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  1. **WEEKLY UPDATE** This week's goal is to paint a chunk of the Lord on Zombie Dragon as well as 5 more skeletons, taking me up to 15 of the 30 painted. I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Vamp Lord's lore and design. -Havard Fuilbeorn- Called The Blood Bear, this soulblight vampire is now King of northern Ossia, having been chosen at a moot of the Jarls by rites and sacrifice. Predominantly seen as a unifying figure amongst the Clans, he literally looms large over other men. A hairy, boastful, and often gregarious mountain of flesh, Havard enjoys the savage conquest of war, almost as much as he enjoys blood-wine, and all he can eat in his feast hall back in Shyish. Make no mistake, that quixotic ton of man is a gleeful servant of Nagash. King Fuilbeorn invades the many realms of the living with intent of conquest and plunder by the dead, so that their way of life - the proud, violent life of Ossia - may spread elsewhere. His feast hall in Ossia is something only Nagash can offer. The spectral champions of ancient heroes drinking and cheering alongside Deathrattle kings, vampire jarls, and their mortal descendants. Glorious songs and near endless mirth filling the air. Chaos does not offer that, no God of Sigmar's pantheon offers that. At the end of the hall, a grand wood and stone carving of Nagash dominates the edifice, and beneath it is the throne of the Clan King. Behind the throne is a carving, dyed red with dragon's blood, "True Power can only be wielded by those who lower themselves to pick it up." Havard is humbled by his God, and while Nagash could utilize unflinching control over him and the whole of Ossia, he does not. They kill, pillage, and dominate in his name, what more could the God of Death ask for? I didnt want a traditional vampire, I wanted to capture something more lively and aggressive, in some ways jolly. It's one thing to get the aesthetic of a viking berserker out of a khorne lord or even some Slaves to Darkness hero. No, I wanted an older, even fat man full of hair and bulk not necessarily just from muscle, and I think I pulled that off here. He's made out of a Pusgoyle Blightlords rider, an Unforged (dwarf slayer) head, and a LOT of sculpting. If you notice the brooch on his fur is the shape of Arkhan's hexagonal black gem. This is supposed to denote the King as one of Arkhan's disciples, allowing him to pull double duty in a Legion of Sacrament or Grand Host list.
  2. My guess for Hysh/Light Aelves are the Xmas army or next Adepticon. We still have to get a book for Darkoath, as they are the last character from Malign Portents which does not have an army. Sylvaneth, KO, and theoretically another Death and Destruction army are slated for tomes in 2019 per the graphic shown at LVO and Adepticon. If you guys think I'm Sigmar's number one best boy, just wait until our Most Radiant Princes return. Especially you Mr. @Strength_Hammer
  3. The "New Battletomes are Coming" poster depicts art of a vamp lord. Would love this lore to lead into a Soulblight Vampires tome. Non-summonable death units need a boost.
  4. I've been searching for a replacement to Grimghast Reapers pending a nerf in GHB 4, but I think we are failing to take into account speculation on points cuts on other units. If Grave Guard drop to 140 for 10, and they are still battleline in GHoN, I think you have a hammer right there. Would also like to see Morghasts and Blood Knights revisited. Fingers crossed the "More Battletomes are Coming" image from the previews does indeed portend a dedicated Soulblight tome. If that comes with some new kits for battleline, it will likely also be legal in Legions like a chunk of nighthaunt is. I know I just imagined a bunch of wishlisting there, but I wouldn't say its out of the realm of impossible. In conclusion, the new GHB may yield new math for previously overcosted units which become the new hammer. Also, Black Knights. +1 attack from general with Lord of Nagashizzar and a Wight King or Vamp Lord in support for another +1... 8 attacks per model?
  5. Hi everyone! I just started using TGA on the reg so I'm still getting a feel for what threads to follow and whatnot. I live in South Jersey but run bimonthly tournaments at Bstrat. The next one will be in late June and a date will be forthcoming this weekend most likely. In terms of NYC gaming, Bstrat is the best store in the city. I know there is a Manhattan AOS group led by Dave Schmitz which meets at Compleat on Thursday evenings, but I'm sure it's quite a schlep to get into Manhattan just for a weekly warhammer fix if you are Brooklyn based. If you want to stay up to date on all of the organized play events in the New Jersey, Eastern PA, and NYC areas, join the "New Jersey Age of Sigmar" facebook group and check our pinned calendar post. I hope that helps, cheers. Also thanks for the shoutout Gary. Eagerly building for Da Boyz.
