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  1. After an overdose of Balthasar Gelt in Warhammer TW2, I got inspired to pick up AoS again, SCE in particular. I picked up a Soul Wars box with two sets of SCE. This way I can use 15 Sequitors, 5 Evocators, one Lord Arcanum on Gryph, one Lord Incantor, 6 Castigators, 2 Ballistas. In addition I got my old bow Judis up and running (two units of 5) and bought an Exorcist and Ordinator. With a few tweaks and some minor future additions (Evocatord on mounts, the Incantor from the magazine, Lord Arcanums on the two new mounts) I should be able to run the Sacrosanct battalions just for the heck of it. What can I do with this setup? I was thinking Hammers of Sigmar because of the two named Lord Arcanums. Any more suggestions? I've been out of the picture for long enough to not know what the blazes is going on in AoS2
  2. Or, you know, taste is subjective. Ever thought or that? No? Didn't think so
  3. So it basically comes down to picking whatever I personally want out of the pot and building on that. That is what I getting from it
  4. That is obviously the talk of Chaos, trying to lure me into the dark side Oo MY FACE IS MY SHIELD! MY FURY IS MY SWORD!
  5. @HorticulusTGA Hm, between those Blanche sketches and those conversions I am almost inclinded to say SCE. I suppose I still have a mental blockade when it comes to SCE. Them and SM were my primary armies back before I took my major break and did some soul searching. During that time I was obsessed with winning and competitive play. Guess that is why they still leave a sour taste in my mouth. Having returned to Imperial Guard in 40k, I am hence considering Free People. But damn, a War Altar of Sigmar with Flagellants and various priests with a small contingent of SCE would sure look awesome. More so than with Free People, although Franz with Demigryphs is a sight to behold.
  6. Nevermind. This is now leaving the realm of acceptable topics. I know, I can be rather inept when it comes to explaining something, but at least some understood me, so I guess it wasn't that bad As I said, if you want to discuss it in-depth, PM me. Otherwise, I'd like to direct the topic in another direction (see above).
  7. Okay then, to steer the conversation away from theological subjects, I would want to discuss how it would be best to represent such a theme on the table. I've gotten plenty of satisfactory answers and plenty of reading to do. Suffice it to say, that I may need to reevaluate my stance towards AoS. Clearly, I am not as well versed in how the fluff has developed since I last poked my head it Anyway, bringing this to the table. I am now less of a player, so it does not need to be a highly efficient concept. I would want it to bring across said idea though, but also limited in size a I have limited space on my shelves I still have plenty of Devotes of Sigmar from WHFB times. I guess those are a good starting point? Mst of the minis I own are Empire, with a few SCE swimming around somewhere. However, taking it all together will result in waaaaay too much. I like it nice and compact
  8. Hm, interesting perspective. I like it. Kudos Okay, my reading list is filling up. Consider that I am a rather slow reader, this may take a while. Maybe I'll even finish by the time GW decides to bomb AoS
  9. First up, I am talking about my perception. I admit, that I did not know a lot of what has been told in this thread. I will definiely have to reevaluate my position on the matter, no denying that. As for the AoS gods acting in reality, no I am not opposed to that. As I said, it is difficult to describe without having to go into territory that are not part of the TGA mission statement. It is not the fact that they act in the material world, even Sigmar in WHFB did. It is a question of how they act. It is more reminiscent of ancient mythology, where Gods build rivalries, choose mortal champions and take note of their activity in order to further selfish goals and one-up the other gods. Those are not the actions of a father-like deity as, whose actions are acts of compassion and aid against the fight against evil nature, as represented by Chaos in the Warhammer lore. Such was the theme, for the most part, in WHFB and Sigmar as well as the Emperor in 40k. I agree, to some degree Sigmar is still in that territory in AoS, but him ambitions turned rather 'human'. I do not wish to deepen this, as it will escalate quickly and lead to closure of this thread. If you are still confused about what I mean, please PM me and I will talk plainly.
  10. @xking Ah, see, there is the one point I feared would come up. I am well aware of what faith means. the whole issue is the moving away from Christianity-inspired themes to nordic/Greek ones. When I talk about faith in the posts above, I always mean the Judeo-Christian idea of it. I do not mean faith as it is writen in the dictionary.
  11. I like the idea of doing a homebrew. Ever since I decided to drop the toxic mess that I tried to sell as my competitive attitude, I have been more open to these sort of things. I do have 40 odd Flagellants, an Altar of Sigmar and various Warrior Priests around, so I guess that is a start. @HorticulusTGA I lime the image, though I wonder what faction(s) I would like to add to make a faithful Sigmarite army fitting of the new world. Definitely Devotes of Sigmar, but what else? SCE or Free People? I do not want to go overboard and make 5000pts of everything. I do not have the ability to play very often and thus I like to keep my projects manageable and within the 2000-ish points scope. Edit: And yes, the Blanche SCE look fantastic. The old Empire iconography on ther with the twin-tailed comets and the grim-looking sun is just perfect Oo
  12. YES! Thank you! That seems definitely to be one of the major points. You can not iamgine the relief I feel now that I see it to
  13. Though looking at the design, the base concept is the same. Yet they look very different. Is it the robes and empire-esque art that set it apart? As I said, i can not quite pin down what given the Blanche Eternals that distuigishing style, bordering on grimdark when compared to the actual ones.
  14. Ah, the Hallowed Knights. Interesting idea. To be fair though, I have sort of gravitated away from SCE, much like Marines. It is somehow not the same as Free People/Imperial Guard. SCE see themselves as a weapon of Sigmar. I do not see a Hallowed Knight kneeing and crying out to Sigmar when outmatched by Chaos. It is something about a human, who alone is powerless, being strengthened through faith, that sets it apart from a 'super soldier' created by said god. I do agree that the presence of various deities is definitely more profound in AoS though Hah, reading through it, I notice that there are so many ways to see issue at hand
  15. Dunno, I think it looks amazing, regardless whether you'd want to associate it with the Empire or not
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