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  1. Played a practice game at the club tonight. With the agendas. 

    He had "kill more Battleline units than you lose" 

    We wiped out all 3 of each others, but I summoned an extra unit of Skellies that he also killed. Does that count? 

    They are a Battleline unit, but weren't part of my Battleline requirement in my list. We couldn't work out if he'd got his agenda or not. 

    Super excited for Saturday! Not long now! 

  2. I agree, the newer bigger AoS bases require 3mm magnets. I'd buy 2mm and 3mm, then you're sorted. 

    I always use epoxy to glue the magnets to the bases. Always the first thing I do with a new kit. 

    Grab a metal tray, put the bases on upside down, blob a bit of epoxy and plop the magnet down. The metal tray will mean the magnet will pull nice and flat on the base and not try to fly off to the next base you're doing..  Had that happen before! 

    Super glue or milliput or green stuff works, but always comes loose in the end I'm my experience, best to do it right from the start. 

    Poundland do epoxy (for a pound belive it or not) and it's great. Make sure it's Poundlamd though, the other pound shops do some but it's ****** and smells like death. 

  3. List's submitted! Gonna spend the night working on tokens to remind me what the hell is going on!

    Ben: I forgot to say on my email, I've paid for 2000 (Mr Hobgoblin paid for it) and 500. I'm waiting for money to show up in my PayPal to pay for 1000, should get that to you tomorrow.


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  4. Now that the Balewind is pointed and not frowned upon so much I was thinking of taking it my Destruction list to Blood & Glory.

    The list I've been playing is based around getting Foot of Gork off, I'd love to come back with some great stories of it stomping things to death.

    So far I've been running 2 shamans surrounded by boyz (+2 to cast), but it's just not working. At first I had 2 attempts to get it off per turn, but no longer.

    I haven't managed to get it to go off for the last 5 games!

    So I was thinking of dropping the 2nd Shaman and paying for the Balewind. +2 from the boyz and +1 from the Balewind should improve my chances. Would now cast on 7+.

    However, my boyz can't be within 3" of the Balewind so I'm gonna struggle to get them in, they have to be within 10" of the Shaman when he casts.

    Would I measure this? From the base of the Balewind (that's not too bad) or from the Shaman model himself? if so, diagonally? Along and up? (that would make it not worth using for this plan).

    This also raises the question, when casting a spell from on top of the Balewind, would you measure from the shaman model of the base of the Balewind? Less worried about this, but I guess the same answer should apply to both yes?

    I'm mainly interested in running this for Blood & Glory so I guess if it's not clear, it's however Ben thinks it should be..


  5. 33 minutes ago, hobgoblinclub said:

    Exactly the point I was trying to make.

    He proved that if something is convincing, people will be believe it. We have no reason not to, unless talented people start posting convincing fakes just for...kicks...oh.

    The whole thing seems pretty self-indulgent to me. It's clearly self promotion with an apology at the end. What did it achieve other than tricking people into discussing his artwork? That could have been done, without misleading everyone, by posting a thread. It no doubt would have a got a very positive reaction rather than the mixed response we see this morning.

    I think it's self promotion. Wants a job at GW.  He's made a hell of a name for himself with this, weather that'll help or hinder his ambition is a gamble..

    There's no way he'd have got this exposure just posting fan art in a blog. Lots probably do that and and I haven't seen any of it. 

    If he'd done the box mockup and said it was fan made somewhere, it would have still probably hit all the rumour mills anyway and he'd be morally in the clear.

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  6. I thought the same thing when looking at this battle plan..  Split into 2 and pretty much fight 2 separate battles. 

    But you'd have to win both decisively no? Fair enough if you can look at your opponent's list and know what's going to happen, but I'm a long way from that. 

    Thats why I decided on a strong core in the middle and two hard hitting flanks,  hoping to smash through the objectives and grab early victory and use the core to fix what didn't go to plan.

    Kinda almost worked!

    I'll be following this with interest, being an aspiring tournament player, it'd be great to have even a basic idea about how to approach each scenario without having to play all of them several times over.. Which would take me a year probably! 

