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  1. It's in the shadespire section
  2. please delete, this was accidentally out in the wrong forum.
  3. Hey guys and gals, want to pass this along. I recently picked up a box of these magnets for my Stormcast Eternals cav and wanted to share. These little magnets are awesome because the polarity is marked which made getting the right facing into the right areas super fast and easy. Saved me a ton of time working with those tiny weapon options lol. Here's a link to the ones I picked up. https://twoplustough-store.com/products/1-16-x-1-32-magsavvy-magnets I did a review of them over on my channel watch the review here!
  4. Hello all! Wanted to share this link as it may be useful to some. If you, or someone you know, is interested in the game take a look or send a share GETTING STARTED IN AGE OF SIGMAR
  5. In fairness, the discontinued units all have new names according to the product list. This leads me to believe there will be new warscroll available.
  6. Hi all! My name is Doug and I manage a page called 2+Tough. We have loads of cool hobby content and videos. If you like what you see, be sure to connect with us on facebook, youtube and head over to the blog for some awesome articles! No ads, just good content Facebook: Youtube: Blog:
  7. This. You either have a bloodreaver themed list (which we discussed is awesome) or there's not much reason to take them at all. I also prefer blood warriors for the simple reason that they can hurt the opponent in their turn.
  8. Well the unit doesn't get bonuses based on numbers, and most of tho see bonuses listed are auras so they effect multiple units. There's pros and cons to min/maxing. But I'd say build 40 and play it a whole bunch of different ways
  9. Skullcrushers are useful, but serve a different purpose. Reaver spam is pretty great, Look at your bloodreaver warscroll and consider: -Refill failed hit rolls from a warshrine -+1 attack from a bloodsecrator -+1 attack from being near a totem -+1 from the dark feast battalion - no battleshock - +3 movement with the bloodstoker -better charge odds with mighty Lord of khorne ... That's a living, breathing freight train
  10. Oh your wrong friend reaver spam is a real and terrifying thing! As gas as where to go, what do you like? For example, I really like the blood warriors over the reavers, so I'm building in that direction. No matter what you choose, that bloodsecrator is your best friend
  11. Sure does! Invalid list, but I also put the drakkfoot with a kunnin ruk. Pretty great
  12. Would you suggest something outside of kroak as well? I try to avoid named characters
  13. Hey all! Typically I hang in the destruction forum (GO BONESPLITTERZ) but I recently came into ownership of 50 skunks and 30 saurus warrior. I want to try out some big beastly monsters so I thought I would start a seraphon army. Where would you all suggest going from here?
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