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  1. Oravanystava

    Converting Stormcast Eternals?

    Thanks a lot you two. I have almost convinced myself by now to buy the Hammerhall army box and make a mixed Stormcast/Freeguild army with lots of conversions. In the past I was quite shy about converting models but I feel like I'm ready to take the next step, so to speak. Cheers!
  2. Hello everyone! I've been contemplating starting a Stormcast army for quite some time, but wanted to give them a bit more of a "knightly" theme. I suppose my biggest inspiration would be the Diablo 3 Crusader. Now I've got a couple of questions before I commit to the idea and start spending money. My biggest concerns are the proportions of various bits and how they fit the Stormcast bodies. Which ones do you think would make a better fit? - for the heads I'm thinking either the Grey Knights Terminator or the Free Guild Greatsword helmets. - I'd also like to equip them with flails. Cut off the hammer heads and replace them with the appropriate bits. I suppose my best bets would be the Chaos Marauders or Flagellants. Maybe Marauders for Liberators and Flaggellants for Retributors? - lastly, it would be super cool to use the front halves of the Black Templar torsos. Is that in any way doable or completely unreasonable? Thanks for the help!
  3. Oravanystava

    Hi, I'm new!

    Now you've got me thinking (which is a good thing). I suppose it should be easy enough to undeadify minis from the other factions by swapping out some bits and using appropriate colors. I already have some ideas, I think. Only problem with that is that it would be more effort than just taking things out of a box, and right now I am eager to start playing. But in that case, maybe Undead aren't ideal anyway because I would expect to need lots of zombies and skeletons to get an appropriate army. So maybe I'll just start out with Stormcast Eternals for now and once I have a playable collection of those I can start some more ambitious projects. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Oravanystava

    Magnetizing Stormcast weaponry

    Cool thanks a lot. That's exactly what I wanted to know. So, it's not 100% ideal but about what I had expected. I'll have to ponder that for a while I think, but in general, I should be able to do most of the things I want to do.
  5. Oravanystava

    Hi, I'm new!

    Thanks! I don't hold any hopes for Tzaangors. If they ended up being just one unit in a bigger Arcanites army, that might be good enough for me, but I'm not going to wait for that. My biggest "problem" with undead right now is that I don't really have an idea how to make them my own, so to speak. Like, with Stormcast Eternals I know how I would paint them and already have a name for "my" Stormhost and some background story and descriptions and whatnot. With undead, I have some ideas what colors to use and how to hopefully paint them in a way that I could use different colors for the various types of undead but still make them look like a cohesive army on the table. But in the end they would simply be undead, nothing "special" about them. I still have some time to think more about it, maybe inspiration will come eventually.
  6. So, I'm considering collecting a Stormcast army. I like their theme and fluff and have some ideas as to color scheme and background story (which is fairly important to me). The only thing that is giving me pause is the super high cost-per-model ratio. Now I understand that I will need fewer models for an army than with other factions so that the total cost for an army will be the same or at least not that much higher than usual, but I still don't the idea of paying for piles of bits in extra weapon options that I will probably never use for anything. Now I am thinking that maybe instead of gluing it all together I could attach the arms or hands or weapons using magnets. That way I could use all the bits and wouldn't have to buy extra boxes for all the options I might want to use or test out. Anybody got any experience/recommendations/tips? I've never done anything like that before and maybe the Stormcast sprues are not very conducive for that idea. It doesn't have to be fully modular, I would be more than content with switching shields for secondary weapons, or maybe switching heads to combine units of five into bigger units, something like that. And on that topic, what about the models in the "Start Collecting" boxes and the "Age of Sigmar Starter Set"? Are these sprues identical or at least compatible with the normal boxes? Could I, for example, get the starter set and a box of Liberators and assemble them such that I could make one big unit of guys with hammers and shields that I can then switch out into two small units with differing weapons? Thank you in advance, The Painting Squirrel
  7. Oravanystava

    Hi, I'm new!

    Hello everybody! I came here via the Garagehammer podcast and even though I technically don't play Age of Sigmar yet (painting my Silver Tower minis right now), I already bought a couple of books and am pondering which army I should collect. Right now I'm torn between giving in to my nature as a goody two shoes and get myself an Order army of some kind, or maybe take the Dark Souls games, which I love, as an inspiration to collect an army of assorted Undead. Or maybe I should wait for a bit longer, and hope that some new Aelves will be released soonish, it feels like they should be announced any day now. I also would just love to see the Tzaangors from Silver Tower to be turned into a whole army of their own right, but that may be just a forlorn dream. As you might be able to see, I am easily excited by just about anything, so we will see how this goes.