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  1. What I asked was how many games of 3rd edition have you played with fyreslayers. You said you’d played 15 games on TTS *maybe* 5 were with fyreslayers. Did you not read my post? TTS is an okay substitute for the real game but when a new edition has just come out you can’t beat actually playing the game in person. in my opinion with everything you have said my above post still stands. You need to get more play time in with the army. 5 games on TTS is not enough for you to come on here and rant about how bad the army is.
  2. My advice would be play some games of 3rd edition. Use a variety of lists. Play against different armies. Then come back and give your feedback. Saying that the army is terrible without playing games with them in the new edition is baseless. Your opinion will also carry more weight once you’ve played a decent number of games.
  3. This is correct. I was indeed talking about 3rd edition age of Sigmar.
  4. Just a quick question how many games of 3 have you played with fyreslayers?
  5. To be honest I think you and I are playing very different games of age of Sigmar. I’m only interested in the competitive scene. Fyreslayers were no where near the most effected by the changes. Did you see what happened to Slaanesh for example? Also gitz? Beasts of chaos? The stuff you have named is everything that was wrong with the game. Stacking bonuses was an awful rule and way to play. Battalions were so unbalanced it wasn’t even funny. like I said to begin with I don’t think you and I are interested in the same sort of games. If you wanted a balanced army you’d also want a balanced game. Fyreslayers were not in any way shape of form balanced. Rolling up the board with 40-60 HGBs fighting first, fighting twice with a 3++ or 4++ save is not balanced.
  6. So my current list runs 2 battle smiths. Although I imagine that’ll be changing. Then if I can fit them in I’ll be bringing 20 Auric to try and help deal with SOB or any monsters.
  7. Okay so overall I think fyreslayers are actually in an okay spot. I was annoyed originally that they didn’t increase our base unit size to 10. However, after seeing the points and that most armies didn’t get any increase in unit size. It’s a good thing for us. Everyone is going to be either running msu or monsters. Well Auric are perfect to take out monsters. HGB in 10s are still decent. Plus is opens up a spot for Vulkites as well. The changes also open up other opportunities for different choices other than just Hermdar. On that note lords of the lodge was one of the most broken, horrible battalions in the game. People hated it. So glad that’s gone. I don’t think we will be top tier but I think we can do well into a lot of armies. I’m still worried we will struggle against magic heavy lists and heavy shooting armies. Also with SoB being everywhere these days we might struggle to take them off objectives but then so will everyone else. As a tournament player I expect to go 3-2 with Fyreslayers. I expect going 4-1 or 5-0 will be too much of a stretch as we do have some really nasty matchups now. Also the Hunters battalion is going to be HUGE for us!!
  8. When fyreslayers first came out I remember everyone spammed vulkites. Which meant GW didn’t sell HGB or AHG as well. Then they did what they always do (there’s so many examples of this take deepkin sharks and turtles or DoK snakes) they buffed the units they weren’t selling. So now people just spam HGB. Fyreslayers are one of the the worst selling factions in AoS. It’s just the way it is. Not only that but they are unpopular. I believe in the order section on the website they now have the most limited model range. I’ve been a long standing competitive Fyreslayers player and I hate how GW has treated the faction. I’m waiting to see the points values tonight (Facehammer are doing a release video on YouTube). If the points are in line with everything else I’ll continue to play them. However, if the points put us in a situation, where along with the nerf to priests, unit sizes and us lacking a clear hero/monster we are going to be weaker than ever it will be time to move on. Which is pretty sad considering GW could do so much with this army. It’s just as a tournament player I can’t wait around for GW to potentially fix us/release new models. I do however, think that from what we’ve seen so far from the releases/lore etc. GW are planning something for the dwarves. I just think that’s going to be a combined battle tome. Which I’m not a fan of.
  9. I know this isn’t what everyone wants to hear/see but I’d be expecting our points to go up around 5%-15%
  10. Ohhh jeez that’s exactly what I was saying
  11. I was only referring to the battletome battalions
  12. I’ve heard various rumours floating round the net that all points are going to increase apart from Slaanesh. This maybe be wishful thinking, but if it’s true it puts the army is such a good place.
  13. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The guy who wrote the Soul Blight article is one of if not the best death player in the U.K They’ve just had a new book so really wasn’t much to give away.
  14. Just to touch on one point here. Battalions are definitely going for matched play. They’ve said it a few times now. They want to even the playing field.
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