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  1. So lately there have not been much done in them of spiders.... So a Yellow one done and a purple almost done. Not the best pictures i know... some better will come..!! And a few of the Bird-Monster :
  2. Thank u Guys, really hope it comes together nicely yeah those spider are everywhere... in a good way Upcoming Riders and Arachnarok. And SHROOMS.!.!.! (For basing )
  3. Hey There I'm new to AOS but has played WHFB, and a lot of other miniature games. And i have fallen for the Spiderfangs, even though they are not yet supported,i also have a Khorne Bloodbound army so i can play the game and learn the new tactics and combo's. So far i think they have done a pretty good job, haven't played a boring game yet and score is about 10 wins and 8 lost and there is rarely many models left, Being Khorne and all I have only painted 2 full models at the moment so it's a work in progress, and the goal i at least the Spiderfang Venom-Mob battalion : so 3 units of Spider-Riders, Thinking about 10-15 models per unit, Viable ? ? 3 Arachnarok's. 1 Big Boss probably 2. The theme is a wooden one where every spider is a different colour The first pictures are gonna be like these but i am gonna make som higher quality ones as i progress First unit is gonna be red coloured feathers, tattoos, and shield symbols. I am thinking Blue on the next and purple or green And a Yellow one Coming up Any thoughts ? ? Flameboy out -
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