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  1. Look at those spec-ops steam-dwarfs at the begging of this thread reminded Tempestus Scions from the 40k, even models have the same vibe. Great work man!
  2. Wow, just wow. This is why I've got into Warhammer, this is a quintessence of grim dark.
  3. Dear all, always wanted to have a Nurgle army, really enjoy Nurgle fluff. I don't like Nurgle demons and demons as a whole just from the looks perspective. But when I saw Putrid Blightkinds in the End Times I fell in love. Then when I saw them paindted by Third Eye Studio - I decided I want to get back into Warhammer. Havent painted anything for a very long time and in the days didnt have a lot of practice actually. So my questions are: I love new Nurgle Mortals looks as a whole and pusgoyle knights too, but standard dark-green color scheme is kinde boring, on the other side, I'm just a newbie painter who also wants to play at some point with beutiful army, so paint by numbers (or youtube videos in this case) could be something I want to, because i dont know how to pick colors on my own yet. Plus, just a little point, I want open wounds of Blightkings not to look too disgusting. At some points I event wanted to go Khorne as Nurgle's armies nowadays are just too much in terms of blobs and open wounds, I just prefer full armor Chaos warriors with a slight mutations, like back in the days.. So maby you have a tip how can I make all those blobs and cuts lesss disgusting? My perfect scenario would be something realistic looking and not too boring (dark green + rust gw theme), like on picture attached, I guess most of you saw them. Maybe someone can breakdown how to paint in such a way with Citadel paints and no Airbursh? Do I even want to start painting with Blightkinds, maby pick something else to pget more practice ?
  4. Hey guys, can anyone tell me are Chaos Warriors models from the Start Collecting - Slaves to Darkness is the same as they were like 10 years ago? I have a Chaos Warriors regiment sealed box from 2004-05. Can I just buy new bases and make same dudes like in Slaves to Darkness set?
  5. Thank you! What about alternative color schemes? Should I just follow the default schemes as shown in the guides and videos at first and when I get experience look into alternative ones? Or you guys could jump into different ones straight ahead somehow?
  6. Hello TGA community. Been lurking for a while and I really like people in here. I'm a huge warhammer fan from Russian Federation. I was reading/tracking releases for almost 15 years, but never actually played or collected. So now It's time for me to give it a try. I just have a quick question, where is the best / novice friendly community for WH40k?
  7. Dear friends, I've been lurking for some time and decided to join your great community. Really enjoy atmosphere in here. So I've been a huge WHFB fan for almost 15 years, but never actually played a game or painted. I've painted couple of chaos warriors/marauders in a days, but let's say I'm completely new. I know warhammer in terms of lore, but need your advice as a guy who basically never painted ever before. What army would you recommend to start with to practice painting skills? My dream is to make Mortal Nurgle army with Blightkings as a main unit because I enjoy their look and WH40k Mechanicus Skitarii army for same reason. As of now both of those armies looks very hard to paint. Probably the right answer is Stormcast Ethernals or Space Marines - but I never enjoyed "good guys" really,. Unless you guys tell me give it a go, at least I have an idea of painting Grim and Brutal Stormcast guys with maces covered in blood. So what would be you recommendation? Or just grab any of start collectors sets and paint with basic scheme? Would really appreciate some advice on where to begin with the hobby. My friend just bought basic paint set + 3 stormcast boyz - and damn they looked awesome even though he never painted before. At this point I haven't bought anything, but ordered Gates of Azyr to get into the new Lore.
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