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  1. My D&D group rarely do any actual roleplay, they like to kill monsters, figure out puzzles and get loot. If even one of the players actually do something "roleplayish" during a session I will be surprised in a good way! Despite this they seem to love D&D
  2. This only applies to their melee attacks right? Not their abilities? For example Bastiladons Tide of Snakes?
  3. We will soon recieve the news that these kits are both for AoS and 40K. Switch a few things out and you have the new Space Squats. Just like they do with Daemons.
  4. Ah! Well, I get why they do it then. Still, too bad they do it
  5. We actually played them wrong for a couple of games with the shield working for all wounds... they turned into serious tanks during those games. Then we re-read the warscroll and discovered the embarassing mistake. Ahh... the good old days of having a useful shield...
  6. Yes, it makes sense that there are different options available especially considering Narrative play. But in matched player there will never be a reason for the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth to not use the shield, and it's not an old model, right? But I understand, it's just that I like that from 40K, having to weigh the pros and cons of spending points on upgrades instead of models, for example.
  7. Alright, thanks for the response. Takes away some of the listbuilding element. Too bad, I would prefer different options to have different impacts.
  8. Hi! Why would I ever take a Daemon Prince without wings? Why would the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth not take the Sigmarite Shield? There are more examples but these two stand out in my games. Point-wise it will be the same if the DP can move 8" or 12". And the shield won't limit the Dracoth in any way, only improve it with the same point-cost. We only play matched play. Have I missed something obvious? Is this only for fluff-purposes? Thanks!
  9. Hello! We are slightly debating the rule about allocating wounds to models that are outside of range in the combat phase. Since the defending player is the one who decides which models take the damage does this mean that all damage is always allocated even if the front row of say a Ghoul unit is melted away but the Warboss attacks and the other ghouls is more than 2" away? Would the damage still continue to be dealt? Basically what I'm asking is if it's possible to wipe an entire unit in one blow assuming you have enough damage output despite the weapons dealing the damage doesn't have the range?
  10. Just realized that he got a command ability. My bad!
  11. I like the Mighty Lord of Khorne, I always throw him at the biggest and baddest thing they got, mystic shield him and pray that he survives so I can go all Axe of Khorne on the baddie.
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