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  1. Creezy

    Freeguild General on Griffon

    This is beautiful! Which paints did you use for the blue, do you remember?
  2. You totally can give them shields if you want though
  3. Me too! I didn’t think there was one
  4. Yup, 3 units regardless of models in each. At 2000pts it is rather limiting
  5. Super maneagable, pretty sure it’s just designed to stop the daisy chains, which i hated anyway. And more thematic!
  6. It’s unit to unit. Option B! Wholly within x inches of the unit.
  7. Yeah absolutely. Imagine a 12 inch radius from the exterior of each unit. You can get pretty creative with it
  8. If true, it definitely feels clunky and an oversight in the transition to 2.0- hopefully faqd and reworded . I feel the spirit of the rule is can’t charge or move but can pile in. Obviously a discussion to be had with the opponent.
  9. Different purposes. Crossbows no longer get the extra shot until there’s 20 of them, archers are great screens and board denial chaff, handgunners get the long rifle and rend, so damage wise probably the gunners
  10. At the expense of shooting flexibility though- once you’re within 3 you can’t you can’t target anyone else now
  11. I like this! I think I’d swap out 10 gunners for 20 xbows, another general (to make both companies independent) and general on griffon. Leaves it super vulnerable to magic though
  12. What’s The general vibe on the regiment battalion? Anyone had any experience with it?
  13. Interested to know how you know about them in gh18? Just from faction focuses, or leaks I haven’t seen?
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