  6. I was on the fence about it myself, in regards to the Grimghast proxies. It's also why I decided to only approach painting ten of them under the concept. I have been struggling over how to work in the concept of the celtic and the Nordic themes into the Nighthaunt miniatures, which have so little room for clean conversions. I won't abandon painting the ten, they'll be finished this month for sure, but thank you for the input on them and I will look at another angle to make them fit with my narrative theme. As for the fur on the skellies, that was my thinking entirely. I love the look of the Sepulchral Guard, and can't wait to bulk up the remaining models a bit with some tattered extra armor here and there as well as the fur, which is so easy to sculpt. All in all, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate the targeted critiques, as I want this army to look the absolute best it can be.
  7. Amidst a land of looming cliffs, wild streams, and dark pine forests, a harsh and rugged people claw their existence out of that brutal archipelago – Northern Ossia in inner Shyish. While the weather is rarely ever kind, and the wilds often teem with baleful spirits as often as wild animals, the seafaring Ossians proudly sustain themselves on trade and plunder in equal measure. Divided into independent, often feuding clans, Ossians recognize no rule above their Soulblight Jarls, and a king chosen from amongst their rank during ceremonial gatherings of heinous violence. The Age of Chaos tested the normally indomitable will of the Clans, many of which only survive as ghosts and dusty bones. Even in death however, the culture endures. Druidic necromancers have interpreted the Necroquake as the dawn of a new time, one of unending war and plunder which will restore former glory. Their greatest Jarl, Havard Fuilbeorn – literally the “Blood Bear” – has returned from a pilgrimage to remote Penultima astride a massive dragon, unique in almost all the realms. He has united both the living and the dead, the corporeal and the spectral, for the first time in a thousand years. With this grand army, he shall carve a bloody swathe across the Mortal Realms. Do you dare to stand in his way? Hello everyone, Martin here with a new hobby project. I’m moving on from a two-year devotion to Stormcast Eternals to break away from every comfort zone I’ve ever held dear, and have turned to Legions of Nagash. I’ve wanted to do this army for a long time, probably since early 2017, but hadn’t the courage nor the idea on how to execute it properly. The tidbit of lore attached should provide some context into what I want, but to further explain I didn’t want something like the endless waves of indistinguishable dead, I wanted something more aggressive and vibrant looking. The idea came about from playing fames like The Witcher 3 and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice to create an army born of Celtic and Nordic influences. Brooding greens and cold greys would contrast with the pallid flesh of vampires and bright bone of the skeletons. There are subliminal nature themes within the army, though it is not one of reverence like that found in Sylvaneth armies, rather representing the inscrutable, inhospitable nature of the Ossian homeland. I have a goal of painting 1,000 points of the army over the next five weeks, and I will be posting regular updates delving into why I made certain choices about how things looked as well as the lore behind them. In addition to picking an army I believe can be more competitive for me in the long run, I also wanted to infuse more of a story into each unit, giving them as much character as possible. My test Nighthaunt unit for example, is a banshee sent from Nagashizzar to corral the spirits of deserter clansmen, commanding them to fight even when the Jarl had forsaken such a miserable and pathetic house of ingrates. In this month I have to paint -Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon -Necromancer -30 Skeletons -5 Dire Wolves -10 Grimghast Reapers -4 Gravesites I’m doing this in cooperation with my local gaming club which is running a Warhammer charity event around building, painting, and playing models. I also want 1000 points complete so I can begin acclimating to the army as quickly as possible, even if the games are smaller. I hope you enjoy these pictures, feel free to leave feedback and check back in with the thread later down the line to see progress. Thank you.
  8. Hail Celestial Vindicators! Hail! So nice to see the best stormhost taking over as the face of the faction. I'll be posting my Celestial Vindicators son enough. Ace painting on yours!
  9. It's the same hat worn by the Liberator Prime and one of the Concussors. Just doesn't have extra feathers. Thanks for all of the comments people!
