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  1. Auroch

    Vanguard wing

    I really like this list too. I am just wondering how it can deal with big save units since the only source of MW is the stardrake.
  2. You can see the shields on his twitter pictures : https://twitter.com/Jackwarmstrong
  3. Auroch

    Vanguard wing

    What was your list ? I think about a list like his since a long time. Never tested it, wondering if the resilience could make it grind the ennemy while he struggles to damage the Liberators or to catch the Prosecutors. Looks like it does
  4. Would you please tell me more about your game and the 30 liberators vanguard wing ? I am very interrested in this list, but I don't have the opportunity to test it yet...
  5. I see 2 ways to manage it : - A mobile unit like the vanguard wing Liberators who can go inside his lines to catche their target - Alpha strike with the Skyborn slayers To counter the castleing against my skyborn slayers, I often play the prime. 1D3 MW on every unit in a 12" area.... wait 2 turns to see all the small heroes to die, or use it as a bait (a big one, ok), to force hist Skyfire to move out of the bubble to catch him.... and let you catch them. Once done, he would not have much firepower. In both case, you force him to open his game... and let you play yours.
  6. I would like to submit you a list I think about. The new meta tends toward hordes, and we know the Stardrake manages it very well. I was thinking about how to build a list around him with this in mind : Size Cost Name 1 200 Lords of the Storm 1 560 Lord-Celestant sur Stardrake - Staunch Defender 1 100 Lord-Castellant 1 80 Lord-Relictor - Divine light 1 80 Knight-Azyros - Lantern of the tempests 1 120 Knight-Heraldor 1 120 Knight-Venator 2 220 Dracothian Tempestors 2 220 Dracothian Tempestors 5 100 Liberators 5 100 Liberators 5 100 Liberators Should be amazing to see a horde unit forced to flee with the Lords of the Storm bataillon. Around him, the Heros and Liberators manage the center of the map, while the Tempestors gravitate around them.
  7. I am french and used to play for some years with an US friend who didn't speak french at all. You are right, some expressions cannot be translated in both languages. You just have to be patient, and you'll realize the vocabulary to learn is not that important. I believe the best way for you to get used to it is to find an english speaking partner who will help you
  8. Do you have a link plz ?
  9. I like the Stardrake too. But with him, the VW would be defense oriented : Size Cost Name 1 560 Lord-Celestant sur Stardrake 1 100 Lord-Castellant 1 200 Vanguard wing 3 100 Prosecutors Javelines 3 100 Prosecutors Javelines 3 100 Prosecutors Javelines 5 160 Judicators Bow 30 520 Liberators 5 160 Judicators Bow Very tanky, but a limited offensive power. But it is the price to pay to have 2 unkillable units... It deserves a try
  10. What do you mean with reduced price stardrake ?
  11. We are comparing 6 out of 30 Liberators to 4 charging Fulminators. Liberators need support to be that efficient, true. But in the other hand, Fulminators may not charge every turn, specially during the enemy's turn... So, when they don't charge, their damage output vs 4+ save (without Lightning Surge which occurs only during our turn) is only 8,9 wounds for a 108 points per wound cost. Assuming they will charge in each of our turns (most optimistic version), their average damage output (without the Lightning Surge which occurs only during our shooting phase, and since they charge, they may not be in range) would be 12,44 for a cost of 38,6 points per wound. So, to sum up the maths I did previously, what do we have for points per wound : 6 hammers with 2x +1 to hit and bessed weapons : 25 Charging Fulminators (without Lightlings) : 30 6 hammers with 2x +1 to hit : 34 Average Fulminators (charging every turn) : 39 Not charging Fulminators : 108 I don't try to sell the 30 men Liberator unit. I'd be very happy if some dracoth combo could be as effcicient (I prefere dracoth minis). We are here just brainstorming about how we could perform the best with our favorite faction. There is no Liberator vs Fulminators, we are all on the same side, Stormcasts vs the rest of the universe My point in this post is to give real numbers (even if I may be wrong in my maths), to let us have an objective view of the efficiency of each combo we may think about. Some units can be overrated or underrated in players mind, I just try to give them a "realistic" efficiency score. After, we have to do our generals job and make the best of it during the battles
  12. Since we talk about charge, I am not sure the Dracoth will be in range to shoot. Anyway, the Lightning Surge would do 5,37 MW for 4 Fulminators, only during your shooting phase. 5 or 6 non granhammer Liberators(out of 24) would be enough to do the same in each combat phase.
  13. As much as 1 fulminator on the charge. Really ? Still on a 4+ save unit, a charging Fulminator unit will do 8 wounds, for a 240 points unit : 30 points per wound. The 6 hammers will do 15.21 for 520 points (I dont count the 24 other Liberators dammages): 33.7 points per wound. With blessed weapon, they will do 21 for 520 points (I dont count the 24 other Liberators dammages): 24.76 points per wound. Looks like the 6 hammers hit as hard as 4 Fulminators. Now, the Hammers have 48 wound with a 2+ RR1 save to kill before being hit (who could also hit, causing 0.9 to 1.22 unsaved wound on a 4+ save each), they can be teleported around the table every turn (no risk on being stuck and see their Damages go from 3 to 1), they don't need to charge (Not stopped by fanatics, they can still have the +1 save from staunch defender), and with the 24 other liberators, you have a quite interresting flexibility to reach your target. Do this 30 Liberators unit (520 points) look interresting compared to 4 Fulminator (480 points) ? I think so.
  14. I hardly manage to have both. I could in my list if I change the Prime for a magician, but I like the Prime. He is an answer to the heavy armored enemies if you play him in close combat, and he can be devastating if the enemy castle up with his D3 MW on each unit under his 6" blast. And he looks great.... About the Relictor, I am sorry, I thought He was TOTEM. If you give him Bless weapons, the damage output of only the 6 granhammers (including the prime) on a 4+ save goes from 15.4 unsaved wounds to 21.2 A 37.5% increase. On a 2+ it is 7.7 or 10.6 (with the prayer) wounds unsaved. Not bad for a -1 Rend anyway, specially when you have to go throu 48 PV with a 3+ (or 2+ depends on your list) RR1+ to startminimizing it
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