. The only thing in our favour is that the rerolls are Combat Phase only. So a Mighty Destroyers pile in would mean they get no rerolls - that could help us fight our way out of a grind. If you've got a way to run the numbers: how would a Maw Krusha with no offensive bonuses (assume tanky loadout) go across 2 turns (3 pile ins)? Charge - fight - Mighty D - fight? Is that with or withouth Metalrippa's klaw? If it's with, I don't think it does enough in the key matchup to be worth taking?
  18. How do you reckon we'd go against Mortek?
  19. So the list is actually reproduced in the blog (right above the YouTube link), you can see the whole thing in there. Worth noting that Leo has a Megaboss on Foot and a large volume of Ardboyz in an Ironfist, but no Maw Krusha. The army is Ironsunz and the neg 1 to hit didn't come into this game much (Slaanesh went first and just got onto the centre objectives), but the counter charging was really important. It looks like you're seeing the same video I am, which is weird. I don't know why @broche is seeing something different - I've followed the link a couple of times myself from different devices and I get the correct video. @broche can you maybe DM me the link you are following and a screenshot of what you see? It's really weird that you seem to get a different video than me.
  20. My Ironjawz review is live on the blog, check it out: https://plasticcraic.blog/2019/11/03/battletome-orruk-warclans-ironjawz-review/
  21. That's the trouble with Starstrike 2019 (which I'm guessing you played), armies like Hearthguard can just jam up the middle and assume it will probably land there. Which it usually does, and then it's a boring non-game with no real tactical decisions or ebb and flow. Starstrike 2018 was way more interesting and strategic (as well as exciting). If you committed to one third of the board, it was a genuine commitment - the risk / reward ratio seems to be off with SS19 imo.
  22. Well the good news is, Leo Rautonen recently beat Slaanesh to win Bloodshed (80+ player event) and you can watch how he beat them
  23. I don't disagree with how those kinds of games will play out @Overread, but I do think some people will still dislike that. Specifically I know from experience of playing BCR back in the day that if you can snipe their Heroes and win the punchup (but lose the match on what counts, i.e. objectives), people will merrily complain about how OP your army is while they are actually beating you (hence why I think the negative energy will be disproportionate to their achievements).
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