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  1. Hey all, Finally getting some games in again and I wanted to hear the thread's thoughts on 10-man squads of Morboyz. Are they too fragile? I'm often playing a Stormcast player whose army benefits from having multiple small units, so I tend to find the big blocks of Savage Orruks (I have 30 x Arrowboyz and 30 x Morboyz) tends to be a bit much. I've thought about running the Morboyz in 10s, or a 20 and a 10, and even dropping the Arrowboyz for some Boarboyz and Maniaks. Any thoughts on the above really appreciated!
  2. I think if you have oval bases you could use Ironjaw brutes with spears or, potentially, whatever weapons you wanted. To me the notion of a 'Big Stabba' is not only a big spear, but in my case, the big guy that does the stabbing himself! As long as it fits with the rest of your army's theme and is on the correct base, I can't see why most TOs wouldn't accept that as legit. I've taken mine to Realms at War here in the UK, and will be taking them to BOBO in May Edit: This is pure speculation! No idea what TOs would say, but I'd wager cool converted Big Stabbaz would be fair game!
  3. @Requizen I used Ironjaw brutes to convert some up. Not the best photos but check these out.
  4. Hey all! It's all fallen silent on the Bonesplitterz thread so like any good Warboss I've come to agitate da boyz! First of all, here's a WIP picture of one of my "Brute Stabbaz" I've been adapting my army to a narrative for the RAW 2019 event. This model represents a Bonesplitter that has spent many years in the Realm of Metal and has adopted some of its customs in terms of dress - particularly with the crude armour he wears. More importantly, @Kanamorf we never heard back from your fortunes at BOBO! How's everyone been faring on the table-top recently? Cheers all
  5. Hey all! Thought I'd share some hobby with my fellow Warbosses. I had been meaning to try converting Brutes into Stabbaz for a while, and I'm pretty chuffed with the results so far. Just two more to go.
  6. Hey all, So following a not too successful August (where I basically finished one unit). I'm hoping to have a more productive September. I'm already close to finishing 15 Boarboy Maniaks, so I'm hoping to have them totally finished by this week, allowing me to move on to some character models (2 Maniak Weirdnob shamans, and a Wurrgog Prophet). I'm also planning to build and paint 4 Ironjaw Brutes on ovals, converted to hold Big Stabba spears as my Big Stabbaz. Looking at this now, this is probably a bit too ambitious... But here I go: 4 Brutes (converted) 15 Maniaks 2 Maniak Weirdnobz 1 Wurrgog Prophet
  7. Hey all, So I totally failed to meet my (in retrospect, too ambitious) hobby goals this month. Of the 20 Boarboyz (5 ordinary, 15 Maniaks) I pledged to complete I have completed 5 Ordinary Boyz (see below). The Maniaks aren't too far behind, so I'll switch to the September now and post my new goals there! Edit: There are tons of insanely well painted miniatures on this thread. I was blown away by that Gargant Nighthaunt conversion in particular @Captain James Hook.
  8. Hey all, Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the Rogue Idol on the GW Official Base Size PDF. I see it comes with a 170mm x 105mm oval base on the Forgeworld website, so should this be taken as official? 160mm round seemed like the natural choice to me. Does anyone have any inkling on what the "official" size should be? Cheers all
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to bump this discussion up to ask if anyone had tried the new GW varnish yet? I've a load of Savage Orruks which have a fair bit of unwanted shine because of washes I've used on the skin, but haven't yet plucked up the courage to varnish a figure - partly since I saw some not too favourable reviews of the new GW varnish on Youtube. So has anyone tried it and would they recommend it? Or are there other matt varnishes worth considering? Cheers
  10. Hey everyone, My goals for August involve shifting things I've already started/had sprayed up for a long time, namely: 10 Boarboy Maniaks 5 Boarboy Maniaks 5 Ordinary Boarboyz (BOYZ WILL BE BOYZ) and finally, a Wurrgog Prophet and a Maniak Weirdnob on a Boar That's a lot of Maniaks!
  11. Great work @Killamike - it sounds like BS are actually going to be pretty solid in AoS2 @Kanamorf how was your experience at BOBO 2018 and can we expect the usual write-up? Intrigued to see how your games went. Was following the excellent Honest Wargamer stream and at one point Sedge's Bonesplitterz were on Table 1 and yours on Table 2. The Green Tide has arrived!
  12. What's everyone thinking so far (and I suppose this is the point to stress - we still don't have the full picture [e.g. matched play scenario changes], but speculation is fun) about our prospects in the new AoS2 and, particularly, about potential builds? As Malakree and others have said elsewhere, cheap but fast chaff (Goblin Wolf Chariots) might have just become indispensable for shutting down enemy shooting, and might fill out ally slots. Are Arrow Boyz now surplus to requirements? Losing Mystic Shield's +1 save takes away pretty much the only save buff we had available. Does that mean we ought to invest in more boots on the ground to compensate?
  13. Hey Coganaut - welcome back to the Waaagghhh! Definitely check out all the discussion on the GHB2017 Bonesplitterz thread - loads of ideas floating around there from BS players. The list looks very cool in my view - perhaps you could think of adding some big stabbaz for that rend/damage output against big monsters?
  14. @Malakree do you have any idea how tournaments respond to people playing Stoneclawz Gutstompaz as their Allegiance. It looks really interesting as an alternative way of branching into "mixed destruction" (I'm coming from Bonesplitterz), but seem to remember some speculation as to whether it would be outlawed at some tournaments.
  15. Thanks for the write up @Kanamorf - lots of great insights for Bonesplitterz players and yet more proof that there's life beyond the Rukk. Once again, congratulations for a brilliant finish - sounds like a really fun day of gaming too! I've got a question for you about your Maniaks though, as I also used a unit of 10 in my 2000 points Bonesplitterz. How are you getting them to be so effective? In the games I play, I tend to find they don't do enough damage because of their natural 4+ 3+ and the relatively limited number of attacks - the 2 from the chompas and the two from the boars. Perhaps it's because my opponents are generally Stormcast, Sylvaneth and Death players, I find that often the Maniaks "bounce off" their targets (particularly Stormcast, but also Sylvaneth heroes unless I'm lucky enough to roll a 5-6 on the Monster Hunter table). Is there anything else you're doing beyond the Brutal Beast Spirits buff that I ought to consider?
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