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  1. I started getting this series and have the first 9 issues.  But due to the uncertain future I can't justify the spend each week.  I will, at the moment, just be buying the Stormcast issues and possibly the ones with paints.  

    I will pass on the Nighthaunt and terrain nice though they would have been.  

    I am on lockdown in the UK at the moment but if anyone wants the Nighthaunt models from issues 1 to 9 in the future I am sure we can do a deal!

    Stay safe everyone!

  2. Latest clearout.  UK and paypal preferred.

    NightVault Box  (BNIB)        £30 inc P&P to UK

    Khorne Bloodbound from starter set (Built not painted)  £25 inc P&P to UK

    Daughters of Khaine Battletome      £14 inc P&P to UK

    Khaineri Heartrenders (5) and Lifetakers (5) (Built but not painted)  £20 inc P&P to UK






  3. Hi, Continuing my clear out I have the following War Cry stuff available for purchase.  Letting you guys have first dibs before putting it on ebay later this week.

    As usual, UK buyers preferred due to postage costs and paypal accepted.


    War Cry Starter Box (Still BNIB untouched, only rule book was removed to skim through but is back in box)      £90 inc Postage in the UK (won't post overseas as too big!)

    Splintered Fang Warband Box BNIB                        £20  inc postage in the UK         SOLD

    The Unmade Warband Box BNIB                               £20 inc postage in the UK          SOLD

    Corvus Cabal Warband Box BNIB                              £20 inc postage in the UK          SOLD

    Cypher Lords Warband Box BNIB                             £20 inc postage in the UK          SOLD

    Monsters & Mercenaries Book                                    £12 inc postage in the Uk            SOLD


    I also have the following 'Terrain sets available BNIB unopened:


    Corpsewrack Mausoleum                                            £40 inc Postage in the UK (won't post overseas as too big!)

    Shattered Stormvault                                                     £40 inc Postage in the UK (won't post overseas as too big!)

    Defiled Ruins                                                                       £40 inc Postage in the UK (won't post overseas as too big!)


    I have the following Card packs available too, they have been opened to check contents but are otherwise immaculate condition.


    Gloomspite Gitz Cards                                                      £5 inc postage in the uk

    Stormcast Eternals Cards                                                 £5 inc Postage in the UK

    Daughters of Khaine Cards                                             £5 inc Postage in the UK

    Flesh Eater Courts Cards                                                £5 inc Postage in the uk


    Thanks for looking!



  4. I first started way back in the 80's (but don't really remember exactly when).  I remember going into a department store of all places and in the toys and games section were the old blister packs of citadel miniatures.  I recall buying a pack of the classic dwarf villagers and using airfix enamel paints to paint them (not very well either)!

    I was hooked anyway and I spent most of my pocket money back then on these dwarf blisters but thankfully discovered acrylic paints.  My brother was big into the orc range too so it was inevitable we purchased Warhammer 3rd edition on its release.  I still have a lot (if not most) of those early dwarfs waiting to see the table once again.

    My hobby interest spread over the next ten years discovering classics such as Heroquest (and Advanced Heroquest), Space Crusade and the Astrogranite pitch version of Blood Bowl.

    I had a break until the early '00s when my then girlfriends younger brother began to show an interest (via the middle earth magazine).  That was that and I have been entrenched in the hobby ever since!  Though with family, money and time are at a low so I only really concentrate on a few 'systems' - Aos (Stormcast), 40k (Raven Guard), Blood Bowl and now War Cry.

    I hope to get my daughters involved over the next few years though they currently roll their eyes when I get the copy of White Dwarf out!

  5. Hi,

    Having a clear out before the end of the year of things I have tried but decided not for me, models I will never get around to painting and other things!

    Just sounding out to see if any interest on here before I lump them on ebay at the weekend.  Any questions, please ask!  Paypal please. UK buyers ideally due to weights and costs of postage.



    In a KR Multicase (though only one foam insert for models due to other items in the box):

    • Original Shadespire Game Boards
    • Original Nightvault Game Boards
    • Shattered City Game Board
    • Forbidden Chambers Game Board
    • Shadespire & Nightvault tokens, Lots of dice.
    • Garreks Reavers (Built but not touched otherwise with all Faction cards)
    • Thorns of the Briar Queen (NOS With all Faction and universal cards sealed)
    • Sepulchral Guard (NOS with Faction cards)
    • Spiteclaw's Swarm (NOS with Faction/universal cards sealed)
    • The Chosen Axes (NOS with Faction Cards)
    • Ironskulls Boyz (NOS with Faction/universal cards sealed)
    • Magore's Fiends (NOS with Faction cards)
    • Shadespire & Nightvault Rulebooks

    Looking for £75 posted to the UK.

    2) Nightvault Starter Box Still sealed BNIB             £30 posted to the UK.

    3) Kharadron Overlords Army in KR Multicase      £75 posted to UK

    If there is interest in this I will double check the final contents but from memory (all are built but not undercoated) there is the following:

    • Aetheric Navigator
    • Endrinmaster
    • 3 squads of 5 x Grundstock Thunderers
    • 1 squad of 10 x Arkanauts 
    • 1 squad of 3 x Endrinriggers
    • 1 squad of 3 x Skywardens
    • 3 x Grundstock Gunhaulers
    • Battletome Kharadron Overlords (Paperback)
    • Warscroll cards

    (as I said if interest is shown I will check the box contents and confirm before any payment is made!)

    4) Death Guard from Dark Imperium Box NOS plus extras from ETB Poxwalkers and Plague Marines   £35 posted to the UK.

    Plus a battered codex but still fine inside and not falling apart!

    5) The Khorne elements of the ORIGINAL AoS Starter set (Built but not undercoated)    £20 to the UK Posted

    (if interest shown I will confirm that everything is still there!)


  6. Ok, so I'm thinking of getting into Underworlds.

    Can someone tell me if the universal cards from season one (in the core and warbands sets)were repeated in season two? 

    Or are they all totally different cards?

    I'm confused and can't find an answer anywhere!

    I am wondering whether I can just buy Night vault and the season 2 warbands or will I have to track down the season 1 sets too!

  7. So far I think I am in the lucky place in that nothing has so far persuaded me to start a new army.

    I am in the process of building three armies at present though I have enough of each to play 1000pt games with them, and to be honest our group only tends to play at this level due to our busy schedules.

    So unless some outstanding force comes along I will carry on adding bits and pieces to my SCE, Kharadron and Daughters armies.

    I bought into Warcry, so there's lots there for me to get stuck into.

    I am tempted to run a gitz gang in Warcry so I can probably see me expanding that as my next project.

  8. Also, eBay has had a pretty good market for selling the components separately for the kill team terrain sets, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the instructions, cards etc up for sale on there soon. 


  9. On 7/29/2019 at 1:52 AM, RaiderX said:

    I don't know if you had noticed but Mausoleum is a bad field to accompany Corvus Cabal.  The Mausoleum is flat with nothing to climb to,  that'd make 3 of their abilities useless.

    It would be a challenge!

    To be honest I am getting all 6 warbands so I will probably pick and choose depending on the terrain.

    And I'm getting the terrain boxes to build up my general terrain for AoS

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