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  1. It looks like this could be a time saver for people who are looking for a basic paintjob, which is something I do believe there is a demand for. I don't believe, however, that this is suitable for advanced paintjobs. You will lose the control that two seperate steps of basecoating and washing provide and the difference does show on the previewed miniatures. I'd say this is a godsend for beginners and not very interesting for intermediate or advanced painters, but I'm curious to see what people will make of this.
  2. How long before we can expect news from LVO today?
  3. Just rearranging a few bits and calling it a new unit seems lazy. People certainly would have preferred a new sculpt, but I guess it was an ok move for the early stages of AoS. Now, the Varghulf Courtier does need a new sculpt (pretty please?)
  4. How probable do you think it is that Dire Wolves will be incorporated into FEC with the new battletome? It makes sense for royalty to employ hunting dogs, doesn't it? Do you think it would make sense from a gameplay perspective to add them to the roster?
  5. I need only the Tauralon for a conversion, so I'm looking for someone who could use the Lord Arcanum on Foot and all related Stormcast bits to split the box with, since it's quite expensive on its own. I'm based in Germany, so shipping within the EU is no problem.
  6. That is good to know, thank you! Would you mind posting a photo when you have the chance?
  7. Heyho, does any of you own demigryhs and gryph chargers? I'm planning on unsing the latter to convert Demigryph Knights, but I'm not sure how they compare size-wise. The Gryph Chargers look to be slightly bigger, but I'd like to make sure before commiting to a purchase. Thanks a lot!
  8. I asked a similar question not too long ago. You might want to check this thread out:
  9. It's not just SJW stuff, but the rapid decline in quality accompanied by concessions to SJW culture.
  10. People are just afraid, is all. They see what is going on in other popular media and fear that GW will take the same route. Thankfully, we have no reason to believe that this is going to be the case anytime soon.
  11. More specifically, it's about waging war against your friends within the context of a miniature game. There is the hobby, painting and lore side to it as well, but those particular itches can just as well be scratched by other hobbies and are not at the core of wargaming. You'll find that the concept and act of waging war, even if it's just fictional, are more appealing to men in general - by a huge margin. The reason why the wargaming communities mostly consist of men is that the very nature of the product is more appealing to the tastes of men, not because the people within those communities are non-inclusive. It may very well be a real contributing factor, but in the grand scheme of things it's probably a minor one. Of course, there are girls and women who do enjoy wargaming, but I' talking about the average person here, just to be clear. Now, you can attempt to reel in new demographics by altering your product and I do believe that GW has done so quite effectively with some of their recent strategies (femcast, the upcoming comics series for children, hiring Becca), but they know full well what their core customer base is and they will not risk alienate it, which something like a focus on teen characters or LGBT content might very well do. Also, Ogres have a distinct mongolian vibe to them, so asian themes are not without precedent
  12. That would be hugely appreciated. Im based in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  13. I hope you don't mind the OT. but I was hoping to find someone who might be willing to send me a Gordrakk head for my Megaboss conversion. I'd cover shipping and put a few bucks on top for your help, of course
  14. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but I've yet to see evidence for it. If it's just a gut feeling or the experience you've made in the past, fair enough, but this whole "diversity is better" argument is often presented as a non-arguable fact, when it's actually not. I believe that the sooner we stop putting people into categories, be it gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, warhammer faction of choice (even though we might have to make an exception for that) the better.
  15. Good point. The obvious solution is to acknowledge that neither diversity nor homogenity are inherently good or bad. What makes communities good are good people, no matter their gender or ethnicity.
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