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  1. **WEEKLY UPDATE** This week's goal is to paint a chunk of the Lord on Zombie Dragon as well as 5 more skeletons, taking me up to 15 of the 30 painted. I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Vamp Lord's lore and design. -Havard Fuilbeorn- Called The Blood Bear, this soulblight vampire is now King of northern Ossia, having been chosen at a moot of the Jarls by rites and sacrifice. Predominantly seen as a unifying figure amongst the Clans, he literally looms large over other men. A hairy, boastful, and often gregarious mountain of flesh, Havard enjoys the savage conquest of wa
  2. My guess for Hysh/Light Aelves are the Xmas army or next Adepticon. We still have to get a book for Darkoath, as they are the last character from Malign Portents which does not have an army. Sylvaneth, KO, and theoretically another Death and Destruction army are slated for tomes in 2019 per the graphic shown at LVO and Adepticon. If you guys think I'm Sigmar's number one best boy, just wait until our Most Radiant Princes return. Especially you Mr. @Strength_Hammer
  3. The "New Battletomes are Coming" poster depicts art of a vamp lord. Would love this lore to lead into a Soulblight Vampires tome. Non-summonable death units need a boost.
  4. I've been searching for a replacement to Grimghast Reapers pending a nerf in GHB 4, but I think we are failing to take into account speculation on points cuts on other units. If Grave Guard drop to 140 for 10, and they are still battleline in GHoN, I think you have a hammer right there. Would also like to see Morghasts and Blood Knights revisited. Fingers crossed the "More Battletomes are Coming" image from the previews does indeed portend a dedicated Soulblight tome. If that comes with some new kits for battleline, it will likely also be legal in Legions like a chunk of nighthaunt is. I know
  5. Hi everyone! I just started using TGA on the reg so I'm still getting a feel for what threads to follow and whatnot. I live in South Jersey but run bimonthly tournaments at Bstrat. The next one will be in late June and a date will be forthcoming this weekend most likely. In terms of NYC gaming, Bstrat is the best store in the city. I know there is a Manhattan AOS group led by Dave Schmitz which meets at Compleat on Thursday evenings, but I'm sure it's quite a schlep to get into Manhattan just for a weekly warhammer fix if you are Brooklyn based. If you want to stay up to date
  6. I was on the fence about it myself, in regards to the Grimghast proxies. It's also why I decided to only approach painting ten of them under the concept. I have been struggling over how to work in the concept of the celtic and the Nordic themes into the Nighthaunt miniatures, which have so little room for clean conversions. I won't abandon painting the ten, they'll be finished this month for sure, but thank you for the input on them and I will look at another angle to make them fit with my narrative theme. As for the fur on the skellies, that was my thinking entirely. I love the look of t
  7. Amidst a land of looming cliffs, wild streams, and dark pine forests, a harsh and rugged people claw their existence out of that brutal archipelago – Northern Ossia in inner Shyish. While the weather is rarely ever kind, and the wilds often teem with baleful spirits as often as wild animals, the seafaring Ossians proudly sustain themselves on trade and plunder in equal measure. Divided into independent, often feuding clans, Ossians recognize no rule above their Soulblight Jarls, and a king chosen from amongst their rank during ceremonial gatherings of heinous violence. The Age of Chaos te
  8. Hail Celestial Vindicators! Hail! So nice to see the best stormhost taking over as the face of the faction. I'll be posting my Celestial Vindicators son enough. Ace painting on yours!
  9. It's the same hat worn by the Liberator Prime and one of the Concussors. Just doesn't have extra feathers. Thanks for all of the comments people!
  10. Thanks for the kind words! As for the gold, I only use the Games Workshop Stormcast Eternals tutorials on this sort of gold. The key is to go back and keep prodding the recesses with washes of agrax and/or fleshshade as desired. Not done posting yet! Here's more... -- A City, a Circus No one faction has complete control over the city, power is shared unwillingly, and peace maintained only by a shared sense of decency and a plethora of mighty foes that seek to annihilate all that is good in the mortal realms. The monastic Stormcast Eternals that turned away from Sigma
  11. Of all the mortal realms, perhaps the least traveled among them is the place named Ulgu. Shadow magic personified, it is a plane of shifting continents, ominous skies, endless grey crags, and home to demonic fogs. In ancient times, before Chaos ruled over all but Sigmar’s throne, explorers would not deign to venture there. They feared the realm of dread illusion would swallow them whole, or worse face the wrath of a baleful king left over from another world, like the patron god of men. Through winding valleys and hidden pathways stands a solitary fortress, larger than any like it across t
  12. Thank you! Limiting it to 1,000 words was the big challenge, but I assured they were introduced correctly. If there was ever to be a follow up certain misfortunes may befall them.
  13. 1,000 words is a nifty challenge for a writer, I did my best to tell a narrative as well as display my unique faction in a way that treats all aspects of the fluff with fairness. The Invitation of Settra A Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Narrative by Martin Orlando -- Hot wind whipped through the cavern with a rasped howl, kicking up flecks of bone with the mustard colored sand in a never ending migration. Hidden from the light under the mountainous rock, broken human skeletons peeked out of pools of sand. Rusted husks that were once shimmering weapons had been boun
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