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  1. My tactic will probably be to strike from the sides with 2 units of grave guard while my blob of skeleton warriors march in from the front with summoned support of Morghast Archais (using the summoning sword) to give my opponent several headaches from multiple fronts. I mean, it's gotta be better than walking in?
  2. Same here, I feel I kind of end up hoping for around 5+ models so I can easily add them to units in regular aos too. But I am super excited for Shadespire and can't wait to see what's in store for future releases!
  3. I suspected that blood tithed simply scaled poorly in lower games. As we've totally noted that our resident tzeentch players destiny dice gets super powerful at lower pts games and probably smoothes out a bit more at higher pts. I like the blood tithe as thematically it's super cool, but I might only ever get 3-5 of them during a game (and this is with me aiming to acquire them with msu and blood sacrifice). Luckily we are moving up to bigger games now as our collections are growing. But it's been a slow grind for me. On another note I really want to focus on my reavers again, I left them out of lists lately, taking bloodletters instead. But aesthetically I like a barbarian themed horde
  4. I want to see a flesh eater warband. A few ghouls, a big crypt horror as the leader of this noble retinue, searching for holy shardglass for their king
  5. Personally I've almost felt inclined to just use grand alliance chaos instead. But the BoK command traits snd artefacts at least feel better. But grand chaos and fist of the archaon miiiight be more useful than blood tithe, maybe? Or perhaps I need to try sone 2k games to get a better result out of the blood tithe system
  6. Personally I'm hoping for some more inventive units to spice it up a little. Although a reimagined bone giant would be awesome!
  7. And they specifically mentioned it as a good unit to send in wraith style in the article. Do we have any good units that give a bravey debuff to send in? For my deathrattle I'm thinking sending grave guard in if they can be set up within 9" as a shock troop. Maaaybe black knights but they're still so lackluster without buffs (aka dance macabre).
  8. I started with 2 start collecting as a good base. That got me 20 vulkites, 1 father on magmadroth, 1 son on droth, both on foot and 2 runesmiters. So a bunch of heroes and a start on the battleline. You could probably do 1 start collecting. Unless you want more than one magmadroth. My next purchases was hearthguards and the battlesmith. I need more battleline still but it's been a fun project to paint so far. Only played them in oath to glory so far but they performed great
  9. My wight king needs a new sword, and maybe borrow a pirate hat from the flash gitz kit ? If the box doesn't come witha mortis engine, I might have to buy one
  10. Aha yeah. It's two different saves, not a reroll of the normal save. Surprised your opponent was confused, lots of units ans armies have something similiar (like the entire Death range of factions).
  11. Not sure I follow. But the smith would give a reroll to the armour save. And then the berzerkers and vulkites have a save after the save. That's not a reroll and it doesn't get a reroll from the smith. Only the normal save does.
  12. I will give it a go with my deathrattle. Just as an experiment but right now it feels a bit off as I usually want my army to stick together for synergy. On the other hand I really want to give my skeletons cutlasses and eyepatches.
  13. Anyone tried the terradons? I really like the models but I've never seen anyone mention them here
  14. Yeah I've also thought about using razordons as a screen ^^ Gonna have to look up the Astrolith bearer, thanks
  15. The reanimate mechanic is kind of a fun, double egged sword as it allows your opponent to score more pts for kills. Gives it more tactical depth wether you want to summon or not sometimes ^^ Also I hope upgrades stick with characters after they die?
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