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  1. If i was going a spellcaster heavy army, but didn't want to run changehost. I'd try out host arcanaum. I know a lot of people go with guild of summoners but I think the summoning isnt as good because of the timing with summoning and casting. Running karios who gets to auto learn any spell he dispells, and get an 100% unstoppable dispell on the 1st 3rd and 5th round sounds fun. Also screamers are decent in that host and give you fast pressure to put on other casters to let you try and dominate the phase.
  2. I ran Wytchfire cult before the FAQ, and I'm running it after the FAQ. I think it has pretty good legs to offer a competitive alternative to changehost. It's not cutting edge top tier, but your opponent will know you were in the fight.
  3. Unless otherwise stated in the wording, all units that provide an aura of some sort, are within range of themselves.
  4. Does anybody have any more information about this? Maybe it was streamed in the event? Looks fun but I don't see how it was strong enough to go 5-1 at a 200 person event. Maybe I'm missing something. Is it as simple as just Archaon just murdering everything while pinks hold enemy in place?
  5. I think they definitely have a place, but they are more of a niche place. Its easier to just slam down a doomfire rift and do a bunch of damage. its harder to place a burning sigil down to take benefits of multiple effects over different turns.
  6. This is the only part that I found surprising since it goes against the order of operations that the game rules set out. Q: If I spend 2 destiny dice to change the casting roll for a Lord of Change, does the ‘Mastery of Magic’ ability change the result of the destiny dice that I used for the casting roll? A: No
  7. I'm surprised you settled on 20-20-10, i figured most pyrofane lists would have a 30 man squad for sure. I would also be interested in hearing your list and thought process into your choices! I'm a huge fan of pyrofane but have only put it on the table once so far.
  8. If these could be taken in conjunction with existing Hosts/Chambers/Whatever they would be pretty cool. But for Tzeetch, I don't see this getting taken at all. I could see some of the others, especially nurgle as they don't really have a host/clan/chamber options.
  9. Don't know if anybody answered this or not. Taking the tome with the Changeling is because he does not have a warscroll spell. This gives him somthing to try and cast every turn, and with rerolls its an average chance to do so. Sure its just a d3 mortals and a potential LD debuff, but its better than not attempting to cast anything.
  10. It depends on what list you are running. The new changeling teleport states that at the end of the first movement phase, you can place him in the enemy "Territory" (not deployment zone, they are different). This means in your hero phase, you can teleport two units of pinks, or a unit of pinks and flamers, or whatever you want to be right outside of 9" from the enemy. You can then in your movement phase, jump the changeling in to provide the Locus for -1 to hit. Unfortunately you will probably be outside of 9" to keep him safe, so it wont get the additional -1 from his ability till the next round. Personally, I run Pyrofane cult, and he walks up with a unit of 30 Acolytes. I bring Geminids and Tome of eyes. First turn he casts tome and then he waits till units are about to clash, and throws out geminids into the enemy. I try and get as many shooting chances as I can so I don't normally charge, but get within 9" so that I can bait the enemy into charging me with -2 to hit At the end of the day, it doesnt really matter how you use him, at 120 points for a 2/2 caster with a -1(-2 potential) to hit is a steal.
  11. I don't think using battleshock as a primary way to remove horrors to be very viable. Even if they FAQ the destiny dice to not ignore negative modifiers they can still just ignore battleshock for a command point. DoT has incentive to keep heros close to their units to provide -1 to hit bubble, so they will also conveniently be able to issue battleshock immunity. At the end of the day, they are just a 50 man unit of clan rats, and you handle them like you do any other horde unit. overwhelming firepower.
  12. I think people are getting two different things construed and that is causing the problems. The passage in the Destiny dice states that changed dice are "considered to be Unmodified" AND "these dice results can not be modified further". So the battleshock and hexgorgers and LoC mastery of magic ect questions are mixing the two statements. For battleshock, before you roll, you can choose a destiny dice, so say you pick a 2. That doesnt have anything to do with the considered to be unmodified, but everything to do with the can not be modified further. Modifiers are positive and negative effects that happen AFTER rerolls. Destiny dice are in-lieu of rolling, so for LoC ability, instead of rolling 2 dice for a spell, rerolling if applicable. Masters of Magic is an ABILITY that takes place after rolling, but before rerolls and modifiers. So you pick two dice, you then match the two dice, then reroll if applicable and then apply modifiers. That being said, if you pick a 3 and a 2, and you change the die to 3 and 3, and you need a 7 to pass, the +1 to cast from the LoC ability will not take effect because of the second part, "can not be modified further" I know this is kinda rambling and not directed at anybody, I just see a lot of confusion about how destiny dice interact with different things and its mostly just a misunderstanding of how the step by step process works.
  13. It depends on the list you are running him in. In Pyrofane cult, you ignore the infiltration move, and stay buried in your acolyte unit to give them protection. In change host, you teleport to where your unit is going to get changehost swapped so you can provide the -1 to hit locus.
  14. If you have the models, i'd trade the curseling for changling + tome of eyes. Same cost, better hero
  15. I think a lot of people are dazzled by the easy cheese of change host conflagration as it is easily the top build in the book. I think there is something to be said for Pyrofane for sure. I'm in the process of building 40 more acolytes to run a list. I think acolytes have legs as a screen for our more dangerous units and have the ability to be pretty annoying. For one, being on 32" bases, they take up a HUGE amount of real estate. Being able to deny a bunch of the table to deep strikers and flankers has its own power, even if it isn't readily seen. I'm building a list that buffs the acolytes to make them as damaging, or as annoying to kill for as long as possible while i cast MW spells and bring out summons. LoC General with Chainfire Amulet. Besides being a great caster/dispeller I take him with the rod to hope for some lucky MW shooting. Who doesn't like MW shooting. Changling. As far as i'm concerned, he cost 160 because you don't take him without the Tome of eyes. Not having a warscroll spell, and puckish getting nerfed means you arn't going to want to jump him in the enemy backfield like you used too. Tome of Eyes gives you full rerolls, which is handy, and an extra spell for him to cast. I think hes just begging to have Treachery of Tzentch as his spell lore. Hitting an enemy unit with treachery to give them a -1 and then his ability for another -1 will go a long way towards keeping that big unit in line with their weaker 5+ armor save. Magister on foot with Shield of fate. This is a great spell that can help out our Acolytes or go on one of our heroes if they need saving. I thought about switching this to the spell that grants destiny dice for more chances at a Six to use with the next guy. Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. The new DP got a cost increase, but added benefits. I plan on running him with warpfire blade and his sword option. This gives him 4 mortal wounds per hitroll of 6. Coupled with 12" movement and fly and fight at the start of the combat, this guy goes a long way towards handling big monsters we do not want to face. Fatemaster. Giving a 30 man KA squad, full hitrolls, full wound rolls, and the abilty to shoot twice is pretty handy. The wound rolls only last per phase, but the hit rolls from the fatemaster last till your next hero phase. I'm currently planning on running 30/20/20 acolytes with a min 100 man squad of enlightened on foot to qualify for my wytchfire requirements. I took the tome of eyes and pendulum as my endless spells. You have plenty of room to wiggle on the heros and the endless spells to tailor to your own tastes. Only thing I think is mandatory is the LOC with chainfire as thats pretty much the best build for that relic.
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