  7. It was David Soper who tipped me that priming wasn't necessary over plastic. His models are some of the best in the world so I figured I'd give it a try. 

    Here's his WIP megaboss painted directly onto plastic. 

    Pretty good eh? 


    I've only tried with a couple of models so far and it seems to be fine. As for the colours, a grey primes is a good start for any,  so the grey of the plastic should be just as good. 

    One of the recent models I did without primer was the Stardrake. Colors are great and I really can't see a problem with paint coming off,  but without playing with the model for years I guess that's impossible to say for sure. 

    I'd say give it a go and see for yourself. If you prefer a primer go for it. If I can forgo it, it'll same me a lot of time and money in the future! 




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  8. I find it completely acceptable to split them and make 2. They still look good that way. Can't see anyone complaining about that. At least you're not using pingpong balls withe eyes drawn on. 

    I have 2 (both stacked), but only because I bought 1 box and after complaining about the dreadful cast, they sent another one free. They still end up flopping over under thier own weight though after a couple of weeks :(

  9. Amazing Battle Report! Thanks for putting the effort in doing this! Joy to read.

    Those Treethings are nasty! Especially Drycha! I had an absolute panic on trying to take her down as fast as possible after seeing what she could do!

    Once you've got a few games under your belt with this army I think it's going to be a force to be reckoned with! Hopefully you can make it down to @hobgoblinclub soon for some more games.

    Yeah those Shamans were terrible. I know I always roll bad for Spells that why I took two of them! Still nothing! 

    I'm used to the Doom Diver doing nothing though.. always hit something but never wound! I'm going to go have a word with them now..


    PS sorry about the insane amount of 6's I rolled for Saves! That's got to be annoying! :)


  10. Throughout the mortal realms the legends of the Silver Tower are recounted with awe and admiration. Tales of disparate champions good and evil, brought together by naught more than fate, battling against sanity-shredding horrors in the ever-shifting domain of the Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch..
    I bought The Silver Tower on release and I have been quietly obsessing over the models and rules for a few weeks now. I’ve only had a few practice games so far, just playing on my own, but can’t wait to get the Hobgoblin Club round for a proper session.. once I’ve got the rules learnt and (hopefully) most of the miniatures painted!
    Being able to use whichever mini you like in the Silver Tower is a great way of getting some of those neglected minis out of the cabinet/carry case/shoebox and into a bang up-to-date adventure! The Heroes that come with the box set are incredible, but I’ll still want to use my own. It’ll be great fun to see how the characters from my fantasy armies handle the madness of The Tower. I was using Shazza (my Chaos Sorcerer) in a game, using the Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord hero card, which is all well and good, but decided to make a new one featuring his own image.


    Shazza Hero Card
    I also created one for my all time favorite mini Nazgob!

    Custom Card Nazgob Redacted.jpg

    EDIT: Just realised that I paid for this card so shouldn't share the details, hence the redaction! Sorry!
    It took a fair bit of work, so I decided, even though all the stats were the same I might as well take it back to basics so I have a template to make a card for any other characters I want to use in the future.. and what’s the point of going to all that trouble unless you’re willing to share it? The ones I’ve made here are just using equivalent rules for a similar model, but using the template you can create your own heroes from scratch!
    Be warned though, I’ve created this in Photoshop, so if you don’t have it, you might not be able to open it, or at least not with all the levels pre-made to enter your own stats and text. Sorry. If you don’t have Photoshop, maybe another program will open it.. but honestly.. you’re probably more tech savvy than me! If you don’t have Photoshop (or a way of using the file another way) I’ve included a blank card which you can print out and write on (with a pen!) or to faff around with digitally if you like.


    Blank Hero Card
    Here’s the link to a DropBox folder with the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/md9n6jbp...
    The greatest champions, those who grow in strength over time as they solve the Silver Tower's secrets, even they may fall at this hurdle - yet the riches, power and freedom they could gain drive them ever forward. But for every tale that ends in glory, another falls short, bringing only madness and despair...
    Good luck!


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  11. This is fantastic news! Was top of my list for bringing back stuff we love, but really never thought it would happen.

    I really rate the current WD guys and girls, can't wait to see what that can do with more than a few (3) pages to play with!

