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  1. It struggles more due to lack of speed and when there’s more than 4 objectives.
  2. I’ve not found it that bad. Use the crawlers to pick off enemy heroes. Kata is very hard to kill. Plus mortek with harvester support just do there thing.
  3. You are welcome! Just wanted to give me 2 cents as it were 😊 Having played Fyreslayers since they came out, Slaanesh is defiantly a change of pace. It does seem a strange design compared with most armies. Which did confuse me at first. I think I have played around 20-25 games with the new book and it has taken me till now to get used to it. However, even now I find myself making simple mistakes which I wouldn’t with another book. As like you said I am (like many others) used to my deathstar of (in my case) HGB running around (albeit slowly) killing everything they touch and not dyi
  4. So I imagine by now my experience with the new book is very similar to everyone else’s. Over the Easter weekend I played in a mini tournament with some friends. I played against LRL, DoK, Seraphon and OBR. All playing very completive versions of these armies. So my take aways, I think the Slaanesh book is actually pretty decent. However, due to points I feel its almost unplayable unless you go Seeker conclave (which I always do). I feel like our book is lacking major combos which other books can create. The obvious one is the KoS double pile in. However, I find that my KoS itself is
  5. @Enoby What is the most competitive/viable/all comers Slaanesh list you have found? I have been toying around loads with lists and cant come up with something competitive while being an all comers list. I do think overall the book is actually quite well balanced. I have played some games (around 10-12 on TTS nothing in person unfortunately due to lockdown) with the new book and find it okay. I think we are still paying for the sins of the first book and GW defiantly wanted to keep our summoning in check and have the book be less focused on heroes. But we are by no means in
  6. So I've read over all the new rules, as have my whole gaming group. We are very how shall we say it, 'impressed' by the rules. However, we don't think its completely broken.
  7. Yeah those rules are looking kinda spicy for sure
  8. I believe that DoK was not meant as a 3.0 book. It was delayed massively due to Covid and Brexit. From what I've heard the Slaanesh book was designed for 3.0. Which would make sense given the points increases, which I think are in line with the board size changing to smaller size. Same thing happened in 40k, they changed the board size and upped the points to compensate. Lumineth realm lords, I have no idea what's going on there. Unless they are pointed correctly they will mix up the meta quite a lot. One of the things that drew me to this game was that it was simple to grasp, with
  9. Also, as an aside about fun and NPE. While I agree in some aspects, the game is going the wrong way with this (NPE I mean, I still think the game is fun as hell). I would like to say, having been part of both the 40k and AoS competitive scene. I can say the AoS scene is much, much more fun and a far better place to play competitive Warhammer. People are in my experience nicer, less sweaty (people who play the game seriously or someone who takes a game too seriously when it's not warranted) and wanting to have fun. I’ve rocked up to tables in AoS where the chance of me winning is very slim or
  10. So, I think GW are waiting for AoS 3 before they make any major changes to the game. In most instances they ramp things up like this just before a major update or release take for example the Slaanesh battletome, the points costs there seem much higher than that of the DoK book. I believe this was because the Slaanesh battletome was intended for 3.0 where as the DoK book wasn’t. Also let’s not forget the Generals Handbook will be released anytime between June and August. That will sort of a lot of the points issues (lets hope anyways). Everyone knows Seraphon are broken. However, I think
  11. I am selling my nicely painted Fateweaver/Lord of change. This model looks even better in real life. Please see all the photos I am looking for around £200 for this model but am open to offers. It is listed on eBay here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Well-painted-Kairos-Fateweaver-Lord-Of-Change/283962658484?hash=item421d7e4eb4:g:HpsAAOSwDLlfIXW4 I am UK based but will post internationally at an extra charge. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask
  12. Selling my nicely painted Fyreslayers army! I am looking for around £600 but am open to offers. It is listed on eBay here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Age-of-Sigmar-Army-Fyreslayers/283962634227?hash=item421d7deff3:g:goUAAOSwz-FfIW1Y Full description and photos can be found below. I am UK based but will send internationally for an additional cost Any questions please done hesitate to ask :)
  13. So you were saying... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/14/the-generals-handbook-2019-major-points-changesgw-homepage-post-2/
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