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  1. Did anybody find the lists for the Riptide GT anywhere? The winner was a Guild of Summoners list with a weird battalion and i wanted to check it out.
  2. You can do either. Batallions ignore subheaders unless sub header is called out in question.
  3. If your gaunt summoner is in combat, you normally have a problem lol.
  4. I think you are comparing apples to oranges when talking about grapes. Most of the casters in tzeentch answer a question. You need to use the correct fruit for the equation. Are you running change host and want to aggressively jump 20 pinks first turn? Take Changeling. Are you running guild of summoners and want more consistency ? Take blue scribes. Are you wanting to cast Darkfire rift ? take Gaunt Summoner. End of the day Tzeentch is blessed with a multitude of super efficient casters. Gaunt Sumoner on disc, 2 cast, Mortal and Daemon, Flies and applies -1 locus to daemons, summons 10 pinks who can move and shoot in the same turn. Has access to StD endless spells. Cost 60 points Changeling 2 cast, daemon, corner cast teleport, gives out -1 locus to daemons, additional -1 if the enemy gets close, doesnt have a warscroll spell but can learn others, 120 pts Blue Scribe, 1 cast, but can learn spells, provides rerolls and a very consistent cast chance, flies and provides -1 locus to daemons. 120 pts All of these are amazing options. Also you imply that you get twice the durability by taking a changeling and a blue scribe for the same cost of gaunt summoner, but don,t factor in the 50 hitpoints you get from the pinks which i don't think is very fair. Especially since the Changeling doesnt have a warscroll so his 2 casts arnt the most useful, and scribes are normally locked into their rerolls. Plus pinks can cast till they die so its almost like having a 3rd cast for summoning points.
  5. I couldnt find any lists, just the placings. I've been running acolyte heavy in pyrofane with witchfire coven. It would be interesting to see how his list was worked up. Is it using bare minimun 3 x 10 acolytes and 3 foot enlightened to bring his drops down and get a relic? is he running acolyte heavy and summoning in LoC? etc.
  6. Yes, you have to pull from pinks till they are all gone. You then can bring them back via fold reality or lifeswarm, and you can choose to bring back the icon so that they can then benefit from 1's during battleshock
  7. I just purchased a chaos sorcerer on manticore to run in my mortal heavy tzeentch army. Needed something kinda solid to hold the middle line. Personally, I don't like any of the subfactions for BoC, they all have to many weird drawbacks for the benefits they provide. I only picked dark walker because of the mortal wounds based around terrain and the fact that i can ambush skyfires which makes them able to hide from alpha strike and always get to get their first volley in.
  8. First draft for my boc tzeentch heavy list is as follows Darkwalkers Grashrak with Viletide TShaman with tendrils and desolate shard Tshaman with Vicious Stranglehorns Doombull General - had 100 points left over 4 x 10 ungors 1x30 ungor raiders 6 enlightened 6 sky fire Fomoroid Crusher Grashaks Despoilers Wildfire taurs Balewind So some reasoning behind are as follows Grashark and his group stay near the herdstone for sacrifice points and with the balewind hopefully can still contribute his tasty spell. I'm interested in trying to play a kind of control-esque list centered around terrain. With the desolate shard(not very good but i have to take it), vicious strangehorns and the fomoroid crusher, anything that gets near terrain will hopefully take a bunch of mortal wounds. Hopefully i would be able to funnel them near terrain with the ungor raiders. im thinking t shaman with tendrils and shard will ambush with sky fire and raiders, to force the enemy into fighting on two fronts. Enlightened doombull and other shaman move up with the chaff and try and pick value engagements. Wildfire wherever i think it needs to be. I didnt put any regular beastman shamans because i figured they would get out distanced fast with the disc movements. Also, phantasomagoria is the only battalion that tzaangors can go in right? Seem super overpriced though.
  9. The lot i got was 6 enlightened on disk, 6 skyfire, 3 shamans on disc and 10 tzaangors. I already have a large lot of ungors/gors and bullgors and associated hero's. Only thing I don't have is centigors(hate the model) chariots and razorpigs
  10. I recently purchased a large lot of Tzeentch and it came with a bunch of tzaangor enlighted and skyfires. I'm already running a tzeentch list so im not really interested in running them IN tzeentch. What is your best tzaangor heavy BoC list?
  11. If i was going a spellcaster heavy army, but didn't want to run changehost. I'd try out host arcanaum. I know a lot of people go with guild of summoners but I think the summoning isnt as good because of the timing with summoning and casting. Running karios who gets to auto learn any spell he dispells, and get an 100% unstoppable dispell on the 1st 3rd and 5th round sounds fun. Also screamers are decent in that host and give you fast pressure to put on other casters to let you try and dominate the phase.
  12. I ran Wytchfire cult before the FAQ, and I'm running it after the FAQ. I think it has pretty good legs to offer a competitive alternative to changehost. It's not cutting edge top tier, but your opponent will know you were in the fight.
  13. Unless otherwise stated in the wording, all units that provide an aura of some sort, are within range of themselves.
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