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  1. The winter wolves, dire wolf hunting hounds lead in The Frostbitten Hunt. (Work in progress)
  2. In the pack you mention trying to get a deal with the Travelodge. Has anything come of this?
  3. How do people feel about the unofficial skirmish points? I was planning to go with Soulblight heavy death until i saw they weren't in the book.
  4. Hipsterhammer is Keiron and Matt's hobbby tumblr. http://hipsterhammer.tumblr.com
  5. Cool, anyone fancy a game at warhammer world Saturday afternoon?
  6. Can anyone recommend things to do in Derby? I'm coming down on the Saturday and have no plans.
  7. @BenYeah i'm on gmail, I have a different email for my forum/PayPal account, maybe that added to the confusion. I'd best get painting.
  8. @L.Bromley same here, PayPal's saying I've sent the money so that should mean I've got a ticket. Hopefully it's just an admin backlog or something.
  9. Hi, Have you got a confirmation email? I PayPal-ed last night and I'm still waiting for mine. Hopefully we'll both get in.
  10. Is there? Where do you play? I'm based in york and I'm keen to play more AoS.
  11. I was thinking about this the other day, this is probably the closest gw model to the old "official" Abyssal Terror.
  12. I had a great time, really nice environment, glad everyone went home in theire own identical grey coat!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm a York based nerd looking to get into playing AoS. I got back into about the hobby around the End Times and I've been painting/modeling quite a bit since then, now i'm looking to get my models on the table and play some games in and around the north of England.
  14. I'd be tempted to take the zombies in units of 40 so you can take a few casulties and still make the most of "Dragged down and torn apart".
  15. 1000 points of Nighthaunt is about enough for me. I've put together a banshee, 5 hexwraiths, 6 spirit hosts and a Mornghul in the past couple of months, it's been a fun project and an army of ghosts is a super cool theam. But I think i've had enough of building these kits. I'm more excited to work on other models in the Death range, at least until the Nighthaunt battle tome comes out or i have a great idea for a Mornghul conversion.
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