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  1. If you could do it over would you run the same list? If not what changes would you make? Do you feel like the the Jorlbad could be worth a second look (given you previous success with it) and just lean into the variance?
  2. I would use them. Unless you are prepping for a tournament that will explicitly not be using the new points. You are only hurting your own learning curve if you ignore changes that you know are coming. As far as invalidating wins, I don't belive so. AOS has pretty reasonable game balance. Any army can win if played well. The point changes are designed to bring tomb kings in line with other armies. So rather than having the advantage out of the gates in most match ups they should have a mix.
  3. I agree but even a marginal buff to their stat line puts them on the brink of overpowered when combined with settra and necro. At the very least they would overlap with blood knights. I think 100 pts is the sweet spot for them. They compete nicely with skeleton horsemen at that point level.
  4. Morghasts certainly come to mind. Black Knights really need to be at 100 pts. Black coach, fell bats and bat swarms perhaps? (No experience with these) I would also argue blood knights should come down.
  5. My Mortis Engine used to be my pride and joy... Then I knocked it off my shelf and it exploded... I have tried to repair it but it's never been the same. It only reminds me of my failures now... Favorite model has to be vlozd, the wings are awesome!
  6. Nice write-up these seem great! I have to echo @Aginor starlight precision seems like a great trait. I particularly like how it interacts with the rule of one without breaking it wide open! Geometric hand seems awesome but infeasible given there is no restrictions on terrain. (Imagine a 10 in wall appearing 1in in front of your artillery) If I where to make a suggestion I could see adding a Sunstone platform that could be moved. Moderately pointed and fixed in size and still serves the same purpose it just gets summoned below a unit prior to the move. (Sylvaneth WW for seraphon if you will) The artifacts are hard to gauge, they seem weak? It's very hard to evaluate buffs without a play test though. I assume this is to offset the strength of the arcane treasure? Care to share your thoughts?
  7. I'm sure I just missed this somewhere, but at which point do you decide which command trait and artifact to use? Is it when you place the model that will use it? Or is it before deployment?
  8. True, but if the product is ****** no one buys it. Look at WHFB they still put out great models for that game but no one bought it. That's because the game was ******. I would argue that a healthy AOS is GW's biggest selling point. So long as the games are good AOS will sell new models for GW even if it's not making money from compendium army's. While they could theoretically make more by canning compendium "forcing" people to buy new stuff it seems like delaying is the right choice. If the game continues to grow and the demand for compendium continues to rises with it, there may be profit in a re-release.
  9. I always imagine that in the far reaches of the mortal realms one may encounter echos of the world that was. That's all the justification I need any way. I feel like the argument that it ruins immersion is just poor imagination and/or saltiness. Of course it's all subjective... I agree, anytime a big name in the community has insider info or some influence on the game (either real or imagined) people are going to react as though it's gospel. Is it fair? Probably not, but without total transparency I don't think that will ever change. Personally I rather like the drama it creates. Gives us something to gossip about while we wait for new content. Better idle chatter and baseless speculation than empty forums imho.
  10. Is that true though? Let's say we plop the Mourngul into another faction. Do people still run two for 800pt? My gut says yes which to me indicates its too cheap, though I could be wrong. I do agree that the faction needs work but under pointing strong units doesn't fix that. It just breeds spammy lists. (I.e. necro knights, stonehorns etc.)
  11. A Mourngul would be pretty sick! Though not sure if that really helps the case for the wight king though as keeping him out of combat is easy but keeping him out of shooting/magic is the problem. The two units of ten skeletons are just there for the legion of death but perhaps the whole batalion will get cut as @Razorfate sugested.
  12. I agree to a certain extent about the legion, black knights have a hard time generating value. Although as @CoffeeGrunt has pointed out they are not without merit. I do like gg quite a bit they hit very hard for their points imo. Can 40 skeletons really do enough work without movement tricks? Also is Arkhan really that bad? +2 to casting plus potentially adding a ton of spell reach with creative positioning seems like it could be worth it. Any thoughts? I haven't played him so I am legitimately curious... Otherwise it seems like I could drop him drop the legion add a vloat and go from there.
  13. The problem with the wight king is he has 5 wounds with a 4 up. If there is not a good hiding spot for him he is toast or useless. That leaves either arkhan, agkozd, or skeletons. So I figured the coven throne essentially adds plus 1 to initiative has 12 wounds with a 4 up to try and preserve my ruler of the night. Thats where Arkhan comes in he can use beguile on a 4+ and has a 16in move. It shouldn't be too much trouble to either shut down my opponents best unit or at least zone like a boss. (He also can be the target of vhdm which boosts his dmg from enimic to acceptable) The gkozd (or tg if I need a tougher monster) is really just a damage dealer and can punish mistakes with the Cloak. He has some small synergy with arkhan as AtB can cast the gk spell on the gk, pick up mystic shield, teleport with the Cloak then arcane bolt to add a bit more punch on the alpha strike. I would run the vampire lord but I can't find 20 pts... All of this to buy the legion an extra turn or two to get into position and clean up.
  14. I think you need the courtier for ghoul patrol batalion.
  15. I have been kicking around an idea for a new list. My current list (legion of death, vlozd, necro, vargheist, and Mortis E) has proven great at fighting Ironjawz and some mixed destruction. (I have yet to face BCR or cunnin ruk) However one match with my 1k legion of death list against some storm bros made it abundantly clear how much I rely on keeping my wight king safe at any point level... (plz no more meteors) *Beware this list is an abomination from a lore perspective* Allegiance: DeathLeadersCoven Throne (260)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookArkhan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament (340)Necromancer (120)Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120) (w/ ib)Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon (400)- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsBattleline30 x Skeleton Warriors (240)- Ancient Spear10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient Blades10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient Blades5 x Black Knights (120)- Deathrattle BattlelineUnits10 x Grave Guard (160)- Great Wight BladeBattalionsLegion of Death (60)Total: 1980/2000 I think this list should serve well against most lists and most ghb scenarios. The idea is to run as many high priority targets as possible while not relying on any one model to function. Focusing on abusing the magic phase. I have a few concerns about the list, mainly does the loss of the coven throne wreck me? If so how do I mitigate? Is it too greedy to run 30 skels and 10 GG rather than 40/5? Thoughts?
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