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  1. Printable Scenery currently have a kickstarter running, its ostensibly Sci-fi based but one of the worlds is doing an ancient aliens thing that looks perfect for a Coalesced Seraphon city (lets face it, they are now Ancient Space Daemon Aliens 🤣). It seems to be progressing quite well with lots of extra stuff being added free for the pledges! if you havent seen it yet you should give it a glance. Check it out Here!
  2. because it is not an overly fast list (lets face it, there all on foot except the dragon) I've been setting up three layers to the line keeping 2"-3" between them. crossbows in front, followed by spears followed close behind on the flanks by the executioners and black guard. this way i protect the main assets from the possibility of a double turn charge (especially those horrible 1st turn assaults from stonehorns and disc riders) and then retaliating with a hero phase combat, either with the spears or the elites. then hitting home with the usual rounds worth of pain. its very flexible in that way that there arn't just one or two main threats for the opponent but 4+ so they cant alpha strike you straight off. generally I've been finishing upper mid of a tournament (average seems to be 3 wins out of 5 games)
  3. this is my Hurricanum conversion, ties it to the Dark elf aesthetic a bit more literally just the cauldron kit with some of the bones and skulls removed from the cauldron (now skrying pool) and the mechanical section of the hurricanum that i grabbed from a friend who had a spare (he built a luminark)
  4. I have been running the Darkling covens in the NZ scene to some success. i run... sorceress on foot sorceress on dragon with Quicksilver celestial hurricanum with pheonix stone 30 Dreadspears 10 Darkshards 10 Darkshards 20 black guard 10 Executioners Rocket Battery thrall warhost the hurricanum means that the Executioners do there thing on a 5+, which at the last tournament saw them kill 2 bloodthirsters in one turn. the number of ranged mortal wounds it pumps out too is frightening and means with the rocket battery i have strong ranged threat (especially if it is near the hurricanum) it also means the black guard are hitting on 2's re-rolling 1's. i feel they are the better large unit as with a 2" reach it is quite possible to get them all in with 41 attacks, which my opponents have found brutal. most of the force can be clasified as "dangerous" either at range (rocket battery, hurricanum) and in combat (spearmen at 2+ to hit, dragon sorceress and the two elite units) the executioners i feel only need to be in a unit of 10, buff them with mystic shield and have them in the second line, let the enemy charge in then counter with them. they are a powerful unit but not a large block worth (my unit of 10 proved to a unit of 20 why you dont need that many in one go)
  5. the rule was actually if it is 50% covered it gains a cover save even if it was in the open, so people could still target them but you would get +1 to your save a good right up and congratulations on the win. im taking some of the things i learnt and implementing them into my Dark elves for Warhosts
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