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  1. Same. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s a Carrion Empire level release, like we get a new model (which might as well be a box set exclusive) and a Battletome, spells and terrain. Which, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for! No complaints here!
  2. Shedding a tear for no Ogor news. Continue languishing without allegiance abilities...
  3. Fair point. I suppose with the amount of space the 24 ogors are already taking up behind the screen, there’s not much room for the Ironguts in my mind, but the backfield use for the other 20 stopping teleport/deep strike shenanigans can’t be denied.
  4. Really? I’d have thought another unit of grots that small would evaporate without achieving much...
  5. Looking for some input into this potential list - Allegiance: Gutbusters Mortal Realm: Aqshy Leaders Tyrant (160) - General - Massive Ogor Club - Trait: Big and Brutish - Artefact: Ignax's Scales Butcher (140) - Pair of Stump Blades and Great Cauldron Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90) Battleline 12 x Ogors (400) - Pairs of Ogor Clubs or Blades 12 x Ogors (400) - Pairs of Ogor Clubs or Blades 3 x Ironguts (180) Units 60 x Grots (270) Endless Spells / Terrain Quicksilver Swords (30) Total: 1720 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 187 The Tyrant is kitted out to be survivable rather than killy, as the immunity to battleshock on the 3 blocks of infantry is resting on him remaining alive. The last 280 points, simple question, 6 Leadbelchers or 4 Mournfang?
  6. Ahoy! Been away from the grandfather for a while, now looking for help making a 2k list, really having trouble getting everything I want in... I feel like I want a GUO and a big block of Plaguebearers to hold the line, I want the Glottkin and a Harbinger to buff up stuff, I want some blightkings and Gutrott to pop up backfield , and I want plague monks to buff up and murder things! I’ve tried building lists and find that I always have to compromise on something... So my question would be if I have to lose out on something, what gets cut? OR can someone show me a list where I get what I want?
  7. I think the general word on the street at the moment is that an Ogor book isn’t far off. Whether it’s a mixed Ogor/BCR book or not, no idea. Theres literally nothing to substantiate this rumour but it prevails, it keeps being brought up on forums and there’s a few rumour machine images that COULD be Ogor related so... yeah, I think the model range is safe but who knows when new stuff is going to pop up (certainly after Sylvaneth and Warcry blow over anyway).
  8. Faction terrain now just outside of 3 inches instead of 6? Little easier but still sucks for Sylvaneth...
  9. Could be that BCR become like the Groves for Sylvaneth and Greatfrays for Beasts of Chaos; an option for a themed army (maybe a limiting factor could be nothing in the army with a movement characteristic of less than 7) within the Ogor battletome? Who knows, all this is speculation and we could be wishing on a prayer here 😅
  10. Fair, maybe I should have put “saves and abilities aside” at the end of my first paragraph as well. Maybe it’s a hang-on from the older systems but in my head the “hit” stat represents how skilled the model is at striking something, and the “wound” stat is how hard (or skilfully or accurately if aiming for weak points) the model hits. Bear in mind I don’t mind the current system AT ALL, but it does amuse me that there’s no differentiation between a stormcast bashing a Namarti Thrall’s head in, and injuring a Ghorgon (again just example, but this time same saves and no wound negating ability). Again, no good alternative off the top of my head and quite happy with the current way of doing things, it just makes me chuckle sometimes!
  11. Clearly I’m in the minority but I do feel there should be “something” that differentiates between stabbing a goblin and stabbing a rogue idol (just randomly picking something weedy and something literally made of stone). Not necessarily comparing strength and toughness like the days of old, but it does make me chuckle that a normal human is equally as capable of wounding a skink as he is of wounding a stonehorn (saves and abilities aside, just the actual wound roll). Saying this, I have no alternative and I’d still take the simplistic, easy, straightforward system we have now over something more complex to be fair.
  12. The old classics are still available (reroll charges, auto run 6 and auto pass battleshock), they’re just in the core rules, not the GHB
  13. Literally had this exact conversation on FB a few hours ago... by your generous interpretation, in a BCR vs BCR match if ONE model made a charge then every model on the board could reroll wounds of 1, because there’s no “friendly” wording. if you read it from back to front (kinda) - “beastclaw raider models in the combat phase can reroll wound rolls of 1 in a turn in which THEY charged”, the THEY being important because it refers to the models who have charged, not everyone.
  14. I had almost this same thought in the Gutbuster thread, but simply count wounds (or wounds characteristic) for the purposes of objectives and battleshock. It would be a unique ability and very thematic for their “bully” theme, one Ogor being worth 4 of anything else!
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