    Battle Reports and Masterclasses are already confirmed, which I assume will mean terrain building articles too! #SQUEEEEEEEEEE

    Really don't mind if every issue is 70% 40k, love reading about that stuff too if it's not just a sales pitch.

    Can't wait to look at this stuff again!




    EDIT Couldn't actually find a FB one! Travesty! 

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  12. Yeah, there are no easy ways to win a Demon! Especially not with it being Uk only now.

    Best Advice: Learn. Practice. Improve. Repeat.

    You'll notice the quality of the winners took a staggering leap with the coming of the internets, that's no coincidence. Since getting back into the hobby, I've learned so much from others, a stark contrast to how it was when I started out!

    You need to make use of that resource.. most of the best painters out there will happily give advice, as well as tips and tricks on technique and or tools/materials. Keep questions short and to the point though, asking "how did you paint the armour?" will be time consuming to answer, as it may have taken a long time and many different techniques.

    I've painted for a long time, but was never very good at modelling, specifically scenic base building. That's an art in itself, but there's so many resources out there to help, even the 'train-set weirdos' have an amazing amount of knowledge on creating stuff like that! Look them up :) I've made a concerted effort to improve my basing, learning from everywhere I can. Many excellent resources have been listed above, but Massive Voodoo is a must to check out. 

    That said, if you're no good at basing, keep it simple, you don't need a virtual diorama on a 32mm base to win.. Case in point:


    Play to your strengths.. if you're good at Orcs, paint one of them.. if you struggle with faces.. stick to Marines or Stormcast.. 

    Echoing the comments above, Golden Demon hopes to showcase the Warhammer Universe, first and foremost your entry needs to be fitting with that. The stronger it screams 'Warhammer' the better it'll do.

    The smaller events may be a good way of getting into participating, but I'm yet to go to one. Some of them last year did have a very small amount of entries, but don't let fool you.. if just 3 of them are GD veterans (and they will be), getting your hand on a trophy will be just as hard as the main event! 

    The best source of inspiration I had was attending the event and entering something. I did so in 2010 with and Orc Warboss from my army, it was amazing to see all the other entries, and incredibly exciting to see my entry make the finals! I was hooked after that! Best advice is to just go and do it! 

    Hazmat Gutspilla, Finalist 2010

    Hazmat Gutspilla 2.jpg


    4 years (and many finalist pins later) I managed to snag a Bronze with Grukk Faceripper in the 40k Large Model Category



    I was absolutely ecstatic to get a Demon, Bronze was a good as Gold for all I cared! But I'm under no illusion, I might never get another one, no matter how hard I try. The standard of entries is staggering and gets better each year! 

    The dates are already announced for the next season of GD, which is fantastic! Get painting and enter, you'll be hooked!

    I'm all psyched up to paint something now! Off to Learn, Practice, Improve & Repeat!

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  13. Yeah the Troll Hag is amazing, healing D6 wound a turn makes her very difficult to kill. She's not very fighty in combat but her 5 Vomits will do amazing damage to pretty much anything.

    Plus the model is amazing, can easily run her as a Giant too if you're shot on Pools.

  14. I've just started putting together the old Skarsnik Model and it fit's perfectly on a 60x35 (standard cavalry base).

    Obviously now the squig is just a weapon choice so if you're running it as that I assume it would be acceptable to put the hole thing on a 25mm.. if you can get it to fit!

    I suppose it depennds on if you want to use this model:

    452714_sm-Big Boss, Night Goblins, Squigs.jpg

    Or this!



    EDIT: I'll be using the latter!

  15. 8 hours ago, Ben said:

    If I were to do a Slaves to Darkness list I would for sure include the new WHQ Silver Tower Barbarian as my general! 

    General? He's going to be the unit champion of my Marauders..

    Might make them look slightly more dangerous than they are! :)

  16. 9 hours ago, Brunel.Richard said:

    More round rebasing action.

    That alter is looking amazing! Really want to do one of these. They any good in game? The rules.. seem.. Ok?

    WIP Wednesday!

    Been working on a commission of some lovely Forgeworld Dwarfs.



    Dwarf Command 1.jpg

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