  10. Thanks for the kind words! As for the gold, I only use the Games Workshop Stormcast Eternals tutorials on this sort of gold. The key is to go back and keep prodding the recesses with washes of agrax and/or fleshshade as desired. Not done posting yet! Here's more... -- A City, a Circus No one faction has complete control over the city, power is shared unwillingly, and peace maintained only by a shared sense of decency and a plethora of mighty foes that seek to annihilate all that is good in the mortal realms. The monastic Stormcast Eternals that turned away from Sigmar brood and ponder the cosmos in Bonfire Keep at the farthest reaches of the castle walls, or at least most of them do. Those who could not remember the grandeur of their former lives created their own, and now attempt to hold power over the mortal masses as a mockery of an aristocracy. A noblewoman, who fled to the Castle in exile from Azyr, has been raised to the title of Madam Governor by her knights and the people. Her surrogate uncle who came with her forged a company of lawmen and protectors, who double as mercenaries abroad. They earn coin in all sorts of work so that wealth may flow back to the great city. Greater still are the number of cartographers, who explore and map the realms for both personal and public profit. Perhaps the strangest of all are the knights in strange armor, this scarlet-bound sisterhood whom practice religions most peculiar. Together these factions mingle in ways not seen anywhere else; creating as much tension as there is curiosity. To understand it entirely, one must travel to back to the origins of life within its walls, and examine events as they unfolded.
  11. Of all the mortal realms, perhaps the least traveled among them is the place named Ulgu. Shadow magic personified, it is a plane of shifting continents, ominous skies, endless grey crags, and home to demonic fogs. In ancient times, before Chaos ruled over all but Sigmar’s throne, explorers would not deign to venture there. They feared the realm of dread illusion would swallow them whole, or worse face the wrath of a baleful king left over from another world, like the patron god of men. Through winding valleys and hidden pathways stands a solitary fortress, larger than any like it across the mortal realms. The earth around it is serene and unchanging, but by no means beautiful. The castle stands as an anchor of logic, holding its surroundings in place while violent change and constant misdirection leave the rest of Ulgu an unknowable terror. It is here that a mysterious benefactor took the castle as their own, and sought to fill it with stewards to keep it, and proud knights to defend it. The master of the castle knew well this King of Shadow, once named Malekith. Long ago, Malekith was a distant blood relative, and also a most hated foe. The benefactor saw the city of stone as an opportunity, a way to garrison many souls in everlasting watch over an old enemy. Any shelter it may provide, any community it may create, any new ideas fostered under its roof, all were secondary to this singular purpose. Not that the benefactor would elucidate this to anyone. Years after the first settlers were led to its bronze gates, the castle-city is home to outcasts, vagabonds, and wanderers who seek a new order of things away an undesired establishment. This is no collection of pirates and thieves, but rather a flourishing city state governed by those deemed unfit to live amongst other mortals, no matter how noble the intentions in their hearts. From this cradle of sanctuary, the denizens of Castle Siebenbur strike from their home into other realms. Far from heavenly Azyr, the fortress in Ulgu stands as a bastion of Order where no other life would dare to defy the might of Chaos. -- This is one of my finished armies that has seen action at the Las Vegas Open, Adepticon, and now an event with the Adepticon crew at Midwest Meltdown. I took roughly a year to plan this army through writing fluff, conversion planning, and color scheme studies. I based this army on an examination of the many aspects I enjoy about fantasy in popular culture, particularly Japanese fantasy video games and their color palettes. Not the anime or cel-shaded games, but more visceral titles such as The Last Remnant, Dragon's Dogma, and Dark Souls to name a few. I have been particularly fascinated for a long time with the muted, organic palettes and the focus on nondenominational ornamentation... I could go on and on about why certain aspects of the army look as they do, but putting that all into a single post would take longer than I have in one sitting. So here's some minis to start with, I'll add more with bits of fluff as I go. No critique necessary. I know what looks bad and why. I have learned from what I rushed in this army and improved greatly in my upcoming Celestial Vindicators force. This army was rushed to completion, and nothing will change that, but it is certainly my most narrative driven army and that is what makes it beyond impressive and special in my opinion. It's not bad on the table either, I came in the top third of players at Adepticon 2017 with this lot.
  12. Thank you! Limiting it to 1,000 words was the big challenge, but I assured they were introduced correctly. If there was ever to be a follow up certain misfortunes may befall them.
