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  1. @Neil Arthur Hotep personally I don't put a ton of stock in the Cities overall tournament results given that it's so easy to make a bad list with this faction and there's a huge difference between highly tuned lists and unfocused ones. I'm not sure that I agree about the buff stacking point. To me the strength of Cities is the ability to pick a set of battle traits that plays well to the metagame and maximizes a coherent line of attack. Buffs are part of that picture, but far from the whole picture. For me it still comes down pretty heavily toward Anvilgard, Tempest Eye, Living City and Hallowheart. The others certainly do things, but they aren't nearly as interesting. Anvilgard has a huge trump card to play in a metagame that has tons of armor. That's basically the reason to play it, but it is a huge reason for sure. Tempest Eye is the best shell for a bridge list because of the added turn 1 durability and mobility. If a bridge alpha is a strong game plan in the meta, then Tempest Eye is a great place to be. Living City is the trump against fragile alpha strikes, especially shooting alphas. You basically are guaranteed to shoot first. Hallowheart trumps magic in that it can both cast through substantial bonuses to unbind and do well against opposing magic regardless of opposing casting bonuses. Each of these cities has a set of abilities that can really push well in a given metagame as long as you design your list carefully.
  2. There's a discussion of this upthread quite a bit. You can arrange them like this: / | \ / | \ basically get two 25mm bases and cluster the tips of three gruntas around the edge of each of the bases, and then keep the base of the leftmost model in one cluster within 1" of the rightmost model in the other cluster and you have a line of 6 gruntas. Can be a bit awkward to move around the table depending on terrain but getting them all into combat shouldn't be too difficult most of the time unless you are hitting a very small target. The main reason to do this is activation efficiency. If you're attacking a big monster or large enemy unit it's much better to kill it all at once rather than merely damage it and then allow it to attack back.
  3. You don't lose models to coherency until end of battleshock phase, but you are also not allowed to move units out of coherency intentionally at any time. Two separate rules. The only way a unit can go out of coherency is through losing models.
  4. I suppose, but at least it makes them distinct from all the other options. I kinda like that cities has four different ranged units that all manage to function differently. Darkshards have shorter weapon range, but their effective threat range is very good and they are the most mobile choice.
  5. I think they belong in the conversation for tier 1. I'm not sure about unexpected, but I think there are a few shells that work well. Anvilgard is going to revolve around Vitriolic Spray and units that can really take advantage of it. So either Krondys or a couple of Sorceresses, either Darkshards or Freeguild Crossbowmen and whatever else. The main weakness here is any opponent that can aggressively snipe your casters makes the list pretty weak. For Tempest Eye I run an Irondrake package backed up Krondys, Drakespawn Knights etc. I think Drakespawn Knights are probably the closest thing to an unexpected standout unit. I've been experimenting most with Living City and have tried a bunch of different things, but it always involves at least some Fulminators and Freeguild Crossbowmen. Usually I run either 4 or 8 Fulminators, 40-50 crossbows, a phoenix, a freeguild general, a sorceress and a unit of dreadspears.
  6. I know nobody is talking about it now, but I've been playing a lot of cities and doing quite well. Tempest Eye, Living City, and Anvilgard are all very strong and I'm sure Hallowheart can be quite nice as well.
  7. I definitely think that Vitriolic Spray->Bladewind is a case of getting fancier than is necessary, at least for competitive purposes. If you resolve Vitriolic Spray there are a million ways to finish the unit off. The main question should be what is the most efficient way of getting the job done with bonus points to it still being useful when you fail spray.
  8. You absolutely need spellportal in this list. Are you fully against using Darkshards?
  9. Yeah, any high bonus spellcaster, a runelord, 30 irondrakes, 10 longbeards and soulscream bridge is an extremely powerful package and probably the single best thing that most cities can do right now. I don't think Settler's Gain is the best shell for that package, but the package itself is better than anything city-specific that you can do with a few possible exceptions.
  10. No problem! Also worth noting that if you did have to choose it would literally never make sense to choose the spears. Would be quite the waste of rules text.
  11. I'm aware of what the warscroll says. What I mean is that when the devs want you to choose something, they describe it explicitly using the language "Choose X or Y". If the ability were intended to be a choice it would most likely read: "When you choose a unit of Savage Boarboys to fight, if it made a charge move in the same turn choose either Savage Stikka or Tusks and Hooves. Add 1 to hit rolls and wound rolls for attacks made with the chosen weapon."
