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  1. Hey guys. I was wondering if it was possible to do a very elite type of list focused on casting, healing, and mortal wound generation. I'm thinking like drycha, TLA, branchwych x 2, durthu 20 spite revenants Fill the rest with kurnoth hunters Ideas?
  2. VERY surprised! How odd to see mortal wound slam and massed units take the top.
  3. Beau


    Savage Orruk slaves or Ironjawz for my Beastclaw. ... If I ever get around to finishing my beastclaw.
  4. Why huskard on stone horn as opposed to a frost lord on stone horn?
  5. 2x icewind assault is an awesome deal. That's how I started mine. Then, you can supplement additional mournfangs and big beasties with the start collecting boxes.
  6. As above, the stonehorn/thundertusks and mournfang packs are plastic. The icebrow hunters is extremely detailed. The frost sabres and yetis are extremely underwhelming though. I think they are very old models.
  7. It's a tournament man. Go as dickish as you need to be. Everyone else will be.
  8. That's cool as ****** man. Would you be interested in a trade for roughly 3k points of painted Ironjawz? I can provide pictures as well of course.
  9. Well 7/20 of those were Stormcast. I don't hate Stormcast because they're good, I hate them because they're ugly.
  10. Thanks man. The main colours are super simple. Mechanicus standard gray and a drybrush of praxeti white for the first. The skin rips are Thunderhawk blue, Guilliman blue, nuln oil, drybrush of chronus blue. The leather is mournfang brown, nuln oil and a drybrush of tau light ochre. The head is the most complicated one. Thunderhawk blue for the face with nuln oil. Humans glow for the eyelids. White scar for eyeballs. Bugmans glow for the gums.zandri dust and agrax for the teeth. Dryad bark, Guilliman blue, and Karan stone for the big tusks. Zandri dust and agrax for the straps. Leadbelcher and agrax for the metal. Ryza rust and typhus corrosion for the corrosion.
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