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  1. Hi Guys... would be grateful if you could put me on the reserves list...thanks!
  2. jimbobbyG

    AngelCore 2018!


    Matt... A bit late to the party, but could you please add me to the reserves
  3. Just packing my stuff, as coming straight from holiday...in the new faq, the drac tail is now not classed as summoning...will this also work for ROE? If not I’ll have to bring some other toys as it’ll be a bit daft ?
  4. Hi, is there a single ticket available?
  5. until

  6. until

    Hi...have a free wknd that wknd...are you sold out???
  7. Oh ******...this is why it’s been so quiet...guess I’ll be joining Twitter then...I’ll be down on the Friday! Gonna be AWESOME!!
  8. ...Just reading about the summoning rules...does this mean my Slaan can only summon one unit at a time in the Dracos Tail battalion? Also, just getting my panic-painting list ready...in the path to glory section you have larger units than in the book...is this also cool? thanks!
  9. Jamesgrant3@me.com no idea what a DM is these days...I thought it was a shoe
  10. That pack is amazing!!! I shall be bringing my Lizards...just deciding whether to bring the Eternal or the Shadowstrike battalion... theres a dread lurking to....CANNOT WAIT!! Is there still space ? I mentioned it to a few guys at Angelcore and they seemed pretty interested.
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