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  1. Mmm, yeah, I think you are on the money there. It does seem to match that piece, but stuck to a bone/horn. Seems it is indeed just some terrain. Ah well, back to waiting for the reveal
  2. Ah yes, you may be right. Not opened my box so these are still "new" to me... I still think of the Perry versions when I think of Savage Orcs. Good spot. Excitement over EDIT: mmm, I don't know it is you know. Its similar but the arrows are shorter, don't have the horizontal bit on the fletching or the studs on the Savage Ork sprue.
  3. Mmm, now you say that you might be right. The paint is pretty thick/rough leaning more towards terrain than a mini. But the quiver is weird. Guess we'll find out soon enough.
  4. First look at the new greenies? Arrows seem to match the Rumour Engine ones and I don't recognise the part.
  5. Good news, been playing a lot of sacrosanct against my GFs squigs and the lack of cheap activations and not being able to spend when you have claimed 6 territories was a notable detriment. Still find their crossbows to be the strong point of the force.
  6. Very interesting on both points (BTW, I love talking about this sort of thing, and know tone/intent can be hard on line, so please don't think I am bring a nob if anything comes across funny). I can totally understand why such a social contract is a thing, it feels odd to me, I would roll everything out, but this is a game allegedly played for fun, so allowing that sort of play seems very sporting. Where I worry is when it gets weaponised. Lets say you allow this earlier in a game, has precedent been set? What happens if your opponent refused to allow it to you later on? Have you been robbed/cheated? No where does it say in the rules this is a valid action. With regard to soft scores, I loathe them. I say this as someone who is a pretty washed up comp guy, hell, I don't go to events at all these days (well, I do as I run them, or else to represent the company I work for... all my gaming is done in the comfort of my own home with my GF, so hopefully played entirely in the spirit of fun). Also, I say this as someone whose only real interest in attending events was painting/community anyway. Soft score always felt odd to me. A tournament is to find the player that wins all their games, then crown them king of the nerds right? Nothing is really on the line (prize support is nice to have, but I always told my players that its better for them to stay home and save the money to spend on prizes than attend an event if that's really the reason to come), so having an event resolved by a mate off (who bought the most friends to vote on painting/tactical sportsmenship etc) just feels off. Now, does that mean I think models should be unpainted and players should be tools? No, far from it. I think sportsmanship, painting, best hat, etc etc should all be rewarded where possible by an event, but entirely as stand alone prizes. I travelled to numerous PP events across the globe, with groups of players all who had their own "thing" they were gunning for. Now, I know from the last 24 years of wargaming, that GW events tend to favour someone who can do a bit of everything, and I am not saying all events should be one style, so having a mix can only be a good thing. I'm all for people doing what they want (as long as no one gets hurt along the way). Just interesting having come from GW, to PP and now back to GW, having the baggage (and some of it is baggage, trust me), from PP and looking at how to apply it to GW is fun. At present, this is all a thought exercise for me (and like I say, its fun to talk to other gamers to see their interpretation, both personally and professionally), but Aaron is running some AoS for me at my upcoming convention, and I'm thinking of dipping my toes into running some AoS stuff in future. So, if I go all in and end up running an event no one in the community is interested in attending, jokes on me right? I guess the interesting thing for me, is while I can see the "win is a win" thing can be very negative, and I would like to think most folks who have played me would not accuse me of being TFG, I still prefer to adhere to the letter of the rules (or else, why are we even playing). Side example, I recently played a 500 pt game with my GF, and she was being tabled (Nurgle Demons vs Stormcast). I took her down to just her Herald, without losing a single model... game over right? That herald then proceed to wipe out my entire force solo. Ok, extreme example (I was laughing my butt off) but it does show why dicing it out does matter. Sorry, got a bit verbose there, I do that Intersted to hear your thoughts on any of the above
  7. Its a fair point. Though am I reading it right you are ok not having your opponent roll dice, instead relying on statistical averages? That's an interesting take (not sarcastic! Genuinely curious to hear if this is widespread in the AoS scene. I've been gaming 24 years, played a decade of comp WM, but never played a GW tourney, so not encountered that). In WM, the only time you wouldn't roll is if something was impossible to fail/pass. Eg a KD caster is auto hit in melee, and the attack does enough damage to kill even on snake eyes. I can totally see that the amount of shipping would be way higher in AoS, so its going to be interesting to see if it does stick. Trouble is, talking to my mate who is hardcore 40K comp man, he tells me about slow play (or accusations there of) all the time, and the only way to truly police it is to make it on their clock. Or, we all stop trying to make the intangible madness of a War-game into a competitive event, but that spoils all the fun right?
  8. In WM, if you have to do stuff on your opponent's turn (e.g. roll Tough saves, query a rule, call a judge) you ship the clock and it eats your time. So, it shouldn't have an impact. Its not a perfect fit, but I'm keen to explore the possibilities. Not expecting everyone to think its a great idea (clocks have their place, but not for everything) but its one more tool to add to a TOs library of options).
  9. Hey Aaron I'm wondering if we dare port over death clock from WM as a trial. I've been thinking about a CoreHammer format (Hardcore for AoS). Now, I am not saying every format/event would use such a draconian thing, and obviously AoS tends to push a higher model count that WM, but I do wonder if a 1-1.5 hr Deathclock might be something folks would try. Maybe at BonesCon (or whatever happens next) you and I should put out heads together and have a think.
  10. Nice one, ta. I had another look at the sprue online and it does look like there are two different component sets for the weapons. 61+62 look like they make the hammer 63+64+65 look like they make the sword. All the torsos look the same too (like the Judicators) so I reckon I'm fine. Thanks for the info
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