  12. Yes, when GW makes you choose between options they are explicit about that. If it was one or the other it would read "choose Savage Stikkas or Tusks and Hooves".
  13. Got a couple of pure Bonesplitterz games in today and had one very decisive victory against deepkin and one very decisive loss against an 18 boltboyz list where I got double turned on the first priority roll. Made some bad mistakes in that game too. Wurrgog staredown ability is so good. Stripped an eidolon from full wounds against deepkin and fully cleared a screen against Kruleboyz on turn 1. That second bit won't come up in many battleplans, but in the 18" ones a pregame move with Great Hunter can get you in range. Another nifty staredown trick is to resolve it before heroic actions so that you can immediately use Heroic Recovery.
  14. And now I'm curious what it was XD
  15. OK, this is probably not optimized but here's a draft of a full @dnusha meme list that is perhaps not actually that bad (albeit it'll get slaughtered by anything with a heavy ranged component): Big Waaagh! Weirdnob Shaman A - General: Touched by the Waaagh!, Arcane Tome, Spell: Foot of Gork Weirdnob Shaman B - Spell: Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork Warchanter A - Fixin' Beat Warchanter B - Get 'Em Beat Orruk Megaboss Wurrgog Prophet - Glowin' Tattooz, Spell: Gorkamorka's Warcry 15 Orruk 'Ardboyz 15 Orruk 'Ardboyz 5 Orruk Brutes (Choppas) 3 Orruk Gore-Gruntas (Choppas) Rogue Idol Endless Spell: Chronomantic Cogs Command Entourage: Megaboss, Shaman B, Warchanter B Battle Regiment: everything else Option: swap brutes for ardboyz and lifeswarm Basically you can spike a ton of mortal wounds off the general or the wurrgog and can potentially get some insane casting bonuses, and still have a pretty tough line that can do a lot of conventional damage. Another option is to swap shaman B for a Wardokk (spirit of the were-boar, probably) and swap out the battle regiment for warlord to take an extra spell on everything in order to get the GBGHoG on the general. Could also swap for a Swampcalla Shaman and swap the troops around to fit a 6 block of boltboyz.
  16. Yeah, I think if you're going to go for this you're basically running a meme list and should just go for Foot of Gork. It'll lead to some great stories. Why not go Big Waaagh and throw in a Rogue Idol for another +1 to cast, and a Wurrgog Prophet or two for more shenanigans?
  17. @dnusha it tops out at a lot of mortals although I suspect it'll be pretty difficult to pull off in practice. Certainly a fun gimmick though! It seems like you're suggesting you can fish for a 10+ for Foot of Gork, but spellcasting doesn't work that way. You have to declare the spell before you roll. That said, the procedure for casting a spell is "declare the spell and roll," and TbtW has you roll the mortals before you cast a spell so strictly RAW you can roll before selecting which spell to cast, so you could wait for foot until you roll a 3 on TbtW.
  18. Great post. Battle tactics are an incredibly important part of the game, and failing one or two can easily be the difference between victory and defeat. In general terms you should pick the tactic that you can guarantee or near guarantee yourself to accomplish that is also the hardest to accomplish later in the game. For example, lets say your opponent has a weakened monster and a fragile battleline unit and you are confident you can near guarantee killing either one. Broken Ranks or Bring it Down are both good choices here, but you should consider which you are more likely to get another shot at later. If your opponent only has the one monster but several battleline units you should do Bring it Down. If they have multiple monsters but this is their last surviving battleline then you should do Broken Ranks. On the other side of the coin, you should also be thinking about your opponents' battle tactics over the course of the game. Think about the battleplan, their list and your list and try to figure out which tactics they are likely to be able to guarantee, which are stretches and which are near impossible. If you have an opportunity to sacrifice some resources in order to deny your opponent an easy battle tactic you should seriously consider doing it. Do you have a monster or last battleline unit that is hanging on by a thread? Unless you can realistically heal the unit you might consider suicide charging it during your turn just to get rid of the unit and deny your opponent the opportunity to use Bring it Down or Broken Ranks. When you have the opportunity to delete an objective going second in the third battle round, consider not just which objective is most strongly held by your opponent but also think about which objectives your opponent might need access to to complete battle tactics. You won't always want to delete an objective that you hold lightly just to deny your opponent their Conquer, but once in a while it could be the correct play. A final consideration that will rarely be the best play but sometimes can be useful is the bluff tactic. If you think you are unlikely to be able to complete a tactic, you might consider trying to bait your opponent by calling a tactic to kill a specific enemy unit in order to induce them to use Finest Hour or other resources. For example, you might shoot that unit with a small missile attack to bait out All Out Defense and then direct the rest of your fire at your real target. A bluff tactic will probably only be the right play very rarely, but it's a good trick to have in your pocket.
