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  1. TredHed

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Hello all, I am just starting to look at the Death Faction...curse you GW and your pretty pretty Nighthaunts. How feasible is purely ghosts (Nighthaunts) and skeletons (Deathrattle) army? what would they fit under? I am seriously wanting wanting the Nighthaunts from the upcoming box, want the banshees and other wraiths. I like both Krell and Keldrek, and love the upcoming characters for the 'haunts. I already have the Sepulchral Guard and would love to use them also. I dont want to do ghouls, zombies, vampires or necromancers if I can get away with it. I know the big things is to wait for the Nighthaunt Battletome...but that only covers half of what I would like to do. Suggestions?
  2. TredHed

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    New Banshee models maybe?
  3. TredHed

    Saw this awesome dwarf model

    This looks like a digibash to me. Separation between arms and shoulder guards are too contrasting, same with hands and wrists, weapon and hand, hand over cape, and lower foot on basing. Also the head and mohawk are pointing in slightly different directions. It is a pretty cool concept idea though and would like to see it made.
  4. TredHed

    Pirate dwarves.

    Yeah, I have 1 box of them. The more I think about it, the more I think I am just going to use the Arkanaut rules. I am not going to worry about special weapons as I am only doing these for small skirmish.
  5. TredHed

    Pirate dwarves.

    I was pondering Fyreslayers too. I'm thinking the Auric Runeson for the White Dwarf and Vulkite Beserkers for the Pirates.
  6. TredHed

    Pirate dwarves.

    Hello all, So I am thinking of breaking out my pirate dwarfs (Long Drong's Slayers and the pirate version of the White Dwarf) and using them in skirmish. What do you guys think I should use them as? Kharadron Overlords - Arkanught company and Admiral? Seems to me to make the most sense, but what are your thoughts all?
  7. TredHed

    Unofficial Beastmen Battletome

    ABE SO LUTE LY GORGEOUS!!!!! This makes me want to play Brayherds
  8. TredHed

    AoS Stat Card Template - Finished

    How much did that deck end up costing you?
  9. TredHed

    Holidays / Summer vacation

    Same here Ain't that the truth! Unfortunately, they keep us down enough that only well to do can move out of the US. Us poor wage slaves will remain chained to the US.
  10. Hello all, Name is Jon. I am a husband, father, geek. Loved Warhammer fantasy since I found it in 1992. Played mostly 40k as that was what the others in my area were into, but loved Fantasy more. Eventually rage quit 40k due to the squating of ....well....the Squats, but kept my fantasy love alive. Currently painting Age of Sigmar, and reading, but hope to start getting games in soon.