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  1. Tom played really well but did draw 4 stormcast armies which he admitted was good for him. His mortal wound output was great. He ran into tony's changehost round 5 and got absolutely crushed. If there's a worse matchup in all of aos..
  2. Yes I was mixed chaos, 4 jabberslythes 4 magma cannons and 12 toads. I would definitely like another unit if possible or build a list round them. It's too bad nurgle has such poor synergy.
  3. I used 12 plague toads at facehammer gt and they were unbelievably good. The best thing nurgle has to offer by far!! I'd be tempted to run 24-36 of them to be honest they are that good.
  4. James Ramsay

    Vanguard wing

    It's a great list Jack and even better with tempests eye! Reliability is key and the list had it. I really wanted to play it with the jabbers and magma cannons as It would have been a great game but we missed each other unfortunately! Yes this is how I lost to Dan, needed to kill his army 1 turn faster but couldn't win the turn order late on to score so was stuck on my side killing all the letters while the dogs scored for 3 turns.
  5. Either 4 cauldron witch elf horde or my 4 magma cannon/4jabber/12 plague toads I used at facehammer which I may put fatey in to make the jabbas and magma cannons really scary. There's also the possibility of aquiring another 12 toads.. Enjoy both probably do a coin flip! Tempests eye makes mortal wounds all the more important.
  6. I currently don't use them but I have 3 painted that I have tried and like using. Found the problem is they don't deal mortal wounds to the units I have problems dealing with (dragons, treemen, 2+ reroll stuff) however I was going to give them another shot with slayers, big units of liberators, swordsmen etc getting popular. They are a huge fire magnet, and a good target for mystic shield. Unfortunately 3 with an allied wizard 90 elves and 4 cauldrons don't fit !
  7. Yes I used 8-9 sets of different coloured dice that I kept in sets of 4 on the side ready to use for saving throws. Was handy when having to take lots and lots of saves as could count easily how many I was doing. I'm going to be using the witch elves at the GT final in a few weeks and possibly blood and glory and have been furiously improving the painting, can't wait to get them on the table again. Been thinking about list changes and if its worth having more bodies or more ranged/mortal output.
  8. James Ramsay

    Nagash in GHB2

    One list I'd like to try: Nagash Necromancer 3x30 Dire wolves Corpse Cart Some points left (would love an Abyssal terror vampire but would have to drop alot) Using Nagash's command ability to maximum effect to make the wolves real bricks to kill. Their damage output is a bit low but hopefully Nagash could make up for that. They can still clear chaff and weaker units especially with double pile in. 9 unbinds is really quite good right now.
  9. Thanks guys, old scroll indeed !
  10. Hi Is there anything stopping you summoning a balewind with a unit of doomfire warlocks for example?
  11. I used 4 at a recent big uk tournament and it was very effective, but the army is extremely limited with no shooting, little. Mortal wound output, no allegiance abilities or artifacts or a useful batallion etc. it's no way near tier 1, but people don't like it as it 'feels wrong' I suppose? I ironically lost to a 0+ save rerolling 1 stardrake which my army couldn't touch! Talk about survivable!!
  12. We don't know what the designers wanted, I'm sure they didn't but anticipate lots of combinations which slipped through the net which is why I would really like designer faq to cover this issue that's been rumbling on for over a year now.
  13. Yes thats clearly whats is RAW, unfortunately as I've said in the UK right now some tournaments are not allowing it, which is their right! And I don't mind that at all, but I would like GW to clear it up once and for all if possible.
  14. It never uses the word any to describe the cauldron just if there are any witch elves in range they receive the shield save.
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