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  1. Trying to salvage slaanesh atm A few of our decent heroes remained relatively unchanged. I think sylleske, masque, sigvald are still playable. Dexcessa aswell Archaon is probably one of our solid options now. With constant CP generation. And only a 30p increase. Hellstriders are down... for some reason. And are really decent imo. We probably still have to pay for at least one unit of blissbarb archers.
  2. So archaons ability is not a triggered ability?
  3. This has probably been answered. But how does archaon reroll hit rolls work with the new wording. Versus.. say hedonites hit rolls of 6 ?
  4. My man you are absolutely Trucking it at the moment, i'm stoked to see what the changes will bring. Great job.
  5. Thanks a lot for the reply, it's helped me a ton figuring out the army. and with much dilberation and thought, i think ive got a better grasp of the army now. definitly seems like a finesse army now. with no obvious powerplays or abusable mechanics. Ive become hooked on Sigvald, Glutos, and playing atleast 2 shooting units. i think understanding how to generate the large amounts of DP whilst focusing on objectives will be key to victory.
  6. Howdy fellas. I am a returning hedonite player. Eager to return to the mortal realms and destroy my heathen friends. However I am a bit confused how to build our new book. Last time I player it was just after the first round of nerfs. And I have a semi large demon based army. Are mortals the way to go ? I usually go with powerful tried and tested lists. Lack of tournament result means I can't really emulate others. Anyone care to provide a quick rundown of the new units? hosts / items ? or is the state of the hedonites in a standstill until the release of aos.3 ?
  7. Rules question. does the godseeker command trait "Into the Frey" count as modifying a roll? into the Frey reads: the hit roll for the first attack made by this general during the battle is automatically a 6 ( do not roll the dice) Does the hit roll of 6 trigger Euphoric killers/ incandescent rageblade?
  8. Hey laddies, Brand new Hedonite here, only had a chance to try out the army a few times, and given all the recent changes, im curious to what changes y'all have come up with to your existing lists, i'm jumping straight into a small tournament game and i'd love to hear if you guys had any input or hepfull insights e issues were keeping them from being used. the Lifeswarm might just be replaced by a command point. but i like the healing it can offer. Please a moment of your time ❤️
  9. can anyone confirm if supreme syberites is limited to 1 hero in a pretenders host ?
  10. is it possible to build a bladebringer on hellflayer from the start collecting kit ?
  11. thx a Lot from The feedback ! i Also thought The second enrapturess is a little iffy. i am considering converting into a lute or a guitar for the greater demon.
  12. Hello all, I am new to slaanesh and totally on-board the hype train ! reading through the forum posts I've decided to put together a list, I am missing most of the models ( only have 2x halves of wrath and rapture and money is tight) so if you could provide feedback on the list that would be great pretenders 1 KoS ( general ) cmd traits : reroll failed hits if alone and +1 dmg vs monster, sliverslash on claws 360 1 KoS, termalrider cloak 360 2 internal enrapturess 280 1 bladebringer on ballplayer 160 30x daemonettes 300 30x daemonettes 300 10x daemonettes 110 hero syberite battalion thing trying to play the value game here. with perhaps the strongest monster killer in the game. list should be 4 drops. don't know about their spells. maybe hysterical frenzy and I'm not find of the endless spells list is fairly straightforward
  13. Depends on your setup, if you kitted him defensively ( ignax / staunch ) id argue that few things can kill him. If your playing more aggressive like the storm host celestial vindicators a sceen will be nice, otherwise Knight heraldor is a perfect solution for him, dropping in and out of combat as you please. Id argue that skinks are a good fit in most Stormcast armies as a cheap fast large model size unit.
  14. First liberator prime’s are built, still Missing painting and the right decals but its a start ! Really pleased with Them compared to the original! Share your thoughts.
  15. Oh wow! Depends on the dice i suppose! Mine Ate through 20 sequistors and 10 evocators in 3-4 turns singelhandledy.
  16. What size ? I’m lacking a point of reference. Was it max size with 30 libs ? If so it’s quite respectable .
  17. Hmmm they might work actually. Might need to redo the colour. great ! Thanks
  18. Damage is mediocre. For 560 points. It’s not a monster killer. But facing anything other then the big monsters it’s overperforming. It has a great presence, with the random rain of stars snipe and tail / jaws taking out units. -1 / +1 to spell casting templar axe should be pretty decent at that. Usually however you just attack last with your drake to prevent pile into cohesion. I like the fact that you can always elect to go last with it, since it won’t take damage. Allowing your fulminators or w/e to fight first without much backlash. What’s a VW ?
  19. Their great ! But they are very small and flimsy ! Do you know the size of the dragon Lance ?
  20. Sooo the stardrake is amazing. I recently played in Warhammerfest throne of skulls with a stardrake list and I gotta say.. that thing is an absolute monster in the new edition. I used him with Ignax scales and staunch defender and slapped a warding lantern on top of it.. the thing would not die. Here are a few examples. Singlehandled it tanked 20 sequistors. 10 evocators and 4 fulminators. Before my opponent realized that it’s futile and teleported away his fulminators. At that point it had already decimated the sequistors and was on its way to cleaning up the evocators. New edition it’s been buffed in slight ways that makes a huge impact. Carnaverous jaws can eat a units cohesion. Breaking it forcing a lot of damage. The tail attack hits everything within 3 inches every time it attacks. And command ability no longer has a range. i just slapped onwards to glory on it and used a command ability to run 18 inches. With fly and that movement you can tie up a lot of things first turn. ( I played legion of azghor and tied up 5 units first turn ) its just amazing, but a large investment !
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