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  1. 4 hours ago, Jaxler said:

    Hexwtaiths work best in a LON army. The tactic I use is a vampire lord and a lord on dragon. I run a blob of 15. I throw rerolls and +1 attack, and aim for whatever gives a minus to hit. (With rerolls, the minus means more possible mortals)


    My goal is to barf put mortals. At 45 attacks, rerolling, I aught get 14 mortals, assuming I have a minus to hit on them. I should also get 9 wounds at -1.

    I also like to throw danse macabre on it too, to ensure I delete something. I then either summon them back or keep them there as an extended annoyance, or fly over for free mortals. 

    Hexwraiths need rerolls to work. If you do not give them it, their damage doesn't do enough. They need numbers to do stupid stuff, and rerolls give them enough shots to do something.


    I agree that they are much better with rerolls, and glad to hear that you make good use of them! I really like them as well.

    However, I think you might be playing the -1 wrong. Remember that rerolls happens before modifiers. I.e if re-rolling hexwraiths attack a unit with -1 to hit, you get to reroll 1-3’s but not the 4’s, as they would hit before the modifier. It’s a bit tricky, but I hope it makes sense.

  2. On 8/12/2018 at 11:16 AM, Rekmeister said:

    @jazzy128 Sure thing

    Bloodwrack Medusae - General

    - Gryph Feather Charm / Devoted Disciples / The Withering

    Bloodwrack Medusae

    - Mindrazor

    3 Hag Queens

    - Blessing of Khaine / Catechism of Murder / Sacrament of Blood

    2 x 5 Blood Sisters

    10 Sisters of Slaughter

    10 Doomfire Warlocks

    - Mindrazor

    10 Executioners 

    Chronomatic Cogs

    Only unit that really let me down was the second medusae; I didn't realize they had changed the rules for the bloodwrack gaze so that it only counted models in range, so her effective reach is far lower than it used to be. Still, in this meta of big units, being able to threaten said units with two huge punisher attacks is great, even if getting close enough means signing the medusae's death warrant. The combo of Doomfire and Bloodwrack Gaze means you can get some serious hurt done before combat, that thing your army excels at, has even begun. The executioners are great allies because you get to roll 21 dice and each 6 is 2 mortal wounds .Who cares if they don't receive Blood Rites etc. when they can do that! The strength of the army was making sure those hags followed the melee units every turn, so I was never without my precious buffs. It's insane what 10 Sisters of Slaughter can do with Mindrazor, Catechism of Murder, and Hag Brew. I am sure that a unit of 30 would be even better, but there's something to be said about investing buffs in a small unit because you become so cost effective. All 10 Sisters of Slaughter can get in range and make use of those buffs. If I had 30 I might have found that some of them weren't in the fight. Although they do have a 6" pile in so that logic doesn't necessarily apply to them as it does the witch aelves.

    If they ever release a named medusae for a shadespire-esque supplement I will be all over it - all our faction lacks is a command ability that can be used alongside Melusai battleline, and even then I can't exactly say I missed a unique command ability, I spent three points re-rolling charges in two games and they were well spent!

    Really happy to hear a list like that performs! I have no intention of painting 70+ witches.

    Moreover I have some old metal executioners from my childhood (they’ve proven themselves in my ga order lists time and time again, oneshotting Skarbrand as their most impressive feat.)

    I can only imagine the cogs will serve them well!

    Its really a shame about the lack of command abilities with the Medusa general, but the new universal ones are also pretty great, and if you play with realms you get even more options. 

    A shadespire expansion would be sooo cool. But I actually think that’s true for a lot of factions! Somehow they’ve avoided anything that turns me on so far.

  3. 7 hours ago, Rekmeister said:

    I won a 1500pt tournament with DoK today!

    My big takeaway is that Hagg Nar is by far the best temple. That 5+ shrug is phenomenal, and a universal re-roll hits on turn 3 is just great. Those two rules gave me a strong position. Nagash's hand of dust was the only thing that killed my shrine.

    Similarly it seems that prayer selection is big; Catechism of Murder, Blessing of Khaine, and Sacrament of Blood work very nicely and combo well with both each other and the myriad of combat modifiers our spellcasters have access to. I only had minimum sized units (bar some doomfires at the back), and even one prayer on a single unit was capable of swinging combat phases in my favour. Really insane potential in this army. It was my first outing wit them and I was very apprehensive about playing against summoning armies; but after playing seraphon and Nagash it is clear that our buffs and rules do form a strong enough web from which we can cut through anything. I am very impressed by how the ladies held up.

    A special shout out to Doomfire Warlocks. Been playing them in GA: Order armies since AoS came out and the fact they now benefit from all these great battletome rules has pushed them over the edge. Really insane utility. Anyone unsure about them take my advice and get yourself a unit of 10.

    Sounds really cool with a non witch spam list. Do you mind sharing?:)

    glad to hear the warlocks performing!

