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  1. Ive been doing something similar to Chumps medusa list, but with priests. Priests have a lot of options, I was thinking about giving the khainite pendant to the cauldren, so it can both use rune of khaine and another prayer. I was also thinking about going heal+ crimson rejuvination and the heroic ability so the cauldren could heal 3d3. Medusa gets the tome for mystic and mindrazor. My plan was many big units and threats, with snakes, witches, stalkers, cauldrens and shrine being able to do some damage. I won a few game and went draw a few times, It can both do and take a beating this list. I am not the best of the players out there, and I can see why some people have some issues with playing DOK. But I will say playing 3e is a lot more fun than second, and you have more options outside Morathi and shooting snakes. Khainites do well in big groups with unleash hell, total defense, witch brew and what not. Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine- Temple: Hagg Nar- Grand Strategy: Pillars of Belief- Triumphs:LeadersBloodwrack Shrine (190) in Warlord- General- Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)- Lore of Shadows: MindrazorHag Queen on Cauldron of Blood (255) in Warlord- Artefact: Khainite Pendant- Prayer: Blessing of KhaineMelusai Ironscale (115) in Warlord- Artefact: The UlfuriHag Queen (105) in Warlord- Prayer: Crimson RejuvenationHag Queen (105) in Warlord- Prayer: Sacrament of BloodHag Queen (105) in Warlord- Prayer: Catechism of MurderBattleline5 x Blood Stalkers (170) in Warlord15 x Blood Sisters (420) in Warlord- Reinforced x 220 x Witch Aelves (240) in Warlord- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives- Reinforced x 1Units18 x Khainite Shadowstalkers (240) in Warlord- Reinforced x 1Endless Spells & InvocationsHeart of Fury (55)Core BattalionsWarlordWarlordAdditional EnhancementsArtefactArtefactTotal: 2000 / 2000Reinforced Units: 4 / 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 125
  2. Avatars work in HaggNar I would not say they are awesome, I don't see many lists having two or three of them. Bloodsisters pack a punch sure, but again I see the often used as a 5 man screens or a group of 10 and stalkers doing the heavy lifting with Morathi. Havent seen many with 20+ bloodsisters. Shadowstalkers and Khinarai are good for mobility sure, and I have seen a few setups with 10 lifetakers in a cauldren guard. But they are movement supplement to snakes and morathi, they are not the main doers of the army, they move to something after enemies where shot of it. Sisters of Slaughter are nice, ill give you that, I dont like them personaly but they are good, but I havent seen a lot of Draichy ganeth sisters though. Have seen tons of stalkers, with teleporting and double shoot. You don't need to have her and tons of stalkers, its just the better easier option. I would still say 10 is somewhat many, I run a cauldren guard with 0 shooting outside of my cauldren and bloodwracks. It is a fun build, but not as effective as a shooting.
  3. Yes after the nerf to witchbrew, witches and cauldrens it is meta with shooting snakes and Morathi either as a vyperic guard. Outside of shooting snakes and Morathi, there is not much else that is viable.
  4. This is my Hagnar list Had 8 games so far and its at 5/3 so far I am abit unsure if I should take 20 witches and no shadowstalkers or 10 witches and 9 shadow stalkers.. I feel like the army is very swingy and one of the games I lost was a shooting cities list with tons of shooting and 8 screens, it was basicly a city with ringformed walls of screens. He then tabelled my entire list in two turns. I failed both my witch brews so mass paniced ensued from shooting, then I failed my heart of fury so his 1d3 rocket batteries really brought the hurt. I feel like I fail most of my stuff all the time, and then my units flee. I should proberly have spread out my attacks to kill many screens as possible. in maps with 9 from board edge you can basicly alpha strike, with sacrement on cauldrens, mirrordance and the command from ironscale on the sisters. You do want witchbrew off and maybe a razor, but I never get that stupid brew off. I do like the lifetakers, they are often safe in the clouds, and the came down got a witchbrew and killed a stonehorn with turn 3 buffs. They also came in at round 3 and killed teklis, when I both his giant spearmen unit and some archers, after that I won. Anyone have any ideas how to make this more tough? I feel I wait a lot for buffs that never comes, compared to automatic brew from back in the days... Anyone els have this issue?