  19. Just a small thing to consider: Rippa's Snarlfangs. There is a lot of shooting in the meta, and this is the cheapest unit that you can use to draw unleash hell. If their shooting is away from where you are charging you can also use the 6" pile in to tag a shooting unit without charging and maybe waste a turn of their shots. (crossposted in Bonesplitterz thread as it's also relevant there)
  20. Just a small thing to consider: Rippa's Snarlfangs. There is a lot of shooting in the meta, and this is the cheapest unit that you can use to draw unleash hell. If their shooting is away from where you are charging you can also use the 6" pile in to tag a shooting unit without charging and maybe waste a turn of their shots.
  21. Yeah, I think LRL is there because of Settler's Gain.
  22. I don't think Cities can take Lumineth as allies. You can use 1 in 4 Lumineth units in Settler's Gain but that's it. EDIT: Krondys is 600, so he is a huge chunk of the list
  23. @TheGrimKnight Another thing you can consider for Bretonnia is using them as Soulblight Gravelords. A lot of the units match up pretty well with equivalents in SBGL, you just run into trouble with the big monsters which will probably require conversions. Just to give a second opinion though I don't quite agree with @readercolin re: Drakespawn Knights. He's superficially correct -- they don't do much damage and their speed isn't quite what you'd hope. But I think he is overstating their uselessness by quite a margin. I've had them used against me pretty effectively. In small units they are an excellent screen. They are cheap, will actually hold against anything but a pretty big hammer, and are fast enough to get out of the way of your own hammer units if you need to get through your own screen. 5 cav bases also provide the most area coverage for a screen. For objective play you want them in a unit of 10 more likely. You will probably have 2-3 that won't get to fight, but you aren't counting on them for offense anyway. As far as speed goes, 10" is a huge difference when compared to a 4-6" move like you get from infantry. In most battleplans you can easily get all 10 models onto a center line objective on turn 1 without running. With an average run roll you can get them passed the midline, and with a lucky run roll or At the Double you can actually block most if not all of the objective. This brings me to what I think is probably the best home for Drakespawn Knights: Tempest Eye. In Tempest Eye the extra +3" of move means that you can reliably block objectives on turn 1 with these guys and they get a 2+ save on the first turn which will really delay your opponent in shifting them. On top of that, they actually become pretty punchy with Aura of Glory. Drakespawn Knights have a pretty pathetic .0664 WOR (weighted offense rating, a measure of offensive efficiency that can compare damage across rend types) when charging. Add in Aura of Glory and it goes up to a very respectable .1374. Aura of Glory has been very hit or miss though as the only reliable caster in Tempest Eye is the Sorceress, who isn't fast enough to keep up. Enter Krondys, who not only can cast Aura of Glory reliably but is a beast in combat himself and has a huge base to project that aura. I think a Drakespawn Krondys list in Tempest Eye could have some decent legs, at the very least as a solid tier 2 list.
  24. I have to admit I missed staredown spam in my initial thoughts about this book. A naked wurrgog will do nearly 11 mortals on average before popping, which is pretty good value for the points. One thing I'm wondering is if Bonegrinz lists might want to take two big blocks of arrowboys instead of one big block and a bunch of min size. Only one unit can use AAO to boost the hit to 4+, but I think a lot of people have just forgotten that Damned terrain is a thing. Only one model needs to be within 1" to use it, and the +1 to hit lasts until your next hero phase, meaning it will also benefit your Unleash Hell. Most tables will have at least one piece of Damned terrain and two will be pretty common. It's rare to see other armies fish for it, too. Most people are angling for Arcane or Mystical, so even if you don't get to pick table side there's a decent chance your opponent will just give you access to Damned. While most people seem to be talking about super spammy MSU Bonegrinz, I think a more balanced approach could be viable with a 1-2 big blocks of arrowboys, a front line of Big Stabbas and 1-2 units of maniaks to harass the backline. Fill the rest out with MSU arrows. Big Stabbas are damage efficient without Icebone, and they aren't too bad on defensive efficiency either. @Enwolved where is that 8" + d6 pregame move coming from? Base is 5, goes up to 8 with Great Hunter but where are you getting the d6? EDIT: ohh you meant just the idols, alpha beast pack
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