  4. For once I didn't really look at others than what I've got. I  have substantial force painted as Anvils of Heldenhammer and I absolutely love their ability. I'm farily certain ts going to be errataed so that you cant use the extra attack on the same unit more than once. But even with that in mind, double shooting from 10 judicators, a Celestant Prime(!) or a double pile in from palladins, big blob of sequitors or a star drake in combat just seems sooo good. Now I just need to figure out which battalion is worth taking in the new edition. Had built towards hammerstrike/vanguard wing, but those both seem nerfed to the ground.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Cambot1231 said:

    Poor wanderers got kicked in the acorns too... only one unit allowed to teleport along table edge per movement phase now. Looks like rangers, sisters of watch, and wild riders got a needed point decrease at least. 

    Haha, I’m so sad with the new nerfs, but kicked in the acorns made my day:)

  6. 16 minutes ago, PlasticCraic said:

    Maybe, although the Helstorm is also very strong with no LOS.  I could definitely see a build using multiples of them to get very high quality free shots, and go hero sniping.  A second or third Ordinator to create a +2 or +3 to hit bubble will overcome Look Out Sir.  And if the one that is your general dies, step up number 2!  

    Backed up by a Steam Tank or two prowling the backfield with its points drop (maybe even a Gunhauler,) and you have a pretty formidable gunline.

    There may be other reasons for taking the Ballista in pure Stormcast / Sacrosanct armies (Battleline unlocks, Allegiance buffs, Synergies such as the Empower spell).  But if we are talking GA: O, my money is on the Helstorm currently.

    Luckily the ordinators don’t stack - “within any lord ordinators” :)

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Erdemo86 said:

    I hope that the stardrake will get cost reduction. Any information yet ?

    I think a Frostheart Phoenix as ally for Stormcast will be very powerfull in aos 2.0. With Evocators+ the upcoming wizards. 

    Are sequitors Battleline? Or Battleline if... general? Did they said anything in the stream? 


    He definitely played 5 evocators, and groups of three castigators. It does seem strange though. I dont know why they would make the starter set opposite. Also for 200 pts, 5 evocators make the other palladins quite redundant (depending on pts reductions on them ofc.)

    Sequitors are battleline IF general is guy on gryphcharger.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Turragor said:

    | Martin | | Stormcast | Lord Arcanum on Gryph-Charger Knight-Incantor, 2 x 5 Sequitors, Celestar Ballista, 3 Evocators, 2 x 3 Castigators, 2 x 5 Liberators2 x 5 JudicatorsKnight venator2 x Knight Azyros, Endless Spell - Chronomatic Cog.| THERE MAY BE ERRORS FROM TRANSCRIPTION |

    It is 5 evocators. Otherwise, I think that you're spot on.
    (Just checked the stream and there are def. 5 models in the evocator unit)

  9. Taken straight from the twitch game.

     Evocators are in groups of five, for 200 pts. Seems palladins are going down in points. These guys are way better than all the palladin options.

    Castigators are groups of 3

    Sequitors are groups of 5 (battleline if new gryph guy is general)

    I'm a little annoyed that the new starter does not provide a full group of evocators or 2 sequitors. Bit of a ****** move. Hopefully they make a cheap supplement box. But it is quite annoying in terms of assembling and painting.

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  10. Though we can only speculate now,  and the rules will be revealed shortly. I want to speculate!

    Morathi seems incredibly strong. Though we don’t know the medusas’ shooting capabilities, doubling two units output seems really really strong. I hope they have at least 18” range. Perhaps they also have a shorter gaze range.

    Powerful shooting will also force a lot of armies forward which hopefully should play to our strength.  At least to Morathi’s! Without knowing her full stats, those partially spoiled today will make her immensely strong, almost no matter what the * stands for.

    I concur that her survivability, magic, command ability and combat strength at a minimum should put her at 4-500 pts. From what we know so far, she looks stronger than Alarielle to me, so 600 wouldn’t be impossible.

  11. So, to start another topic. Do you think the Shadow blades are going to be thrown into DoK? Their name alludes to them living in the shadow realm, and I think it’s one of those tiny factions that GW made to potentially expand later, but as the story has progressed seems unlikely to ever get their own tome.

    Maybe it’s just me dreaming of better Dark Rider warscrolls, but I don’t think it’s impossible that the DoK would have mercenary assassins and scouts.

    Also, I watched this Morathi spoiler yesterday and got incredibly psyched!


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  12. 22 hours ago, WABBIT said:

    Does anyone know what the 1st and 3rd place Order armies were?


    21 hours ago, TheNotebookGM said:

    I'm pretty sure it's the same list the last big event with. I've seen it posted somewhere on TGA. Maybe a little further back on the main forum in the recap for Orde. 

    3rd place list is in one of the last 2 or 3 Heelan eps. Alarielle with every buff available. 