  13. 1,000 words is a nifty challenge for a writer, I did my best to tell a narrative as well as display my unique faction in a way that treats all aspects of the fluff with fairness. The Invitation of Settra A Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Narrative by Martin Orlando -- Hot wind whipped through the cavern with a rasped howl, kicking up flecks of bone with the mustard colored sand in a never ending migration. Hidden from the light under the mountainous rock, broken human skeletons peeked out of pools of sand. Rusted husks that were once shimmering weapons had been bound to the bones by cobwebs. The skulls were all turned to the great portal imbedded within the stone, bound by the macabre archway of obsidian and onyx. If only they had lived to ever see it open. The Realmgate had closed. Its magical hum had been replaced by the clanking of armor, the trotting of horse hooves, and the heavy footfalls of Sigmarite plate upon sand and stone. Stormcast Eternals clad in a vibrant indigo chased with silver formed the vanguard of the small but well armored host. They moved with a curious mix of pomp and precision from the hidden passage into a wider valley. Wrapped about their holy plate were the trappings of princes of Azyr; feathered hats, great jewels, and capes of red and black silk embroidered with white interlacing patterns. It was almost as if they were imitating the platoon of mortal men marching in lockstep behind them. From the high saddle of her Dracoth, a Concussor gestured to stop the advance of the troops. A voice of noble gravitas rang out, ordering the footmen to form defensive postures. The handful of Liberators among them formed a shield wall, centered amongst the Freeguildsmen who were puny in comparison. The warhost’s commander moved her horse up beside the pale drake. It was an angelic steed armored with immaculate steel, marveling even the divine craftsmanship worn by Sigmar’s chosen. “I expected Shyish to be as cold as the grave like in the stories. This place seems to disagree.” She was undoubtedly a lord, bearing armor and dress fit for a queen. She had high cheekbones, emerald eyes, and long blonde hair spun into a thick braid that fell over one shoulder to her bosom. A white rose crowned one side of her scalp like a tiara. She looked around at the empty desert before her, and sneered. A cloudless sky and an oppressive sun was all that could be seen beyond the edge of either rock face that bordered the thin valley, which was no more than a hundred paces wide. One mouth opened into endless desert, and the other a similarly uninviting ocean, but on the horizon a great pyramid shone wickedly with gold. Its radiance likely betrayed the sinister beings entombed within. The Lady on the white horse pulled a long wooden talisman from her saddlebag, and held it with both hands. Wood was more precious than gold in a place where no living thing dared to grow, and so a great effort had been taken to carve hieroglyphics, wards, and finery about the token. At its top, a winged scarab was set into the dry cedar with an artist’s touch, each piece either gold or jade. Rubies and sapphires followed on each flank, but had been dulled with age. The sunlight made the wood react, and it rumbled in her gloved hands. Reality around it seemed to shift slightly, and a psychic echo made a voice heard loudly in her mind, and only in her mind. ‘The murk of Ulgu shifts and stirs. All seek to enter it, and yet none return, save you. Lady of Siebenbur, your Castle is a wonder of the Mortal Realms. I invite you to my domain, so that you may witness the glory of the true monarch in Shyish. Endure the crucible of the sands, and I shall entreat with thee.’ The same message rang out in the minds of her warhost as it did within her brilliant stone walls when a half-dead winged creature dropped the token upon her doorstep. Siebenbur Castle was a marvel indeed; home to mortal men and a self-exiled Stormhost deep within the enigmatic Realm of Shadow. But for all of its might, it was short on allies. The mistress of the Castle was intrigued at the prospect of purchasing an alliance with a famous enemy of Nagash, but she was not without caution. The sound of tense jolts of movement pulled her away from the token. The Stormcast and the Freeguild had turned their attention to a phalanx of skeletons marching towards them from the direction of the faraway pyramid. Spear and shield in hand, their grinning skulls wore no emotion, without skin or sinew there was nothing capable of showing expression. They came to a halt about twenty paces away, and parted for a walking corpse. Dead skin tanned by the sun and undoubtedly subject to mummification, it was hunched over slightly, and walked with a limp. Despite all this, he was not without a princely demeanor. “How auspicious indeed to receive your ladyship at a time such as this,” The man choked on a dry tongue and bowed with all of the courtesy one would have expected in Azyrheim, and not the deserts of the dead. “I came at the invitation of Settra the Imperishable. Is that whom you serve?” “Most certainly. I speak on behalf of the Kings and Princes of the Endless Desert in welcoming the Lady Mary Rutherford to our realm.” He half turned back towards the pyramid, causing the columns of bony warriors to do the same, never breaking from their formation, “Ahead you shall face many trials. Unwelcome guests sadly outnumber esteemed visitors like yourselves. Put them all to the sword and you shall have your audience with the True Monarch.” “Cannot the mighty Khemrikhara vanquish these invaders on his own?” She put on a slight smile, almost mocking the creature that was neither living nor dead before her. He swiftly retorted, “The Imperishable is beyond all, these foes that infest our land only serve as a crucible for his guests. The mighty shall overcome these challenges, and only they are worth his attention.”
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