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  1. I play draconis, pretty much use the list mention above if I am playing a competitive games. I would actually say Serpentis though, just because the Draconis list is not too fun or engaging to play or play against. I only really use it when my friends want a challenge.
  2. I have been running them in 5s!
  3. Any and all comments/ suggestions are welcome
  4. Hey! My friend started a youtube channel reviewing warscolls, nice to listen to while paitning https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuNi1HQCvgAbfOL6KigjFZg


    Draconis, 2000
  6. Finally have my 2000 point Order Draconis list on rounds!
  7. If I recall correctly, Annoited can no longer be on the phoenix and part of the battalion.
  8. Hmm, always depends who you are playing against. I would say since the Pheonix battalion has changed (cannot take annointed,) probably swifthawk agents using the spire of dawn battalion!
  9. Not a super competitive army, ever since the divide But the best units that remain are Teclis, Bolt Throwers, Reavers and Loremaster in my opinion.
  10. Agreed with the breath. I have a 2500 point Draconis army, not the most competitive but my favorite to play (and look at.) You essentially run the Host and do a monster alpha strike. Use the lance and the horn, also give him the quicksilver potion. Once again, not the most flexible or competitive list, but you get to use dragons. And you get points for playing a semi unique army.
  11. AGREED, especially with the second point. Ardboys are solid, and for the points the numbers just make sense in objective play. The Brute spam just has way too big a target on it.
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