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  1. lol @ the guy with seraphon as tier 1. I wish buddy.
  2. I'm the triple-engine/shadowstrike list. It's a fun list but I'm not hoping for much with the amount of hard death lists out there.
  3. Going with my seraphon for the second year in a row. Only one of 3 seraphon players this year!
  4. Oh ****** so every time I have played against evocators I have taken way more wounds than I should have I guess. So if my unit of 40 skinks gets attacked by 5 evocators, they roll 10 dice, not 80?
  5. Daughters of Khaine are pretty damn good at flooding objectives with bodies and not dying.
  6. Engines of the gods sniping heroes with mortal wounds, Rippers killing hordes, Dread Saurian buffed and hunting monsters and heroes, skinks sitting on objectives and screening Slann.
  7. Trying to not be a ****** by painting all my ******
  8. My first 2000 point game of AOS was the first game of the LVO last year...so dont worry about it. On the bottom tables - which is where I ended up - nobody really takes it too seriously.
  9. I went last year and it was my first tournament. It was a total blast. Unfortunately the AOS championships are going to be Friday-Saturday this upcoming year and taking a Friday off is nigh impossible for me. I don't really understand what made them decide to change the schedule format. I know Im probably an exception, but I figure theres going to be a few other people like myself who can't take a weekday off. Definitely considering making it down for the doubles Sunday regardless, but its a big trip just for one day!
  10. Thanks for this post. I am going to LVO and its going to be my first tournament ever. I live in an area where AOS is not very popular so its really hard to get a game, let alone a competitive game. I am #1 just hoping to have lots of fun, but #2 trying to win at least one game haha. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  11. How has this been played at the big tournaments in the UK recently?
  12. Hey guys, I love this website and have been lurking for several weeks before making an account. I was a Warhammer Fantasy player when I was a kid about 15 years ago, and with the recent opening of a GW store in my area I got into the hobby again. Have been playing with my old wood-elves but recently decided its time to start new. Starting a death army this week and couldn't be more excited to be painting and gaming! Thanks for all the great content on this site!
  13. Love your Zombie horde. I am also going to be putting one together from Mantic/GW zombies pretty soon! Would love to know about how you got those dark but realistic effects on your Zombies with that paint scheme!
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