  5. I like this list I have something like that, why two avatars and not an ironscale for like run and charge on the 15 sisters or something?
  6. Ah thanks Jacek, I have the same experience I played 5 games with the new book I got it off 3 times, once was against glutons though so that was nice. I would call it a 6/10 its not bad nor it is really good and against certain things its a life saver, but it wont move and I fail 3+ all the time basicly and its 80 POINTS! Last night i failed both my witch brews on a 4+ and got table before I had my turn too from a shooting list. I feel abit the daughters became a slotmachine where you gamble for random buffs.
  7. I am wondering if cauldrens are worth it now at all if they cannot fight, over just two hags. 11 attacks with damage 1 just does very litle for me, and most of my army is useally dead by turn 3. Also is the new endless spell heart of fury worth it now if it counts as a known prayer and takes one attempt?
  8. Now that you say it, its weird! The mount thing I don't play many armies other Dok. The item from Hagnar Ulfuri can that be put on the witches goadstaves/spears on the shrine?
  9. I want you so hard to be right, but it says any prayer they know, dont they know bonus prayers? as I see it its either rune of khaine, avatar og faction prayer?
  10. If I got the prayer thing right now you have to choose between Getting rune of khaine off and gaining 1d3 damage, using one of the 6 army prayers, using witchbrew, or awakening avatars? is this correct? I fail to see how you can use cauldrens offensively now, outside of hagnar and maybe Draiche ganeth. Also removing the 5+ from Hagnar was harsh, any horde killer spell and most units will kill you in seconds now. considering how normal 5+ does mortal wounds is now. It was a fun month to play though with my daughters....
  11. this 100% I like playing Hagnar, because I can use all of the units in the book, I play a very varied list with many things. I don't have 90 sisters laying around, I am not insane!
  12. Its a good 1k list, close to what I use for 2k. I would maybe not take Mindrazor but mirror dance in 1k, because the units will be fighting against are not as powerful as in 2k and teleporting both your cauldren and shrine is a lot of mobility, and if they both attack something it is dead.
  13. This! if there is a small unit on an objective Lifetakes can fly there and take it, I would more use stalkers to teleport back to my own objective as more of my force move forward, lifetakes can remove stuff from objectives, shadowstalkers do need to use there ranged attack to do serious damage and you cannot do that from jump range.
  14. Yea it gives a damage bonus of 1 on one weapen when a model attacks, so the biggest amount of attacks would make sense right? not sure if it counts as a mount. would the statue also count as a mount then? is a giant cauldren really a mount :D?
  15. I think this will be the modified version of my old list Hagnar list before the book. I ran 60 witches in a cauldren guard with 15 sisters and a ironscale. Hagnar list 2000 Lifetakers one group of 10 one of 5 240 1760 Cauldren gaurd 120 1640 Witches x 50 500 1140 Medusa foot 100 1040 Ironscale 110 930 shrine 160 770 Bloodsisters x15 390 380 Cauldren 220 160 Heart of fury 80 80 Mogwaeth 80 0 sorry for the weird format it was made in excel with new points. I like how many thing we can get for 2000 points One medusa has mirrior dance other one has Mindrazor Priests will have catachism of murder and shield of khaine I must say I am very much in doubt about artefacts, bloodsigil with battleshock immunity og increase blood rites are very good. shadowstone is nerfed I know but still Its nice to get the spells off easier. Artefacts are the most complicated I think Depending on shadowstone or Sigil the cauldren accolytes og shrines goadstaves gets ulfuri so the 8 attacks have damage 2.
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