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  1. That's what I'm hoping. A new Warclans book with updated warscrolls, a few tweaks, and a new section with Kruleboyz.
  2. Looks like we will have 3 armies to choose from now. Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz, and Kruleboyz. Can't wait to see all the new changes. Supper excited. Discover How Command Abilities Are the Key to Success with the Orruk Warclans in the New Edition - Warhammer Community (warhammer-community.com)
  3. Looking at the spur. It looks like the Gatebreakerโ€™s hood could be left off. So maybe you could get 4 somewhat distinct heads.
  4. U.S. prices are 195 for Mega and 125 for the 2 Gargants box. Source my flg.
  5. I know this is a hobby and GW can charge what ever it wants, but are they fair in how they charge us. If GW would let us all buy from the UK at UK prices. (GW for some reason blocked us from doing so). I think there would be a lot less complaining. These price adjustments effect many of us much more then others. Speaking form a US point of view, and as an example. The UK has a higher minimum wage than the US, and pays 24.00 for a box of Ironjawz Brutes. In the US they charge us 50.00 for the same box. Working at minimum wage. In the UK your looking at about 3hrs pay. In the US it over 6hrs pay, and the price doesn't reflect the exchange rate at all. 24 BP is currently just over 29 US. Many of us want to enjoy this hobby too, so telling us to not buy it feels like a slap in the face. When the product is available to some at such a lower cost, and we are not allowed to purchase it for the same. Sorry for the rant just wanted to put some stuff in prospective.
  6. Don't know why you would need to clear it. This is how it works. As long as you charged you can pile in. Nothing stops you from running away getting just outside of 3" and piling in later in the combat phase. It works best on the MBMK cus he can fly and has better movement. You can even set yourself up to attack a totally different unit then the one you charged. Or to take an Objective. It also can have an effect that your opponent can't attack you till you pile in. The trick is to set yourself up the get the charge off in the hero phase. Not always easy.
  7. So if my boys die and my Warchanter is on the battle field. I can try to get them back on a 4+ once in every phase?
  8. Perhaps you could say the cover is not a Drakfoot unit. So the ethereal ability is still being applied to the cover.
  9. You can read this older topic. I am on the side of a wound is a wound regardless of how it was generated. So you can try to ignore a mortal wound.
  10. With the fifty I have maybe a 1mm on each side of the feet. The 40 is so much smaller and the overhang is allot. I didn't look at the photo before but I would rule out the 60mm. I think they are on 50mm in the warscroll photo. Note: I only put two of the trolls together so that 1mm is based on the two I assembled.
  11. I tried 40mm on my river trolls and there was overhang of the feet. They fit on the 50mm with no overhang. I wouldn't rule out 60mm, but 50 would probably be a good bet.
  12. They look great. Could you tell us what paints you used on the bases? I like the look very much.
  13. At some point a Mortal Wound would have to be converted to a wound. There is no Mortal Wound stat on my warscroll, only a wound stat. Mortal Wounds special rule is that they ignore to hit, to wound, and saves to cause a wound. So the shield would work on Mortal Wounds. Because it is applied after saves. Its saying. If a wound is to be applied, on a 6 it is ignored.
  14. There is a warscroll for the Black Orcs, but I don't believe they have points.
  15. Its used in your hero phase, and lasts until your next hero phase. At which time you can take another swig.
  16. I too was excited for this release. Holding off any new army purchase in anticipation for these, but they are nothing like I pictured in my head. I feel the same way and agree with most of your statement. I would add though. I like the air ships and the 10 man unit. I feel the paint job on the rest may be making them look worse then they are. I don't like the 40k vibe so much either. The chain sword, eye pieces, tubes, marine like backpacks, sealed heads throw me off as-well. I hope the old dwarf heads can be swapped with these easily.
  17. I also think its an air ship of some sort.
  18. I know this a bit of a stretch, but what if a unit is both less then 8" away and more then 8" away. The two conditions that must be met are. Nearest enemy unit, and the distance is 8" or more. So let me use a diagram. G Grunta, O unit model. G G O O O O O O O O O O G ^ 8" mark -------------------------------------------- The first requirement is met, closest enemy. After the 8" mark the other requirement is also met, distance. Since we are measuring to the unit and not a single model. Can one measure to any part of that unit to meet a requirement, or do you have to measure to the closest part of that unit? I ask because, in the shooting phase if one model is in range the whole unit is. Even when the rest of the unit is out of range. In this case several models are more then 8" away. So could I count that as the whole unit can now be targeted as though it is more then 8" away? Just trying to find away to make this ability suck less.
  19. This link might help you. http://theback40k.blogspot.com/p/color-theory-archive.html
  20. Played 3 games last night. For the most part it played really well. There are a few things that need more game time to decide if they need fixing, but for the most part it went smoothly and we had fun. Couple of thing you might consider for your next version. The injury table seems to be too punishing or rewarding. 1's and 6's came up allot. Maybe make it 2d6 with double 1's or 6's being the really bad or good rolls. Suggestion, maybe 20% bad, 70% nothing to sit out a fight, and 10% good. Underdog rating: So instead of it just being gold spent. Make it gold and exp added together. The gold only approach doesn't account for the level difference between models. If we had a lvl 10 warband that cost 100 gold go up against a level 1 warband that cost 150. The level 10 would be considered the underdog while most likely being the top dog.
  21. The unit is within 3", it just looks like maybe a few models from that unit are slightly more then 3" away. So they get to pile in right? As long as they end their pile in closer to the closest enemy model. I'm a new so may have over looked something.
  22. Just read the FAQ and it looks like they would be able to move. At 1:50 in the video is where he says they can't move due to being blocked. What about models with 2" range that could move closer, in behind there own guys to get within range? Is it because they are slightly more then 3" away? I don't see a rule that say they need to start within 3" to pile in.
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