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  1. It's been working well, the reason I run it is for the extra chance to add minus 1 to hit. By turn 2 the deathstars are within range and most opponents don't unbind it since they're worried about van hels (or even curse if they're not running ++ saves) when it goes off on a 9+ then you've got a much higher chance of getting that negative to hit. In terms of it actually causing the minus 1 to hit, I'd say it occurs 2 times a game on average, Which I'm ok with. I find vile transference awkward to use since you need to be so close to actually get the heal. Since I'd rather have Arkhan sitting back I find that he isn't actually in range to heal from vile transference. In the games that Arkhan has died I've still won because the opponent spent so much time taking him and the Mortis out that my grimghats were able to hold objectives and grind everything else out.
  2. Hey all I've been doing quite well with the following list. Arkhan - spirit gale necromancer (cloak of darkness -2 to be hit). - overwhelming dread necromancer - fading vigour guardian of souls (ignax scales) 5 dogs x 3 30 grimghast reapers 20 grimghast reapers Mortis engine Lords of Sacrament Malevolent maelstrom Quicksilver swords Geminoids Cogs extra CP I've found its very durable, provides lots of units that can screen and has the ability to easily debuff 2 Death Stars or units. With realm spells Arkhan becomes quite tough to shift. The extra CPs mean you have lots of options in regards to play style. the grimghasts are amazing. The 4+ unrendable has been amazing, and with van hels they're truly terrifying. Even more so with inferno blades. I'll keep updating as I play more games with it.
  3. I'm thinking of running a very spell heavy army. Attempting to take advantage of the battalion. Arkhan (spectral grasp or amaranthine orb) Necromancer (overwhelming dread) Necromancer (fading vigour) Necromancer (soul harvest) Vampire Lord (spirit gale) 5 Dire Wolves 5 Dore Wolves 10 Zombies 20 Grimghast Reapers 12 Mymourn Banshees Corpse Cart (still unsure on this one) Mortis Engine Lords of Sacrament Umbral Spellportal Geminids of Uhl-Gysh Athervoid Pendulum 1990 The list throws out a bucket of debuffs and a bucket full of mortal wounds aim would be to debuff main death stars and delete heroes early with spells. The Necromancers are at plus 3 to cast and Arkhans at plus 5. The units are a little small but they pack an offensive punch with vanhels and extra attacks from the vampire lord. Grimghasts attempt to take out hordes while banshees eat endless spells and target more armoured threats due to -2 rend. I can't wait to play test it, I know it will have its counters but it looks fun.
  4. Ashtyn

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    To veryone that says FT would be too powerful you need to remember that we live in a world without dammed. Currently the only way to increase hits is with the foot KoS and that is a wholly within command ability that is also limited by the model needing to be the General on the current scroll. If you look at the new core rules it specifies that some command abilities may only be used if the model is the General (KoS is one of these). Also every army now has access to minus 1 to hit via endless spells. So the chances of getting your mortals off is very rare on a 6. If it's a faction wide buff it adds a little extra synergy to some of our units and the heroes who buff attacks. I don't think it would be broken, it would be powerful but not broken.
  5. Sorry I just saw the post above my last message, please ignore me
  6. Hi guys I've been trying to get an answer to this question but I can't find any offical wording. is it 1 endless spell cast a turn, or if you know 4 and have 4 wizards can you cast 4 endless spells (1 per wizard) a turn. I understand that they have to suffer from the rule of 1, but I don't see it saying anywhere that only 1 endless can be cast in a hero phase. hope what I've asked makes sense!
  7. Hey guys, what are the restriction on casting endless spells? is it one per turn or 1 per caster per turn. i ask because it influences what I do with my sacrament army
  8. Ashtyn

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    From what I'm seeing it looks like frightful touch will have to be a trait. Even if it's a flat roll of 6 that is unmodifiable, with the extra attacks some units can generate it's got massive potential. Even without frightful touch the banshees are great hammers. A unit of 12 has plus 3 to unbind at 18 inches meaning it will very likely have 24 attacks if it moves forward or if it can pop up on the board, that can be increased to 36 by a mounted knight. You can even unbind one of your own endless spells in your turn to get an extra attack at the cost of d3 wounds. With a torment they're rerolling 1s and can get models back. They have massive potential offensively. what I really love about them is that there are so many steps to uping their attacks that it's difficult for a opponent to stop them all. Especially considering NH heroes are all minus 1 to hit and are unrendable. I also like the grimghasts for the same reasons, it's easy to give them 3 attacks with rerolls at rend 1. most NH armies are going to run at least 1 torment, and a knight of shrouds so these extra buffs aren't really unrealistic. if you then add on frightful touch as an option for a trait then these 2 units can become disgusting offensively and still rock a 4+ unrendable save.
  9. To be honest, I'd love Settra to come back and add a 2nd family to the death faction. A death faction that doesnt belong to Nagash but is out to try and destroy him. Would fit with Settra's comments at the end of the end times and would allow all the light magic the TK used to use to come back into the army and add some flavor to it.
  10. Ashtyn

    AoS 2e previews

    Legion of Sacrament are looking super strong currently. The changes to magic make Arkhan far better and give even more reasons to take the sacrament battalion. Sacrament can easily get +3 to cast meaning your buffing arcane bolt 50% of the time (the scroll doesn't say unmodified 10). The mortis engine can be at a 2+ armour save (it gets cover) in the shooting phase and can re roll 1's now with mystic shield, meaning your necros can pump out 2 spells a turn. Since you'll probably have more spells to choose from you'll be able to increase the flexibility of your list. And new command points means you can run knight of shrouds or VLoZD in Sacrament and still get the casting bonus and the juicy command abilities. Will be really interesting to see if they re-point dire wolves.
  11. Ashtyn

    AoS 2e previews

    Its not legion locked at all. You can take it in night but you just have to take Manfred.
  12. Ashtyn

    AoS 2e previews

    You could say this for every single battalion in the game......
  13. Ashtyn

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Black coach should power up off of kills for the entire army. Similar to the shackle ghost. It makes sense that it is taking souls during a battle and powering up.
  14. Ashtyn

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I'd like to see frightful touch become a battle trait, saves space on warscrolls. It makes sense that every nighthaunt should have the ability.
  15. Nurgle still get their 5+ since it isn't a mortal wound save. Death also get their 6+. Characters like Nagash would not get their special 4+ mortal wound save as it isn't a mortal wound.
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