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  1. ur link doesnt work here it is fixed http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262974779835
  2. Hey sorry this event totally slipped my mind, and I can't afford it right now, so you can take me off the list. Cheers.
  3. Order also get the Carmine Dragon from FW. Beautiful model if a bit pricey.
  4. I'm using a FW warpfire dragon as a mount for mannfred in my vampire army just cos It's a badass model.
  5. That chaos warrior looks rad, only think that stands out to me is the scale mail on the tabard, it looks a bit too neat and orderly for a chaos warrior. Maybe try and switch it up for some chainmail or something?
  6. I'll be shelving my empire for a time as I've just splurged on a big new vampire army!
  7. You should try out Realm Quest by Ash Barker, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3iUmocmCYCUZ1ZfbVUxOWFMMjQ/view It's easy to pick up and really really good.
  8. On the website: Supplied with ten Citadel 75x42mm Oval bases. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Chaos-Knights-2016
  9. The ogroid goes on the 50. there's a misprint in the instructions.
  10. So I should be getting my box tomorrow, I have a good idea how I'm gonna tackle painting but I have no idea how to base, because I haven't seen the tiles in detail yet. Looking for ideas people! Share!
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