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  1. When I said Chaos things I meant like a box of bloodletters or something like that... Also interested in 40k Chaos.
  2. The (3) Liberators: sword+shield The (1) flying dude with spear+shield Everything else (besides the Hero) still on sprues. Not interested in trading bits, though. I'd like to trade the full Box.
  3. I have this Box for sale/trade. Complete and everything still on sprues besides: - Glued Hero - Glued flying dude - 3 liberators: Glued and semi-painted. 35 euro or Trade.


    I'm not interested in that one, but thanks for the offer!
  5. Seems sold-out everywhere. Found one at Amazon but I'd rather purchase a Citadel Project Box than pay the 100$ they are asking for. For the record, this is the one I'm after:
  6. New Fyreslayer hero? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2016/12/25/forge-world-jigsaw-day-1/
  7. If you asked me 15 years ago: Metal. If you ask me now: Plastic. As stated above, with the current technology it is very detailed and has the usual advantages.
  8. I purchased this within hours of going online. Now I've just received an e-mail notification which says there is no stock and that they don't know how much until they get copies. They (=GW) asked me if I want to wait an undefined amount of time or get my money back. They are giving me a 10 euro gift card for the trouble anyway. Anybody else in this situation? For the record: I'm located in Spain.
  9. Watched most of AoS live and last half of 40k as well. Watching first half of 40k now. The 40k coverage is/was very good and far superior... And I don't even play the game. Best comentary (comentary on matched AoS was also better than the "narrative" one). Best looking boards, armies (Skyre army wasn't even painted!), more epic games, easier to follow action... Let's see how week 2 goes. And stop moaning about camera angles. They did a massive improvement in layout (from 0 to 100, almost) and cameras over previous streams.
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