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  1. Ill take breaks inbetween the Gors (10-20 at a time then a hero or some of my tau) just really want to work on them cause I think the models are so cool haha.
  2. It will probably double the number of models I have painted so far
  3. Thanks! I think its the photo cause the face is brighter then the body in person. The bases I'm waiting to do cause they are gonna be pretty detailed and I can just switch them out so I could play with them and just do the bases over time. Just 59 more to paint now... lol
  4. Just finished my first Gor and am looking for ways to improve/C+C. Thanks!
  5. I actually really like that its brighter on the breast plate and the head because those are where I would imagine more light to hit. I also really like the whole look of it but think it need another color (just to add some contrast to it) somewhere on it personally. Maybe the hammer, the symbol on his right part of the breast plate, and the long cloth parts waving around his legs? Red is interesting with the undercoat because it looks a bunch brighter with white and darker with black, I personally like it on black because its a bit darker but it depends on how you want it to look. Over all I think they all look great for being a new mini painter
  6. @Soulsmith As for a tutorial I use a wet pallet and do thin layers. For the "bone armor" I stared with zandri dust as my base and then washed with agrax. Then layer up some ushabti bone then some ushabti bone mixed with white. Then for edge highlight/extreme highlight strait white. The Bronze was the Skullcrusher brass then washed with agrax the highlighted with sycorax bronze with edge highlights of silver. Then I used a little nihilakh oxide wherever I wanted it. Red was based khorne red washed with nuln oil. Then re applyed khorne red and left shadows. Then Wazdakka red layered on and edge highlighted with squig orange on the cape. The leather was based Rhinox hide, layered doombull brown, washed with agrax then re applyed doombull where you want it. Then highlighted with a littletuskgor fur. The skin was base of bugmans glow and wash of agrax and then re applyed bugmans glow. Then layered with a mix (50:50 ish) of bugmans and cadian fleshtone, then cadian fleshtone, then a mix of cadian fleshtone and kislev flesh, then kislev flesh and finally kislev flesh mixed with a little pallid wych flesh. Then to bring all the colors together a little more I went over it with an increadably watered down cadian fleshtone (like 1:5 paint to water mix) If there is anything i missed or you want to know more about what I did just let me know
  7. @judging_jester Thanks! @elfhead Thanks as well, means a bunch after seeing your duder That has been people main crit of my guy from all the places I have posted him so while I was happy for my first time trying a glowy thing I guess I have some kinks to work out haha. I really like it and maybe the pictures dont capture it well or maybe I look at it with rose tinted vision cause I made it lol but it will be something I work on in the future whenever I do an effect like that again
  8. Sure why not, I just woke up so ill do it as an edit on this post in a little while
  9. Thanks! If I had found this site sooner I would have maybe been able to finish it in time . I was waiting on the model for the body on the base and green stuffing the guts coming out of it but I was in to hurry lol. Thanks so much for looking at it and the compliments!
  10. Hello! This is one of the first age of sigmar models I have painted (been working on 40k tau before). Other then him I have done and ungor raiders unit and have a bunch of beastmen models to work on a breyherd army. For the slaughterpriest I wanted him to look like a Khorne model but didn't want to use the same colors that a lot of them will be painted with (red as the main color) so I went with trying to make it look more like bone armor. Would love some C+C (and if people have some good ideas I can still work on them even though I said he was finished :P) and will be posting my beastmen here as I keep working on them
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