    Byron Orde was on Warhammer tv, so if you subsribe you can watch it there:)
    I imagine Chris Myhill used something similar to his Master's list found here:

    I play mixed order myself, so really pleased to see some cool lists! I just hate how good skinks are. Really wish I could get cheap battleline elsewhere.

  13. I like everything about this post! And I think your ideas are both flavourful and relevant. The Wanderers seems to be very poorly thought out thematically, and I think your propositions adress almost every weak link in their current composition.
    I  understand why GW would make the compendium scrolls unaccessible so they can focus on what they sell, And the allegiance abilities are in many ways spot on. Unfortunately the units just does not fit with current AoS. There are just no real choices, no real synergies, and no real feel to the army.

  14. 1 minute ago, Aezeal said:

    I was actually looking at the phoenix too, but I think that if I get one it'll be a frosty one. But having to cast both most important spells (and probably the only spells since it's not likely you'll get more casters in) on the phoenix is also an investment.. it means not using it on the EG who might also defend an objective. 

    I like the rider which parts did you use? the feet of the original and the rest all from the leader of the revenants? If I could ally him with my Sylvaneths I might do something like that... but ofc.. sylvaneth got screwed in the allies department.

    It's wild rider legs and body with revenant head and weapon. EG shield and regular Phoenix cloak:)

    with the battalion you also get 1 extra artifact which I speculate perhaps should be the +1 to cast and unbind if I take the Phoenix.

  15. Hi there

    I am very excited for the new rules as well! I think the battalion basically is worth it for being able to choose who goes first. Letting your opponent go first gives you a 50/50 chance of a double turn which will allow you a stupid amount of shooting. 

    I think allies should be used to shore up our weaknesses, and in this list I think there's a glaring lack of monsters. I can't believe the current points for the high elf dragon lord which hits incredibly hard, and would force the opponent to split their attention between our deepstriking main force and the charging dragon. 

    Another option that I believe is very viable and a bit cheaper is one of the phoenixes. I'd probably go with fire since we are short on mortal wounds. But the Phoenix's attune to magic ability and shield of thorns is a fantastic combo that I think will wreck all the new hordes armies. 

    At least in my experience it has been extremely durable with 2+/2+ then 4+ invuln. All from just a mystic shield and shield of thorns. It once survived 3 turns on an objective against 10 retributers with Celestant and bless weapon buff. I don't any other unit could have done that:)

    anyway, I look forward to hear about your experiences!

    Here's a pic of my birdie:)



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  16. I just asked Ben in the questions on ghb 2017. Allies count towards maximum but not minimum units you can field. So skryre is limited to acolytes and stormfiends.

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a change to the skaven army composition as they are extremely limited in how you can build them without breaking allegiance. Thanquel is just straight up impossible to field if you want to remain skaven allegiance of any sort.

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  17. So, I have some extra questions. First off, does slaves to darkness units have to be taken as allies, or do they fit under slaanesh. It's a bit ambiguous since there isn't a specific "host of slaanesh" key word. Allies don't  count as minimum battleline, so it makes a big difference on chaos warriors.

    another question:

    I can't be the only one hating the keeper of secrets model? I plan on converting my own, but can't decide on size. On one hand it's a greater deamon, but on the other it's only 10 wounds, and the old model isn't particularly big.

    Right now I'm debating between bloodthirster body and carnifex claws, or daemon prince and chaos spawn claws. I've leaning towards the daemon prince, and have seen a picture of a conversion where the the two upper bodies from the kit simply where put on top of eachother to make it a bit larger and fit the extra arms.

    Whats your opinion?

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  18. Without knowing the full extend of ghb17, I'm going to say slaves to darkness/slaanesh. Hellstriders are awesome battleline with debuff, and chaos knights charging with double pile from slaamesh lord seems disgusting. Giving a ten man unit 40 3+/3+ -1 dmg 2 attacks. That's without the horses.

    other than that I second the dragon blades. Lord on dragon for 340 is a steal:)

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  19. I cant really believe they would be 60 pr unit either. Then the individual prosecutor would be priced the same as a liberator, which seems weird given how much better they are. It was on the "warofsigmar" blog that the owner mentionedthe point decrease, along with a lot of other point answers to people. Maybe he got it wrong. 

    I played the tempest lords list last night against a Sylvaneth household with durthu, loremaster, pretty standard list. It completely wrecked them. None of us are a good players, but I was extremely surprised by the power of it! If the net cost of the army stays the same I'd be very happy.
    The Prime is an absolute beast in the list, being able to charge, stay out of pile in range and then pile in his own 3" since he completed a charge move. He can also beat over the liberators and is just extremely versatile. 
    The Prosecutors can basically move from one end of the table to another in a turn, and the buffed up liberators just jump around wherever you need them.  Being able to move inside 18" range and the charge away afterwards also gives a lot of play against Tzeentch, as that is ther crucial range. In addition the 2 dmg javelins are poison to all their poor save heroes. 

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