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  1. Started with Stormcasts. Still playing Stormcasts. Will still be playing Stormcasts for the foreseeable future! I am regularly tempted to start a new army but thankfully have managed so far to resist.
  2. Okey doke. if no interest by Wednesday I will be putting them on ebay. Cheers! EDIT: Lowered Price
  3. Hi, Just wondered if there is any interest in the following as I am not going to be starting a Night Haunt army now. Nighthaunt half of the Soul Wars starter box The ETB Myrmourn Banshees (4) and Glaivewraith Stalkers (4) The ETB Dreadblade Harrows (2) All are Brand new and still on Sprue. I will pack the warscroll cards too where relevant. Would prefer to keep it UK only but if anyone is prepared to pay that bit extra I will post further afield. Paypal preferred. I have sold on here before and also ebay (refreshmentboy) and The Warhammer Forum (Barundin thunderhammer). Looking for £55 £50 inc postage. Thanks
  4. I have a 10,000 point Dwarf army from my Warhammer days that I haven't yet sorted into AoS units etc yet..haven't found the time to do so! But specifically for AoS I have my Hallowed Knights Stormcast. Currently have at least one of every hero (only missing the celestant on stardrake and Drakesworn Templar) and pretty much every unit so far including the new soul wars stuff. I think I had about fifty liberators at last count, no idea how much they will get used this edition though! And soul wars has led me into collecting nighthaunt now!
  5. I haven't read any of it yet but after flicking through the core book, background book to soul wars and the malign sorcery book there seems a lot of fluff to read! And they look gorgeous
  6. I like the new models, mounts and all! But I will only be buying them if there is a vanilla option for each as I am a Hallowed Knights player and don't want to start another host!
  7. I like the new sculpt and it has pretty much sold me on keeping the night haunt from the starter set as a second army, or a lead in to a legions of nagash force. I wouldn't paint mine white though...
  8. Initially I was leaning towards getting the starter set, GHB and Malign sorcery on pre order but I'm now thinking to spread it over a couple of months. Will probably just go with the starter this time, and get the Sorcery and GHB next month as I can't see myself playing any games for the next few weeks due to other commitments. The big question for me is, do I sell the Nighthaunt or keep it?
  9. Not really had any issues with any of the recent GW plastics. The Lord Celestant on Dracoth was a pain to get together in terms of pieces not fitting great but it still only took a short while with some green-stuffing. Their Necromunda and Blood Bowl kits can get a little fiddly but even my fat fingers can cope! Malifaux models on the other hand.....
  10. What a stellar line up of releases! I think I will just plump for the core box first and see what the Nighthaunt minis look like in the flesh. I play Stormcast so always going to keep those models but if the Ghostly beggars sway me then it could be army number 2. Otherwise I will no doubt offload the Nighthaunt half to recoup some money that can go towards the Malign Sorcery and GHB for July. (now I just hope there are no Blood Bowl or Necromunda releases in June, early July)! I think the objectives etc can wait a while longer...
  11. Hi, I am looking to sell the contents of the Core Shadespire set (Boards, Steelhearts, Reavers, Dice and cards) plus the following expansions (figures and cards). Sepulchural Guard Ironjawz Chosen Axes Spiteclaw's Swarm If I can find the original box the core set come in you can have that! ALL the figures have only been pushfit together, no painting whatsoever. The cards are all together in order (obviously you will need Magore's Fiends and The Farstriders to complete the set) including any duplicates from the core set etc. Everything is in Excellent condition as it hasn't been played with. Looking for £60 including postage costs to the UK. Paypal preferred. I have sold on here before, plus on ebay as refreshmentboy. Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm looking to buy some of the Realmgate Wars Source Books (NOT the novels) in decent condition and for a reasonable price. I'm after: Godbeasts The Balance of Power Allgates If any of you want to offload any or all of these let me know and what sort of price (including postage to UK) you are looking for. Thanks
  13. Hi, Time for a post Christmas clearout and I have the following up for grabs. Prices include postage to addresses in the UK. I have sold on here before and as refreshmentboy on ebay. Stormcast half of the Blightwar starter (Naeve, 5 Hunters, 3 Palladors, 3 Raptors, 3 Aetherwings) £35 (New on sprue) Fyreslayers Battletome £12.50 PM me if interested..
  14. I have an amendment to my earlier post. In addition to building all my stormcast boxes I have lying around, and hopefully painting them to add to my Hallowed Knights, collecting the latest BloodBowl and Necromunda releases and hopefully laying some games.... 2018 has officially become the year I get a Death Guard army for 40k and a nurgle maggotkin army for AoS. I don't see me keeping the sleep objective....
  15. Finish building my stormcast, then try and paint some. Play some AoS, BloodBowl and necromunda. Sleep.
  16. Ok, going on eBay this afternoon if no interest by then.
  17. Hi, Having a clear out and I have a set of Primaris marines to sell. Basically the contents of Dark Imperium and the Easy to Build Reivers and Intercessors. All built but not painted. I also have the current Codex Space Marines to go with them. The full list is: Captain Ancient with Banner 2 x Lieutenants 2 Units of 5 intercessors 3 Inceptors 5 Hellblasters 3 ETB Reivers 3 ETB Intercessors Looking for £40 posted to the UK, £50 if you want the codex included. If not gone by Friday they will be going on ebay. Thanks Alan
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