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  1. @hughwyeth thanks for the answer as for the FAQ i will find it on the GW site (again very nnob here lol) Fond it on GW community site again thanks for your help
  2. hi guy noob question here . I have read a lot of great tactic and list building here but i a little confuse . For exemple the blight Drone i have read a lot of tactic whit the Drone and the lord of Affliction for the +1 attact but when i look at the drone on the AoS APP on my phone its say that the get mortal wonds on 6+ instend of the +1 attack. Same for the GuO its comment abbility is différant online and i dont see a profile for the bell or the bileblade... Do i use the profile on the APP or in my Maggotkin battletome Thanks and sorry for my poor anglish
  3. @Chrisdanish thanks for the info, i know that seconde edition is comming like you said but i want to build is army so we can play. So i need a little help whit the weapon loadout. Vanguard hunter are they better whit sword or Axe?? Vanguard-Raptor are the better whit longstike or Hurricane crossbow?? Vanguard-Palladors are the better whit the Axe or Javelin. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all I just bought the blightwar box set , i play Maggotkin and my son will play de stromcast half. I nned some help to know where to expend the army he as . Is it better to buy liberator for battle line unite or buy Lord- Aquilor to bring the Vanguard-Hunter to battleline and keep the hunter tematic of the army. Thanks
  5. Thanks @kozokus for the reply. It is a good acticle and give me a good idea where what to buy next
  6. Hi all i got my hand on a small lots Nugke Maggotkin and need help to know what to buy next for a competitive 1000 points list and what to buy to go 2000 points here what i got. 6 Drones 40 plaguebearer 5 blightkings 1 spoilspox scrivener 2 lords of plagues thanks
  7. Thanks guy I already fond a friend that want to buy the box whit me, so Dawnsoire box will be my base. Hight Elfe is a project so i will go slow and see what GW as in store for them. What combination whit dark elfe are you refering to??? That a possibility i didnt think about but look fun.
  8. Hi all After finishing my Spider fang venom mob and Bloodbond crew im looking at starting a hold dream .....Hight Elfe. I dont know anything about how Hight Elfe play and i dint event know if they are viable on the table.That why im turning to you guy to know what to buy and what is not usefull. Its just i dont whant to buy model and find out that they are sub part. thank in advance for all your help
  9. Thanks a lot i will be building that list. I should use the Reaver in units of 20 , 30 or 40??
  10. What about the Skullcrusher to complet the model i have???
  11. @DeGriggs My main faction is my Spider fang venom mob. Low model compt. If Reaver spam is viable then i will go that way. What do you think i will need . My goal is to bring the list to 2000point. And which batallion is good for the Spam thanjs for your help
  12. Hi all I just my hand two half ( bloodbond) of the two player starter box and im wendering where to go from there. I really want to use all the model i already have and just need to know what to buy next . Skullcanon, bloodthirster, other units..... i can put my hand on two other half to make a huge blood reaver spam, i know there are not the best but 80 model look fun whit all the boff. Thanks in advance for all your help
  13. ok so no Morboys out of Bonesplitters battalion ok. Thanks for all you help guy.
  14. @Nico So i just saw that Savage Orruks Morboys are not battleline in the general. Is there a way that they can become battleline event in a mixe Destruction army?? Interested to buy them but jyst want to make sure it work
  15. Splax


    I put my 3 Arachnarok on 130mm base et it look like a good fit
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