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  1. I dont like things like this, but i think it is interesting to someone.. Today i read this on ours ru_aos_community: #Rumors_lampPost #AoS "Hello everyone, so I've been a long-time lurker, first time poster. So, for the past half a decade (been in the hobby for 10 years), I've been collecting and cataloging rumors in my spare time for fun. Literally all rumors I come across from any source, trusted rumor-lords to even /tg/ ones just to piece things together because I like making predictions based off the data. Most of its 40K related, so not much AoS (Attached so you can see I'm not lying lol). Anyways, I come today because in the past few years I've had a friend who has been telling me things that have increasingly come to pass. Now, to be honest a lot can be considered "obvious", but a few stand-out examples was when he told me shortly after the release Legions of Nagash that Warherd and Brayherd were being combined into a battletome in a similar format, and 2 years ago he told me in a couple years we'd get a Keeper of Secrets and daemons seperate from an Emperor's Children release (something else he says is coming next year but has been repeated by many). Now, the thing is, most recently, he has come to me with a very particular rumor. I trust the guy complicity, but even I had to swallow a bit when he told me. Going through my collection, only one other non-4chan rumor-lord that I know of has posted anything similar, and that was over a year ago in the comments of Naftka by a person that hardly posts rumors. (Which I attached with info redacted as I don't think the person wants to be put on the spot). So I've decided to post my friend's rumor, because if it comes to pass he get's bragging rights. The following is from my friend paraphrased by me: "Tomb Kings" are returning, being re-done not as a new army, but a "new " one. In the same manner as Daughters of Khaine and Gloomspite Gitz, with a mix of new and old models and re-named. So, they won't be "Tomb Kings" they'll be AoS-fied Egyptian army in the vein of Tomb Kings. He also heard about some more Deathrattle, of which The Sepulcharal Guard are a preview at how some of the new skellies will look. Of this part he is not certain, but in his opinion the two are one and the same. I personally have a Tomb Kings army, so I have to be honest and say I'm very biased in my belief in his info lol. He has no info on date, but from my personal experience his rumors have come to pass as soon as 6 months to as far as 2 years so who knows. So maybe its the upcoming Death Battletome or maybe we'll see it after all the tomes have been updated. That's all I've got on that. I don't have much else AoS-wise, I've got a collection from various 40K rumors but its all just stuff I've screencapped like I said. An interesting tidbit though regarding the recent rumor engine pics that look like dinosaurs: I have a couple screencaps where Atia said a few years ago that we may get Exodites (for 40K) in a few years (from that point in time). My friend has also said that Seraphon were not getting a major release of models outside of spells, terrain, and tome for a while, so maybe a correlation."
  2. Hey, Joncharris13 You need to remove this screenshots or moderators can give you a warning you can load it on google drive or anywere and past here a link.
  3. Ok, this is made for fun and conversion?
  4. regenerate bladegheists in battalion will be awsome
  5. i hope with new summon they dont take away vargulf and ghast healing.. if not we are never be realy dead... and i think they dont remove "summon once per game" so we dont care about CP with throne or without..
  6. Guys, stupid question: is lore of the underworlds are lores of the dead spells?
  7. Guys, how work 2 Lens of Refraction: This lens channels malicious spells away from the bearer and their allies. Each time a friendly unit within 6" of the bearer would suffer any mortal wounds from a spell cast by an enemy WIZARD, roll a D3 and reduce the number of mortal wounds suffered by the result. With curse of years?
  8. Fogive me, if i mised something but i dont see rules for NH that says about summoning . NH dont get it or what?
  9. Allegiance: Legion of SacramentLeadersArkhan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament (320)Necromancer (110)Necromancer (110) Kurdoss Valentian(220)- AlliesBattleline40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Blades40 x Chainrasp Horde (280)5 x Dire Wolves (60)Units6 x Spirit Hosts (240)BehemothsMortis Engine (180)BattalionsLords of Sacrament (130)Endless SpellsUmbral Spellportal (60)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 220 / 400Wounds: 148 any thoughts? Kurdoss for stealing CP and his awsome combat profile
  10. Allegiance: Grand Host of NagashLeadersNagash Supreme Lord Of The Undead (800)Necromancer (110)Battleline40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Spears40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Spears10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient BladesUnits2 x Morghast Archai (220)- Spirit HalberdsBattalionsThe First Cohort (160)Endless SpellsUmbral Spellportal (60)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 123 any thoughts?
  11. Guys.. look at wound characteristic of new models.. and BW rules "Wizards with a Wounds characteristic of 9 or more, that are part of a unit of two or more models, or that are already on a Balewind Vortex, cannot attempt to cast this spell". :D
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