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  1. These look so good! Definitely saving this technique. Well done. Did you do anything different for the beasts skin etc?
  2. gumbi

    Cohort of Slaanesh

    Building on this old post as I have finally painted my Slaanesh daemons. How have you guys found these lists? From my reading I think the daemons are lacking the synergies and combos found in other lists, but its what I have painted... I am using the old crab claws and don't have any of the chariots - maybe the next buy, but they are so annoying for storage! All I have painted are: KoS 2x DP 1 Herald on Snake 2 Heralds Masque 50 Daemonettes 15 Seekers 16 Fiends Soulgrinder 10 Furies (Pics - https://www.flickr.com/photos/92978626@N06/ army is setup for KoW or AoS, has taken me a long time to paint) I think for my first list I will go with the scrolls below - any ideas? I am not too sure if the KoS is worth it? DP - Flying, Axe, General (lord of war), Runic Blade - 160 DP - Flying, Sword, Runeblade - 160 Masque - 80 - I think she activates the locus on the other units? Herald on Steed - 60 20 Daemonette - 240 20 Daemonette - 240 10 Daemonette - 120 10 Seekers - 240 6 Fiends - 360 Soul Grinder - 280 Daemon Cohort of Slaanesh - 40
  3. Looks great! I saw it on the youtubes too recently. Nice fingernail palette
  4. Look amazing! How did you find playing the army? I worry they are a bit tedious for opponents? Looking forward to hearing about it on the podcast.
  5. Just try a test model to see. I think that the blue wash you suggest may be a bit too strong - you will have to thin it right down.
  6. The savage orc big boss with a head swap is meant to work ok. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-DK/Savage-Orruk-Warboss http://imgur.com/gallery/vFQks (not my conversion)
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